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Last week's gifts...
1886. Sitting on the couch together after Brooklyn and Tobin went to bed, knitting and reading (respectively)
1887. The new knit shop being pleased with how I used the yarn I bought
1888. A card-making night at Fellowship North, for the prayer team/card sending ministry
1889. Picking up breakfast at Beast for all of us with Brooklyn and Tobin, then meeting Adam after his class
1890. Getting to the post office before they closed
1891. Reconciliation
1892. An evening trail walk
1893. Tobin putting up with the sun hat - it kept the sun out of his eyes, but also kept him from being able to see past his own double chin
1894. Brooklyn eating her very own taco, and sharing her guacamole with Tobin (she was more excited about the arrangement than he was)
1895. Long-awaited pre-ordered books arriving in the mail
1896. UK pattern sales - I never know if I've sold any until the end of the month, and it's always a pleasant surprise
1897. A knit night at a knitting…


It is a tragic fact that we become complacent far too easily. A few weeks ago, we were faced with a potential decision that sent us into a flurry of discussion and prayer and introspection. The decision was ultimately made for us, and in the wake of it we realized that we should have been doing all of that talking and praying and thinking all along, not just in a moment of perceived crisis.

One message that came through clearly to us was wherever you are, be all there. I will admit to having failed at that lately - we moved here and I sort of started trying to get settled and then quickly gave up, citing a toddler and a baby as reasons against fully engaging with our church and with local businesses.

But when we went to the paleo food truck on Saturday morning for breakfast, she remembered my name (there's one place we've definitely frequented, despite the occasional inconvenience) - and when we got cookies at Dempsey Bakery after a library trip a few weeks ago, Paula, the ow…


I spent all week trying and failing to get a picture of Tobin's adorable new snaggle-toothed smile (two teeth on the bottom, one on the top). Toothless smiles are my favorite - but this one's pretty cute. Unfortunately, the acquisition of teeth hasn't made him any more interested in solid food yet, but I'm still trying.
He can sit up on his knees and hang onto something with one hand while reaching/rummaging with the other one - he's determined to get to the bottom of his sister's toy bin, but thankfully he's fairly easy to distract and redirect. It helps that he tends to blow fierce raspberries while he's doing things he shouldn't, telling on himself so that we can come and intervene.

Brooklyn very patiently instructs him in all of the things she thinks are important. She's demonstrated How To Buckle Buckles, How To Pray, and How To Hold A Book Properly - the latter didn't go so well (he tried to eat it, instead) so now she just reads them…


The weekly reckoning...
1865. Spending a peaceful half hour at the library with Brooklyn and Tobin
1866. An extra day off for Adam 1867. Brooklyn thinking that books are better than cookies (although, she was open to having both) 1868. A good morning session at the Strong Bonds conference, with hot tea (it was cold and I was sleepy) 1869. and the chance to have dinner together, just-us-two 1870. Brooklyn and Tobin's patience with the childcare, and being able to bring them home in the afternoon for normal naps 1871. Time for a drive between the closing morning session and church 1872. A church that values involvement, not just in their ideas but also encouraging others to pursue their passions 1873. A weekend that felt longer than it was, in a good way 1874. Brooklyn sleeping a little late (for her), after several consecutive early mornings 1875. Just enough time between naps and the evening rush hour to run a few errands 1876. Tobin's furtive independent exploration 1877. A jammy day 1878.…

Simply Tuesday

"You already know life is sacred. You know the moments count. You know that most of the tasks on your to-do list aren't all that important in the scheme of things. And yet..." -from Simply Tuesday by Emily P Freeman

And yet. It's the "and yet" that gets me every time. The hustle that's waiting for me when I wake up every morning like an impatient cat, pawing the bed and wanting its bowl filled, just so that it can snub it and tell me that I've gotten it wrong - again.

Simply Tuesday releases today, but I've had an advance copy I've been devouring for several weeks. I already loved her last book, A Million Little Ways, her blog, and her Hope*ologie contributions - and the #itssimplytuesday hashtag on Instagram, where people celebrate their ordinary mid-week moments.

Celebrating smallness is such a struggle for me - not the celebrating part {I can turn an isolated event into a tradition and a ritual before it's even over} but the leaving-it…

Moving Along

Tobin has been making great strides (ha, ha) in his crawling ability this week. Since he's getting a little faster, Brooklyn has been teaching him how to play hide and seek - she runs out of sight around a corner and calls, "Where's Todin?" then waits for him to come, panting and squealing, into sight. They're both adorably overjoyed to see each other.

