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Sometimes I take a pass on household tasks (like, um, packing) in order to spend a little solo time with the owner of these chubby legs while his sister naps. I may willingly give up something I'd rather not do anyway (cough*load the dishwasher*cough) or I may be sacrificing the solitary time I cherish, but I'm certainly getting something worthwhile in return.
Time passes, and someday those legs will be longer and leaner, and more apt to run away from the hugs and snuggles that they run toward right now. That's as it should be - I don't want my Littles to stay little forever, but I do want to cherish each point of the circle as it comes, not longing for the past or rushing ahead into the future.
I'd like to embrace every moment - the sweet hug moments, the "Mommy, I'm getting frustrated, I'm going to practice peace in my chair, okay?" moments, the reading books together moments, the throwing-food-on-the-floor moments (this too shall pass)... All …


Simply this: we closed on our new, dear, little house this morning. We're collecting the items that family has so generously offered this weekend and moving in next weekend - and I'm so grateful for a new adventure, all-four-together!
Gifts... 2633. Tobin happily playing at church (he usually spends several minutes pretending to be devastated when I drop him off) 2634. Good discussion 2635. Brooklyn's absolute delight over a sheet of stickers
2636. That both Littles sleep late when they're sick/having a growth spurt
2637. Practicing peace on the balcony
2638. Some just-Tobin time - we both enjoyed it
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carrying an aqua yoyo I bought her from a vendor at Handmade in the Heights
The words have not been coming, of late - at least, not the blogging kind of words. There have been conversations... late at night, on mini road trips, through crowds and over meals and between tiny Interruptions...

And I have been faithfully keeping up with #30DaysOfBibleLettering each day - and have been rewarded with noticeable improvement in my chalk lettering (especially my cursive, which I never excelled at). I'm hoping to write on the sidewalk at the new house, and if passersby are going to be able to see it, I'd like it to look decent.
a screen-free hour at Mugs - delightful!
I've also journaled some, mostly ideas and prayer strategies for the house, as well as keeping up with my daily list of gifts.

My favorite language, knitting, has brought forth another pattern: Rush, a collaboration with Ewe Ewe Yarns, and there's another design on my needles right now that's almost finished.



Fair Trade Friday earrings of the month from Rahab's Rope
Hashtags fascinate me - the different ways that a word or string of words, joined together with a #, can connect disconnected people. #prayforparis. #introvertproblems. #putonyourpearls. #fmfparty. People who don't even know each other can share in a common cause or have a conversation.
There's so much impact for good that can be had when people work together. Projects like Fair Trade Friday can only exist because a large group of people want to change the world and look good doing it for $32 (the original monthly box), $14 (bracelet of the month), or $12 (earrings of the month) every month - not much for each person doing it, but when you add them together, you may find that a whole group of women somewhere in the world can feed their families and send their kids to school for six months, because of a single batch of earrings made with dignity and artisan skill.

It's easy to look at our handful of change (wheth…

Moving Along

seizing a break between storms
With as much rain as we've had this past week (although, no flooding like Houston), you'd think I'd have gotten more packing done than I have, but so far this week's accomplishment has been cleaning out the Junk Drawer in the kitchen and packing it in a market bag, along with the collection of vases I had under the sink. (My excuse is that I'm out of boxes and haven't been by the liquor store yet to see if they'll give me any - that's tomorrow's quest).

mini golf at Big Rock Fun Park
Adam joined in the adventuring by planning a date night (our last one was on New Year's Day and while it was wonderful to sit in cushy recliners for two uninterrupted hours and watch the latest Star Wars movie together, there wasn't a lot of interaction). This time we played mini golf at a park that he's gone to several times with the little boy he mentors. It was fun having fun together - we stayed pretty close the entire time,…


washing off our balcony
We're still set to close on the Probable House in less than two weeks, and I've discovered something. What have I discovered? That after spending months (months) complaining about how I was going to have to somehow pack while also looking after a toddler and a preschooler... there really isn't very much to pack.
repainting the shelves, since they were all scuffed, so they'll have time to cure before I put books back on them
I'm hoping to donate all of the baby things tomorrow... I've packed 20 (twenty) boxes of books (small boxes, but still) and that doesn't include Brooklyn and Tobin's or my knitting books (there aren't many of those, but most of them are large and heavy), and I've stalled. Almost everything else is already in a box, bin, bag, or drawer (which we're counting as "packed") and anything beyond that is stuff that's in daily use. There are some kitchen items I could pack, but I'm out of b…


Brooklyn eating her ice cream on a curb at a small new-to-us food truck rally this past week
I've got a peaceful easy feelin' and I know you won't let me down 'cause I'm already standin' on the ground. The Eagles
Sometimes there's something to be said for low expectations. Not necessarily for low standards, but for not projecting a (possibly) impossible idea onto the people and circumstances around us, almost daring them to disappoint us.
I've learned that if I approach something with a wholly open mind, simply excited for whatever surprises it may hold instead of anticipating specific ones, I generally have a better time. It's easier to be grateful for the pleasant surprises instead of bitter about unfulfilled fantasies, and my memories of the event later are skewed toward the positive.
My word of the year is adventure, and I've found quite a bit of it so far - but I wonder if it's coming more easily because I'm more open to it, seeking …


The packing has begun. So far I've amassed a huge amount of baby things (outgrown clothes, toys that are no longer played with, and some strollers/bouncy saucers) that need to be donated (I still have all of both of their clothes - I'm not sentimentally attached to all of them, and it seems wasteful to keep them and hope a third Baby Burch is the same gender born in the same season) and all I've packed is books. Everything in that picture is books, I added twelve more brown-paper-bag-bales of them today, and there are still books to pack. Besides a few baskets of knitting things (which are essentially already packed - the advantage to an across-town move) and the clothes, toys, and dishes we use daily, I'm discovering that that's really all there is to pack.

Since the shelves at home are slowly emptying and the weather has been nice, we've been going on adventure outings. Our favorite food truck was at a rally on Saturday, so we went there for lunch (with Litt…


I went to a yoga class at our church on Tuesday evening. I left Brooklyn and Tobin at home with Adam, turned off my phone, and unrolled the mat that I bought years ago but haven't ever used (I actually spent about 20 minutes frantically rummaging through a closet looking for it). And for the next hour, I followed the gentle voice of our instructor as she lead us through a series of gentle movements and prayers, while the sun set and the room slowly darkened.
It was glorious.
And it was a chance to spend a little time listening to my body - and not just the parts that are loudly and actively complaining. The muscles in my back that I hadn't noticed were tense. The good ache of stretching my shoulders and neck. The tiredness in my hips (they've carried two kids, after all - they deserve to be treated gently). Everything together, as a whole.
All of that got me thinking - thinking about the ways that I sacrifice for my family while sometimes actually harming myself. I was re…


I love books - particularly the way they tend to arrive in my life at exactly the right time. I've been quietly relishing (and benefiting from) Leeana Tankersley's book Breathing Roomfor the past year (although I don't think I've really written an exact post just about it), so when Brazen came to me, I was excited to dig in.

There's been a voice rising up inside of me for awhile; I think it started with adventure as my word of the year, and it's nearly ready to speak out. Brazen has helped with that. Leeana starts by talking about your "created center" - "the part of your being where God Himself put His hands in the wet concrete of your existence and said, 'You are formed in My image,' and 'It is good.'" With journaling and art prompts at the end of each chapter, she lead me through deeply ingrained misconceptions to the truths on the other side, and that has been exceptionally beneficial in this season of transitioning from…