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Holy Hustle

"Holy doesn't understand why Hustle can't slow down and rest, and Hustle doesn't understand why Holy seems to be missing the opportunity to serve her family and community through work."  -from Holy Hustle by Crystal Stine

If I had to pick a season to describe my life right now, I'd say early Spring. The time when you find a mouse nest in your watering can and spiders living in the potting soil, when last year's neatly tilled garden has grown crab grass with a fervor it never exhibited toward your produce, and there is a lot of hard sweaty work to be done before planting, and a lot of waiting and weeding and watering to be done before harvest.

Also known as staying home with soon-to-be three small children.

The quote at the beginning of this post really encapsulates the problem that I have with most Christian women's lifestyle lit. They seem to either be written by a well-rested grandmother who doesn't understand why everyone can't get up earl…
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A Study in Patience

While impatiently waiting for Juniper's arrival, I got quite a bit of knitting done. June was mostly occupied with another Quill, this time in delicious Hedgehog Sock. Whether from having already made one before, or because of the variation of the yarn, this one seemed to go much more quickly and require less pulling out.

Ultimately, it turned out exactly as I was hoping. The multi-directional construction and the yarn complimented each other nicely, and it's the perfect weight for my purposes (hang it over the back of my knitting chair, use it as a lap blanket, fold it in half for a scarf, wrap Juniper in it...)

Having completed the blanket and while still waiting for a baby, I joined Marie Greene's Four Day Knitalong of her Beekeeper Cardigan. I bought myself some splurge yarn from Yarn Kandy ("for my birthday"), and invited Adam to have a Star Wars marathon with me over the duration of the knitalong (July 1-4).

With Brooklyn and Tobin in Fayetteville, I was a…

A Small Update

Sitting, Watching, Waiting

May is almost over, and almost everything on my "things to do before Baby" list has been checked off. I'm currently undecided as to whether or not that is a good thing - on the one hand, it's nice to be prepared given the ambiguity of a so-called "due date." On the other, I do not wait well, so I may have sentenced myself to several weeks of stir craziness. There was a week of thinking that maybe baby-time would be soonish and scheduled, but Juniper managed to get head down at the last possible moment so I think we're back on the "it'll happen when it happens" timeline.

Cutest sign ever! I know sweet and talented people
Juniper's clothes and blankets are washed, and the corner is all set up (the sleeper is still in the closet, but only because Tobin desperately wants to "test" it), and I inherited an enormous snake plant (see previous picture) that's adding nicely to my rooftop oasis theme. Plants make every space better,…

Growing Things

I was really only at Lowe's for a succulent tablescape, but Tobin blew kisses to the ponytail palm and wanted to hug it, so how could we not bring it home with us?
For unknown reasons, I have been on a plant kick. I've finally found a genre of plant that I can keep alive (desert and tropical - they like to dry out completely and then be deluged with water, a routine I am adept at), and I've also somehow become slightly addicted to filling every available space in my home with green growing things.

I guess it started when I repotted our Norfolk Island pine... it was a $5 clearance purchase that acted as our Christmas tree (it arrived in a red foil pot, covered in small bobble ornaments, and sprayed with silver glitter) and I figured that since it had survived this long, it deserved a more permanent home in a nicer pot.

It doesn't help that there are plants everywhere - I went to check out the local Tuesday evening farmers market, and along with a delightful Cajun food t…

Big and Little

Sharing the last project finished, first, because I'm a little bit proud of it - my completed piece for Larissa Brown's Lunar Phase Mystery Knitalong. I'll be honest, if I had seen the finished product before starting, I probably wouldn't have made it - and I would have been depriving myself of a lovely wrap that makes me feel kind of fancy (which is a hard thing to do at the moment, given that my wardrobe currently consists of three pairs of jeans and four T shirts, worn in rotation).

I also finished the Dash of Spice that I started last month. I have Feelings about using variegated yarns on shaped projects - the way that the colors pool together is not always to my liking - but this Hedgehog Fibres Sock was hanging in the doorway, at eye level, when I walked into my local yarn store and it very clearly needed to come home with me. I'm very pleased with how the colors ended up working out.

Because I then figured that Juniper needed a pair of pants to go with the …

World Changers

A couple of months ago, someone texted to ask if we had any "extra" books that we'd like to donate for the kids of a homeless family that our church was temporarily housing. We read all of our picture books regularly (sometimes multiple times a day) so I asked Brooklyn, who is almost five, if she wanted to go to the bookstore and buy some books, explaining who they were for (because I am in full support of kids having books, just perhaps not at the involuntary expense of my own kids - I have a thing against voluntelling them to do nice things).
She looked at me and said, "We should give them our books!" and began excitedly pulling books off the shelf while asking me questions about the kids who would be reading them. At her request, I got her a brown paper grocery bag - which she then proceeded to fill completely with her favorite books, talking the whole time about how much she loved them, her favorite things about them, and why she thought these kids would a…