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Wee Winter Woolens

First off the needles this month: Tobin's Strange Jacket. I finished it fairly quickly (worsted yarn on US size 8 needles), but then left it blocking for over a week in a chronic state of combined insecurity about my construction technique and befuddlement over how to describe the process. I finally worked through both of those things, and Tobin and I are both delighted with how it turned out. Find the pattern on Ravelry here.

Poor boo just wants to be fabulous, so I try to encourage that as much as I can within the confines of a culture that feels the need to gender everything, and to clutch its pearls if a boy wanders outside the very narrow guidelines that are set for him. After the jacket, I spent a few days in Kansas City with a knitting friend and spotted some yarn I knew he'd love at the knit shop where she works. I knocked out a patternless hat in a few days, and he tugged the "ears" and exclaimed, "I'm like a corgi!"

Not to be left out, I just…


I went to an early morning prayer meeting at our church this morning, and took my knitting with me. Partly to keep me awake (it's a very early morning prayer meeting) and partly because it's been a problem project so I thought it could use a little spiritual direction and partly because knitting is a gift God gave to me and I like to give it back to Him whenever possible.

One of the people there was one I'd never met before, and as he was leaving, he stopped and said, "That's beautiful - whatever it is that you're creating." I appreciated that he was able to affirm the process, without questioning it further. Almost immediately after he walked out, someone else asked what I was making. "A hat." "Oh," he replied, "it looks like a headband." "When you're making something out of nothing, you have to start somewhere," I told him.

When you're making something out of nothing, you have to start somewhere. I often f…

The New Normal

August was a surviving month. Deep cleaning things (like Adam's side of the closet, which I had slowly absorbed...), emptying the fridge of unidentifiable remains since someone came and fixed our long-leaking garbage disposal, that sort of thing.

There was an eclipse that Brooklyn found to be delightful, and a tummy bug that I flatly refused to believe in so it (mercifully) gave up after infecting only one child.

Many, many cold things were eaten, and all of our adventures including as much air conditioning as could be managed.

And then at the very end, a whole week earlier than expected, three became four again, and our family was whole.

Now we're trying to settle into a new normal as peacefully as possible. I'm delighted that he's back, but I was also very used to running things on my own - and he's delighted to be back, but he was also used to not having to consider anyone but himself when he made plans, and apparently the bugs are really loud here? (I guess I&…


One of my favorite things about the knitting community is the community. You can get a roomful (or an internet-full) of people with only that one thing in common, and they get along surprisingly well with just that one commonality.

There's also a sense of trust. Swaps occur between total strangers - yes, I will absolutely give my address to someone whose face I've never seen because their avatar is photo of their cat so that we can send each other boxes of knitted joy. This also applies to charity drives and long-distance baby showers, too. I even found a roommate one summer through my online knitting community - we shared space for 4 months and got along swimmingly, even though we didn't know each other before and had little else in common (okay, we had knitting and a deep shared affection for Harry Potter and Doctor Who).

Who my neighbor is expands to the entire community. An out-of-state knitter lost all of her supplies when her home burned down, or flooded, or her bag…