Monday, May 2, 2016

After the Rain

...the rainbow!

she wanted to drive the car - Tobin wanted to fill the gas tank with pebbles

I have deeply enjoyed the 30 day lettering challenge on Instagram - it was good practice, besides being fun

roadtrip knitting - this will be the first design that I get to photograph at our new house!

celebrating a morning of closing paperwork with a trip to the zoo - everyone's being very serious about the rhinoceros

sometimes the wild flowers are the prettiest

an Onyx date night with Adam, while we spent the weekend in Fayetteville helping his brother move

2639. Closing on our first house
2640. Spending a morning at the zoo, all-four-together
2641. A fancy grilled cheese with avocado at Dempsey Bakery
2642. Robin eggs
2643. A military friend of Adam's loaning us his enclosed trailer
2644. Thunderstorms with a cup of tea
2645. Farmer's marketing with Mum, and Brooklyn's delight over a raspberry macaron from Alchemy
2646. Generous family
2647. A coffee date with Adam
2648. Delicious gluten-free Asian dumplings
2649. Brooklyn sharing her snack with Tobin
2650. An amicable journey

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Sometimes I take a pass on household tasks (like, um, packing) in order to spend a little solo time with the owner of these chubby legs while his sister naps. I may willingly give up something I'd rather not do anyway (cough*load the dishwasher*cough) or I may be sacrificing the solitary time I cherish, but I'm certainly getting something worthwhile in return.

Time passes, and someday those legs will be longer and leaner, and more apt to run away from the hugs and snuggles that they run toward right now. That's as it should be - I don't want my Littles to stay little forever, but I do want to cherish each point of the circle as it comes, not longing for the past or rushing ahead into the future.

I'd like to embrace every moment - the sweet hug moments, the "Mommy, I'm getting frustrated, I'm going to practice peace in my chair, okay?" moments, the reading books together moments, the throwing-food-on-the-floor moments (this too shall pass)... All of them add up to create this beautiful adventure called Life, and they're all important together (although, I will be grateful when Tobin comes to terms with baths...)

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Simply this: we closed on our new, dear, little house this morning. We're collecting the items that family has so generously offered this weekend and moving in next weekend - and I'm so grateful for a new adventure, all-four-together!

2633. Tobin happily playing at church (he usually spends several minutes pretending to be devastated when I drop him off)
2634. Good discussion
2635. Brooklyn's absolute delight over a sheet of stickers
2636. That both Littles sleep late when they're sick/having a growth spurt
2637. Practicing peace on the balcony
2638. Some just-Tobin time - we both enjoyed it
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016


carrying an aqua yoyo I bought her from a vendor at Handmade in the Heights

The words have not been coming, of late - at least, not the blogging kind of words. There have been conversations... late at night, on mini road trips, through crowds and over meals and between tiny Interruptions...

And I have been faithfully keeping up with #30DaysOfBibleLettering each day - and have been rewarded with noticeable improvement in my chalk lettering (especially my cursive, which I never excelled at). I'm hoping to write on the sidewalk at the new house, and if passersby are going to be able to see it, I'd like it to look decent.

a screen-free hour at Mugs - delightful!

I've also journaled some, mostly ideas and prayer strategies for the house, as well as keeping up with my daily list of gifts.

My favorite language, knitting, has brought forth another pattern: Rush, a collaboration with Ewe Ewe Yarns, and there's another design on my needles right now that's almost finished.

We're on the brink of big change - excitement is slowly growing inside me, and I'm sure it will burst out soon in a torrent of words, but for now I'm enjoying the stillness.

2612. Sitting on the balcony, watching it rain and praying through the alphabet (at 4am, when I couldn't sleep)
2613. Remembering everything we needed at the grocery store even though I'd forgotten the list
2614. Nighttime thunderstorms
2615. Sitting up late and talking with Adam
2616. The tiny fairy circle of potted yard that Mum gave me
2617. Brooklyn propping Adam's workout mat up to make a tunnel for her and Tobin to crawl through
2618. A short day (everyone slept in)
2619. Driving to a food truck rally in Bryant, all-four-together
2620. Tobin learning new words
2621. Meeting Cathy at a new park
2622. Brooklyn happily exploring a creek
2623. Tobin deciding that maybe astroturf was okay, after all, and running around
2624. Popcicles to cool down after enjoying a street fair, all-four-together
2625. A screen-free hour of solitary writing at Mugs
2626. Brooklyn's delight over an "aqua yoyo" (I have fond memories of them, myself)
2627. Tobin sleeping through the night
2628. Time to take a shower before church, since Brooklyn woke up early
2629. A meaningful worship service
2630. Stashed ready-to-bake cookies
2631. A jammy day
2632. Tobin's fever being gone when he woke up (teething is rough)

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Hashtags fascinate me - the different ways that a word or string of words, joined together with a #, can connect disconnected people. #prayforparis. #introvertproblems. #putonyourpearls. #fmfparty. People who don't even know each other can share in a common cause or have a conversation.

There's so much impact for good that can be had when people work together. Projects like Fair Trade Friday can only exist because a large group of people want to change the world and look good doing it for $32 (the original monthly box), $14 (bracelet of the month), or $12 (earrings of the month) every month - not much for each person doing it, but when you add them together, you may find that a whole group of women somewhere in the world can feed their families and send their kids to school for six months, because of a single batch of earrings made with dignity and artisan skill.

