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Making Space

Cheap Target clock, photo I took at Crystal Bridges, and paper pennants made from rice wrapping paper and leftover sock yarn
We have a fairly small house. It's laid out really well, but the fact remains that we already have four people divided into three not-huge bedrooms, so fitting in a fifth was proving to be a logistical puzzle. Not that I have a problem with kids sharing bedrooms, and Brooklyn has already volunteered (once Juniper gets old enough to sleep through the night). And it's always baffled me that we take a new human who's just spent their whole life snuggled up next to someone's heartbeat, going along with whatever Mama's doing, and then think they'll enjoy being stuck by themselves in a big empty room.

So I turned to Pinterest (oh, perilous place!) and when I crawled out of the rabbit hole I'd tumbled down a few hours later, I had an idea. My very favorite place in our home is the knitting corner in our bedroom, and it just made sense to inc…

Black and White and Mint

With a whole month of Adam being gone, I expected to have a little more knitting accomplished - but, looking back, I managed to complete several pretty huge projects, so maybe I did more than I thought!

First off the needles (and off my conscience), a Wickerwork shawl for Kandy to use as a shop sample. It was a somewhat difficult knit - there were three charts, each of increasing complexity, and about the time I started to get the hang of one, it was time to move on to another one. The black yarn was also a challenge, but it was a rewarding knit, in the end.

Then I started a knitalong of Batad - it was very similar to Dotted Rays (which I've made four of), but different enough to be interesting. I found two very pretty yarns to use (the mint is Hedgehog Fibres, the wider stripes are Primrose), and the sculptural ridges were well worth the slightly fiddly technique. I love how the finished piece turned out - I've made it to the point of pregnancy where I only have a few shirts…