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Holy Hustle

"Holy doesn't understand why Hustle can't slow down and rest, and Hustle doesn't understand why Holy seems to be missing the opportunity to serve her family and community through work."  -from Holy Hustle by Crystal Stine

If I had to pick a season to describe my life right now, I'd say early Spring. The time when you find a mouse nest in your watering can and spiders living in the potting soil, when last year's neatly tilled garden has grown crab grass with a fervor it never exhibited toward your produce, and there is a lot of hard sweaty work to be done before planting, and a lot of waiting and weeding and watering to be done before harvest.

Also known as staying home with soon-to-be three small children.

The quote at the beginning of this post really encapsulates the problem that I have with most Christian women's lifestyle lit. They seem to either be written by a well-rested grandmother who doesn't understand why everyone can't get up earl…
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Cozy Minimalist Home

"I want to have just enough furniture and beauty in my home to serve my people and to get the style I'm after without overwhelming myself with stuff I have to take care of as a part time job." from Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith

Several years ago I happened onto a book called The Nesting Place by Myquillyn Smith (who I heard of through her also author sister Emily P Freeman). It came to me at a time when I needed it, and brought two stand out messages in particular: it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful, and if you don't like something anyway you can't ruin it by painting it. (See above cabinet which lurked darkly in the corner until I was emboldened to paint it, antique be darned, and now it's something I enjoy using and looking at) I don't currently have a copy because I keep giving my copy away.

When we moved into our house (first time not renting!) I did her cozy home online class and benefitted greatly from it - but because I pref…

31 Days of That's Autumn to Me

Since things are busy but I still enjoy a challenge, I'm doing things a little differently this year. Instead of posting here, find a daily photo of something that defines autumn for me over on Instagram.
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The Cart

About six months ago, I acquired a three-tiered wheeled cart. I had a vague idea of stocking it with (what I consider) essentials and keeping it close to wherever I was, post baby.
It has become one of the best ideas I've ever had, and validation of my conviction that I would enjoy living in an Airstream trailer. It's replaced the nightstand on my side of the bed, and it follows me wherever I go, an easy way of transporting necessary items while also carrying a baby, without having to make trips or risk dropping anything, or figure out where to put it once I get there.

The tiers are divided as follows: top tier, journaling and miscellaneous, middle tier, baby things, bottom tier, knitting. My logic for that was to put the baby things where they would be easily accessible to a seated adult or a standing child, bagged items on the bottom, and loose shiny tempting things on the top where I could keep an eye on them.

Jokingly stuck a chair magnet on The Cart, as the only thing it&…

Fading Summer

Two months old already! The past few months feel like they've flown by - but Juniper has settled so nicely into our family that it feels like we've always had him.

He's grown from a much-adored sleepy little squish to a big squish who smiles a lot and loves to be talked to.

We've all been keeping busy. Adam was gone for most of August at a military school, and Brooklyn and Tobin got to taste test a possible new kids menu item at our favorite restaurant (they decided that they prefer their usual of dipping chips in refried beans).

Brooklyn's beloved art class has started back, and we also started "school" - in quotation marks because at this point it's really just an amplified version of what we normally do. We've been intentionally choosing nonfiction books at the library, writing daily poetry like EE Cummings, and doing lots of science experiments.

So far, we've made rock candy crystals, tornadoes, and rain (the pretty way and the accurate w…

What We Learned in August

Everyone can learn a lesson from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, grownups included
That hand waving may seem aimless,  but the baby can totally grab your hair if you get it too close
Sometimes you just have to snack your way through the last few hours of a day and start fresh tomorrow

The more slowly you grow your crystals, the larger and better they will be
You don't need kindergarten science curriculum  when you have Pinterest and YouTube 
The best way to ensure a dry week is to make a rain gauge

EE Cummings wrote a poem every day and we should too
When taking dictation from an enthusiastic 5 year old, record first then write so you don't miss half of it
You can't always predict what will be a hit and what won't, so try everything

The line between science and art is very blurry
and so is the line between "fun" and "school"
Learning is more fun when everyone does it together
[You're invited to join the conversation on Facebook] [Find more Fairi…

A Study in Patience

While impatiently waiting for Juniper's arrival, I got quite a bit of knitting done. June was mostly occupied with another Quill, this time in delicious Hedgehog Sock. Whether from having already made one before, or because of the variation of the yarn, this one seemed to go much more quickly and require less pulling out.

Ultimately, it turned out exactly as I was hoping. The multi-directional construction and the yarn complimented each other nicely, and it's the perfect weight for my purposes (hang it over the back of my knitting chair, use it as a lap blanket, fold it in half for a scarf, wrap Juniper in it...)

Having completed the blanket and while still waiting for a baby, I joined Marie Greene's Four Day Knitalong of her Beekeeper Cardigan. I bought myself some splurge yarn from Yarn Kandy ("for my birthday"), and invited Adam to have a Star Wars marathon with me over the duration of the knitalong (July 1-4).

With Brooklyn and Tobin in Fayetteville, I was a…

A Small Update