He still can't sit up, but I've been catching him trying to climb (usually in order to reach Brooklyn, who likes to sit on the coffee table so that she can read a book in peace). It took me a few seconds to process what I was seeing the first time (That person is too small to be Brooklyn, but can't possibly be Tobin...) and I've been watching him closely to make sure he doesn't succeed (or at least, get high enough that he'll hurt himself tumbling down, since he's still pretty unstable).

We went to our little nearby library a few months ago but haven't gone back - it's a dear pl…


The weekly reckoning...
1844. Meeting my parents for lunch, since they were in town on business
1845. A stitch knitted, here and there
1846. Validation for a beloved pair of shoes
1847. That Tobin goes to bed at the same time as Brooklyn (even though he gets up earlier)
1848. Adam liking the "puppy chow" snack mix I made to surprise him, despite me realizing we were out of peanut butter and having to substitute cashew butter
1849. Visible progress on my tidying project
1850. Extraordinary snail-mailed encouragement
1851. Adam having a Monday off, after having to work most of a Saturday
1852. A refreshing recharging day - hadn't had one of those in awhile!
1853. Finding a use for a pretty green ribbon that allows me to see it every day
1854. Staying on top of the Busyness, and trying to keep the pile small
1855. A library that is willing to put my knitting books into circulation, so that others can enjoy them
1856. Diary-free flavors of frozen yogurt at Orange Leaf
1857. …


I love prayer, as a concept. To sit and talk to God, bringing praises and petitions to the only One who is worthy of/can do anything about them. But I falter at the practice of prayer. I take note of people to pray for on a handy app that reminds me to pray for a randomly selected person at a certain time each day, but I can make it about two minutes (tops) before my mind wanders and I run out of ideas.

Having something tangible helps - praying Scripture, writing it down as I go, or applying the prayer shawl concept of speaking over an object as it's made. I recently assembled a Warm Up America! blanket from collected panels, and prayed for whoever is going to receive it - but I often got so focused on trying to get everything to line up that I stopped talking and just started concentrating.

For my birthday in June, one gift was a mug with "all by grace" on one side and a chalkboard panel on the other. I'd been using it to write memory verse references, needed remin…

Onward and Upward

Tobin is gaining speed in his crawling ability - while he's still a little wobbly, he can get where he wants to more quickly than Brooklyn or I expect. This morning he and Brooklyn were playing in the living room and I was in the kitchen - I glanced over the counter and saw Tobin in the middle of the room, turned to put a bowl away, then walked all the way to where he had been seconds ago before I turned around and saw him rounding the corner into the kitchen.

He's in the process now of figuring out how to reach up to things. Most of the time he topples over, but at some point he's going to realize that if he'd just sit down next to a toy box instead of laying down, he'd be able to dig through it more easily.

Not that I'm in a hurry for him to start doing that... Brooklyn just had a growth spurt that extended her reach to the middle of our dining table, so that's no longer a safe place to put things. We had several people move out of our building at the en…


This week's gifts...
1829. Finishing the two quilt blocks I'd had for two months before church, so that I could {finally} turn them in 1830. Coloring with Brooklyn 1831. Tobin happily hanging out in the doorway bouncer 1832. Rescuing an abandoned storage rack for out-of-toddler's-reach board game storage 1833. The vase I broke while moving a shelf shattering in the tray it was sitting on, instead of all over the floor 1834. Jet trails emanating from the sunrise 1835. Brooklyn reading Counting Kisses aloud, and counting on each page 1836. Spontaneous tacos 1837. Wanting to knit a blanket, then remembering that I had one started - and being able to find it 1838. That Target and Whole Foods both open at eight, for the days that both Littles get up at six 1839. Extra long afternoon naps 1840. Getting my letters for the week written a couple of day early - two weeks in a row! 1841. Tobin being entertained by a hamper full of unfolded napkins while I organized 1842. Filling two …

Wild in the Hollow

After Brooklyn was born, I got some willowy green linen yarn with the intention of making a skirt. I circled my way around it, slowly working from the waistband down, until I had about seven inches. And then it went into my "to be continued" basket, and there it sat for over a year. I had a crawling baby. It was winter. I was pregnant and wouldn't be able to wear it once it was finished. It was winter again. I had a toddler and a baby. And what business does a mama of littles have wearing a pretty green skirt, anyway?

But I'm not just a mama. I'm also a wife. And I'm a co-creator, even though I forget that sometimes and spiral into a pattern of destruction, instead. I stumbled onto a line in the first chapter of Wild in the Hollow as I was reading it last week that struck me as something that I've thought, but more prettily worded: "The Christian requirements seemed simple, but I had too much curious-creative in me not to appreciate art and the body…