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Big Orange and Sundries

How about some knitting? It's been awhile! A lot of what I knit in December couldn't be posted because it was Christmas commissions...

Two ad-libbed hats, both commissions, one that took about a day (that would be the top one) and one that took several weeks (partly because it was finer gauge, and partly because I worked on it only during morning prayer, under the nose of the intended recipient, whose beanie I repeatedly borrowed under the guise of not having a tape measure but in reality so I could check the fit).

Also a simple headband for a swap (pattern is Calorimetry) and a pair of fingerless gloves for a "favorite things" party (that pattern is the Fast Forward Mittens and I have made four pairs of them and they're amazing. Five stars. Highly recommend).

And then. Finally. After three months of near-exclusive knitting (see exceptions above). I finished the sweater I was working on as a sample for my favorite local yarn store. Kandy asked me to make her a B…