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The weekly reckoning...
1534. Taking a shower before anyone else was up, so I didn't feel rushed
1535. Making pancakes and bacon and having an early morning conversation with Carolyn before she had to go back to Fayetteville  1536. A rainy morning spent at the Museum of Discovery, all-four-together 1537. A morning spent quietly at home 1538. Dividing-and-conquering the groceries, and finding a treat that Adam would like on sale at Whole Foods 1539. Surviving a long day that followed a long night 1540. Lobby monitors, so that I could still hear the sermon while walking around with Tobin 1541. Blowing bubbles with Brooklyn 1542. A walk to end our weekend  1543. Playing Yahtzee with Adam, while Tobin observed 1544. Plans rescheduled, instead of cancelled 1545. Tobin's 4 month wellness check going smoothly 1546. Getting everyone's laundry done and put away, and the stain coming out of one of Tobin's onesies that I had given up on 1547. Hot tea for cold rainy days 1548. Having the apartme…

Be Still and Know

On Tuesdays I've been Practicing Pauses - last week, I wrote about the concept of practice in contrast with mastery; this week, being still.

Our church's women's ministry just finished reading through Francis Chan's book Forgotten God. After we read the last chapter, we were given space to pray and ask the Spirit for guidance, and if there was anything we needed to be doing (or way we needed to be being) differently. Everyone at my table was industriously jotting lines of notes, some accompanied by tears, and while I am usually all about journaling and note-taking, this time there was nothing. After what seemed like a long time, a line from a Christmas carol earwormed itself into my mind. Hush your noise, ye men of strife, and hear the angels sing. Not sure what to do with that, I wrote it down and kept thinking about it over the next week.
As part of Sabbath and practicing pauses, I've been observing Tuesdays - setting that day aside as a Sabbath of sorts, making …

Branching Out

It's been a very 'venturesome week. We spent more time than usual out and about (mostly to stay out of the way of the maintenance guy), but on the whole it was good.

Tobin is starting to be able to sit up, if well propped - he likes it. And the last time I laid him on the Boppy pillow for tummy time, I came back from changing Brooklyn's diaper to find him several feet away from it, happily gnawing on one of her toys which he had clutched in his little fist. He digs his toes and knees into the carpet and shoves himself forward - or skootches along like an adorable, chubby inchworm.

Brooklyn has started "reading" books to herself - reciting the phrases that stand out to her, and singing along with her favorite bedtime toy (a stuffed dog that plays a few lullabies). She's also quite insistent that we count the stairs every time we go up or down, and sometimes just randomly counts things on her own (usually starting with 6 and going through 11 or 12 - if I start…


This week's gifts...
1510. A balcony, so that Brooklyn can be outside-but-contained on nice days
1511. An actual handwritten letter in the mail (we've been getting a lot of ads and flyers lately) 1512. A few hours between Tobin going to bed and Adam getting home in which to finish my to do list 1513. Walking at the park with Brooklyn and Tobin  1514. Painting the back porch (with a cup of water and a couple of cheap paintbrushes) 1515. Greening my sprouts - they're destined for a sandwich tomorrow! 1516. Flowers and a photo booth adventure at Whole Foods 1517. Walking around the air base, looking at planes, before it started raining 1518. Dinner out, all-four-together 1519. Brooklyn identifying the animals painted down her hall at church  1520. Free writing  1521. An hour of solitude at Starbucks 1522. Someone to walk with, randomly on a Monday, who brought their dog (Brooklyn was happy to walk with a Cairn terrier) 1523. Time to make muffins to take to a potluck Gathering, and getting …

The Journey

On Tuesday we've been Practicing Pauses - last week I wrote about planning ahead. This week, why "practice" is important.

It is my tendency to pursue perfection. Once I become interested in something, I want to know everything there is to know about it, and become an expert. If I try something and it becomes quickly obvious that it doesn't play to my natural talents, I promptly abandon it because I can't stand the idea of being merely mediocre at something.
This is not necessarily a positive attribute, since when I'm faced with something that cannot be mastered (coughraisingchildrencough), I end up frustrated. Enter the concept of practice.

Mastery is a destination. Practice is a journey. On some level I already understood that - I'm teaching Brooklyn to "practice patience" because as an adult I recognize that patience isn't something you can be (at least not without some serious help from the Holy Spirit) and we also "practice peace&qu…

Art and Exploration

A week of exploration and conversation - Tobin has increased his amount of talking back when you talk to him, making sweet little noises in his throat and waving his hands excitedly.

He loves tummy time, and enjoys watching Brooklyn doing her thing. He desperately wants to join in - sometimes he attempts (by kicking vigorously) to get over to where she is, but he usually ends up going backwards, instead.

It must be hard to be surrounded by people who can move of their own volition, while you yourself are totally dependent on their whim as to when they'll help you move. Brooklyn has been exercising her ability to walk a lot of late, and is beginning to master stairs (she goes up them sideways, holding onto the railing and half-pulling herself up).