It's easy to look at our handful of change (whether that's literal cash or a God-given "talent") and see it as Not Much. But when we unite for a common cause, joining together first with Him and then also with each other, we can see a positive impact made beyond anything we could achieve alone.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Moving Along

seizing a break between storms

With as much rain as we've had this past week (although, no flooding like Houston), you'd think I'd have gotten more packing done than I have, but so far this week's accomplishment has been cleaning out the Junk Drawer in the kitchen and packing it in a market bag, along with the collection of vases I had under the sink. (My excuse is that I'm out of boxes and haven't been by the liquor store yet to see if they'll give me any - that's tomorrow's quest).

mini golf at Big Rock Fun Park

Adam joined in the adventuring by planning a date night (our last one was on New Year's Day and while it was wonderful to sit in cushy recliners for two uninterrupted hours and watch the latest Star Wars movie together, there wasn't a lot of interaction). This time we played mini golf at a park that he's gone to several times with the little boy he mentors. It was fun having fun together - we stayed pretty close the entire time, never more than two strokes ahead/behind... and then I shot my lead by repeatedly missing the last hole at close range so we ended up tied. We decided it was just as well, and went for a walk down town for celebratory treats (a tie means you both win, right?)

an Inspire Bible

He gave me such a thoughtful early moving gift - a Bible with gorgeous edges, lined margins for note taking, and liberally distributed designs for coloring in. I had been wanting to read through the Bible again (when I was a kid, my family read a chapter aloud every night, so I went through it several times that way) but I wasn't sure which version to do - this one is New Living Translation, which is new to me, so I'm less likely to skim, and I'm doing one panel each day, which means a varying number of chapters (I'll be finished with Genesis in about two weeks). It was perfect timing on his part!

sitting outside the Green Corner Store, enjoying our Loblolly icecream

Our loan was (finally) properly approved today (pending the final inspection) and closing is set for next Thursday at 9am... so I really should probably wrap this up and do some actual packing (as opposed to wandering around the apartment, looking in drawers and bags and boxes and saying "well, this is practically packed anyway")!

2600! Waking up naturally (a refreshing change from being woken up by one or more persons crying/screeching/yelling)
2601. Brooklyn deciding that she and Tobin needed to practice peace, so I was able to shower
2602. Space and words to write
2603. Adam planning and orchestrating a date night
2604. Still having the two free mini golf tickets he entrusted to me (and then forgot about) - and tying our game
2605. Delicious handmade toffee and a walk down town to get it
2606. Taking Brooklyn and Tobin on an adventure while Adam studied for a class
2607. Eating our icecream outside
2608. It clouding up but not raining while we walked
2609. A jammy day
2610. Morgan's sweet encouragement
2611. Watching My Fair Lady with Adam

Friday, April 15, 2016


washing off our balcony

We're still set to close on the Probable House in less than two weeks, and I've discovered something. What have I discovered? That after spending months (months) complaining about how I was going to have to somehow pack while also looking after a toddler and a preschooler... there really isn't very much to pack.

repainting the shelves, since they were all scuffed, so they'll have time to cure before I put books back on them

I'm hoping to donate all of the baby things tomorrow... I've packed 20 (twenty) boxes of books (small boxes, but still) and that doesn't include Brooklyn and Tobin's or my knitting books (there aren't many of those, but most of them are large and heavy), and I've stalled. Almost everything else is already in a box, bin, bag, or drawer (which we're counting as "packed") and anything beyond that is stuff that's in daily use. There are some kitchen items I could pack, but I'm out of boxes (I'm planning on asking a nearby liquor store if I can have some of theirs - sturdy and a good size, and I have an aversion to paying for disposable packing materials, especially for an across-town move).

at a new-to-us food truck rally - Adam had barbecue, and Brooklyn and I ate our dessert before dinner

I hadn't realized how much I rely on my books to have something to do - they're entertainment and reference, all in one. I kept out a few that I'm currently going through for book clubs/projects/Bible studies and I'm getting the old Nancy Drew books from the library five at a time, but simply boxing them up and moving the empty shelves into a disused corner has driven me outside more. We've been to the library, the zoo, more than one food truck rally, and I'm strongly tempted to renew our Museum of Discovery membership, just to have another place to go.

I spotted #30DaysOfBibleLettering when a friend posted about it on Instagram - hand lettering a verse (either the prescribed one, or one of your choosing) every day in April. I've been chalking mine on the balcony.

Also, when I'm home, I feel an odd sort of anxiety crossed with guilt. Like I should be Doing Something, or maybe I'm forgetting and leaving something important undone, and I'm also wholly unmotivated to do ordinary daily things like picking up toys or loading the dishwasher (I did have a realization last week, though, as we're about to move out - the reason why I've avoided loading/unloading our dishwasher is because it is loud, takes 3 hours to cycle, and there is nowhere in the apartment you can go to get away from the noise. For three hours. Did I mention that it's loud?) I motivate myself with short-ish term projects, preferably ones that take an amount of energy and thought that is manageable but still requires effort. The 100 Day Project starts next week (because I'm crazy and think it's a good idea to tackle something like that over the course of a move and a busy summer) but until then I'm feeling rather lost.

this chair (and its two siblings before) has served us well, but I'm praying this weld holds until we move and then it can take its final rest in the trash compacter - otherwise we'll be eating our meals on the couch, because our other chair is also breaking

I'm teetering on the brink of Change, collecting ideas that I can't implement yet in a cute journal, and I should probably be relishing this space of stillness in between, but instead I'm champing at the bit, raring for the next adventure to begin.

2590. Consolidating small groups, since there were so few of us, and ending up in a group with someone I've been needing to talk to
2591. The lady at the register at Target telling me about an unsigned promotion on something that I needed (but had forgotten to grab)
2592. Long naps for the Littles while I packed
2593. Surviving a long morning after a trying night
2594. That surprise trips to food truck rallies make Adam feel loved
2596. Loblolly Creamery always having dairy free options, and Brooklyn adorably sitting on a curb and eating her sorbet
2597. Waiting a few minutes for a fresh rotisserie chicken
2598. Unexpected sunshine
2599. A little knitting time