I got her an inexpensive set of paintbrushes and we've been "painting" the back porch with water in the afternoons. We're on the east side of the building, so after-nap the sun has moved to the other side of building bu…

Unlucky but Loved

The weekly reckoning... 1489. Surviving the day - sometimes I just need a sleep-reset, and sometimes I have to keep going without one  1490. Tobin enjoying tummy time on the Boppy 1491. A stormy night - perfect sleeping weather 1492. Tobin sleeping for 10 hours straight 1493. Mum coming for a visit  1494. Fresh raspberries, and getting all of the grocery shopping done in one day 1495. A flock of cedar waxwings in the Target parking lot  1496. Questing a food truck, then eating our lunch at a random park 1497. Mum staying to help Brooklyn with her dinner so that I could also eat 1498. Hanging out on the balcony with Brooklyn while the muffins for breakfast baked 1499. The answer to a question 1500. That Tobin seems to have begun sleeping through the night  1501. An overcast morning, so we could prop the back door open and go in and out 1502. Whoever donated a bunch of wipes to church - we needed some 1503. That Tobin is starting to be able to hold onto things - he was fairly content with a set of che…

Your Future Self

On Tuesdays we've been Practicing Pauses - exploring moments of rest, why they're important, and how we can better find them. Last week I wrote about little things that bring me a moment of joy - this week, little things that are more lastingly beneficial.
In the same Hope*ologie podcast in which the Nester mentioned that the things you use should be beautiful, the concept of "treating your future self" arose. Pre-Adam, I never had a problem with buying myself flowers (ok, I still do that), taking myself (and a book) to dinner, or even seeing a movie by myself if there was no one to see it with, but the word future thrown in there threw me.

But after they explained it, I realized that it's already something that I do. "Treating your future self" simply means doing something that will continue to do you good beyond the present moment. For example: a couple of months ago, Kristen Welch announced that Fair Trade Friday had a new option - in addition to the …


This has been a week of exploration and cute faces.

I got out Brooklyn's Boppy that she never liked to see if it would go over better with Tobin. He actually enjoys laying on it, attempting to crawl over or skootch out of it - until Brooklyn tries to "rescue" him by pulling him off of it backwards, mistaking his little grunts of effort for a distress signal and causing him to hang on and make genuinely distressed noises.

Brooklyn has been practicing Being a Person by sitting in chairs, counting her way up the stairs (she tends to count "1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11" but we're getting there), and taking good care of her doll, my old panda, and a couple of monkeys by making sure they are spoon-fed and get plenty to "drink".

After having lived here for over a year, I finally got around to putting our main bathroom together (it's been reserved for baths, so I hadn't bothered with a shower curtain) and (more excitingly!) got a library card. The la…

Restrictive Creative

This week's gifts...
1468. A jammy day
1469. An overcast, cool afternoon - warm enough to be outside, but not waspish weather (sun on the siding makes them come out) 1470. A few hours of solitude between Tobin going to bed and Adam getting home 1471. Dempsey Bakery making dairyfree shortbread cookies for Easter 1472. A trip to the zoo, and getting there at the perfect time to help some people with a flat tire  1473. Dividing-and-conquering to get all of the groceries we needed efficiently, and nearly everything at Whole Foods being on sale (at least $1 off!) 1474. A haircut, finally - I missed three appointments and was getting shaggy about the ears 1475. Adam discovering a paleo food truck (he heard a DJ talking about it on a local radio station) and agreeing to eat there for lunch 1476. Walking a new-to-us part of the Arkansas River trail 1477. The day that Death died 1478. A bath in peace 1479. Tobin sleeping 10 hours straight 1480. 45 minutes of quiet time before Brooklyn woke up 1481. A lo…

The Little Things

Last week I talked about why I need to practice pauses - this week, things that add a touch of joy, and are pauses in themselves.

I heard the term "hangry" for the first time recently. In case you don't know what it means (although, I'm probably the only one...) it's when your hunger impairs your judgement and causes you to become easily irritated.

Sometimes, my soul gets hangry. All of the Have-Tos gather into a rambunctious mob that overwhelms the Want-Tos and then I end up sobbing on the couch after both kiddos are in bed in a terrible state of Everything Is Awful and I'm Not Okay, when all I really need is a shower.

I heard the Nester on a podcast the other day, talking about how the things we use every day should be beautiful. That we shouldn't just deal with the ugly bottles and boxes that things come in, or resign ourselves to something that is simply utilitarian but in no way lovely.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things is excellent soul-foo…

Little Critters

I had to go back and see how many weeks were on last week's picture when I was doing this one's - fifteen didn't seem right!

His little/big personality continues to grow and evolve - he's getting a little more motor control, so he can respond to his environment in adorable ways.

He's also discovered the joy of rotating. It disturbs Brooklyn - she wants to help him, as he squirms and grunts and tries to move himself forward by pulling on his own shirt.

Brooklyn has been wanting to walk more. She's so sweet about it, though - she won't move unless you're holding her hand. If you let go, she freezes, arm extended, and says, "Hand? Hand!" until you offer a finger for her to hang onto. I've also been letting her climb the stairs to our apartment - slower than just carrying her, but she likes to count the steps and she has to learn somehow.

We took Tobin to the zoo for the first time this past weekend - he was unimpressed, but Brooklyn had a gl…