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Why Pause?

I've been writing about Practicing Pauses on Tuesdays for the past few months - today, why I practice pauses.

I am exhausted - and I feel guilty for being exhausted (which is, in itself, exhausting). While Brooklyn and Tobin are extraordinarily easy-going, one or both of them requires something of me at all times, from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. My energy evaporates like a puddle on a partly-cloudy day - not quickly, but at the end of the day, all that's left is a slightly dark spot on the pavement.

"It's ok" to just focus on my two Tinies - but at this stage, they're not really taxing my intellect. Tobin likes to be snuggled and fed on demand, and appreciates having his diaper changed promptly. Brooklyn brings me books to read, lids to remove, a fresh diaper when she needs one, and requests meals when she's hungry. In a strange sort of paradox, I am bored but also tired. Creation fuels me, and there are only so many ways to read Ar…

Out There

Tobin's most recent accomplishments include Being Adorable (although, that's pretty much his norm) and grabbing Brooklyn's hair when she hugged him (he was pumped - she was not).

He getting pretty steady at holding up his head, and trying very hard to sit upright, but he still needs a lot of help with that. He tries to hold his head up with his eyebrows - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. 

Spring has sprung, and we've been able to go on more walks (all-four-together and just-us-three). I love these warm-in-the-sun cool-in-the-shade days, and want to make the most of them!

It's a nice way to spend time together that doesn't involve cleaning anything up afterwards and gets everyone a little fresh air and sunshine, and natural exploration (Brooklyn loves to carry leaves and pine cones and flowers).

Brooklyn is such a big little girl. She's repeating words back more clearly, she's still very enthusiastic about hats and bows and dresses, and she…


It's Five Minute Friday! Each week, a flashmob of bloggers gathers to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then links up and shares a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

I've slowly become a "shop small" supporter-of-local-businesses over the past 10ish years, but I was shown a new facet of that last year that shattered my views and caused me to see how broken our world has become. 27 million. So many people in bondage - doubly bound, in desperate need of both physical freedom and spiritual hope.
All because humanity has become dehumanized in a desperate and futile quest to be like God - not realizing that if we will only break before Him, He will fill us with His own Spirit and do things through us, to His glory, that we could never do ourselves.
Sometimes we try to repair the damage done - well intentioned, but not always perfectly executed. Lasting hope requires more than a ne…

Beyond All Mountains Steep

Gifts... 1403. Adam helping me run errands in the rain - dropping me off at the door and staying the truck with Brooklyn and Tobin so I could just run in 1404. The bedtime yoga routine I found in a magazine 1405. Tobin sleeping til a semi-reasonable time (since he went to bed so early...) 1406. Midday morale from Adam, in the form of a hug and a cupcake 1407. Getting all of Brooklyn's clothes organized 1408. Taking a bath while Brooklyn and Tobin napped 1409. Erranding before the rain really started 1410. Spontaneous tea with Heath and Kristin 1411. Watching a movie in its entirety while putting away laundry 1412. Groceries and chai before church, so we didn't have to go after 1413. A walk at the park, just-us-three 1414. Brooklyn giving Adam a kiss goodnight, after putting her toys away with only verbal prompting 1415. 15 minutes of solitude in the sun on the back porch 1416. A snail mail letter that I had totally forgotten about (after I sent my last one, some part of m…

Off the Page and Into Practice

Practicing Pauses! Last week I discovered what "rests" me the most - this week, thinking beyond myself and finding peace through acts of kindness toward others.

As part of consuming less and creating/adding to the beauty more for Lent, I've been randomly trying to make people's mailboxes happier. Letters, notes, scarves, cookies, a print... mostly things I already had, or had a discount code for - it's surprising how little it can cost (in terms of both money and time) to brighten someone's day. And they can often also involve writing and tea drinking, two things that brighten my day! I was trying to do something every day or so, but Life hid around a corner and pounced me on my way by, completely overwhelming me for a few days - and then an act of thoughtfulness on the part of a long-distance friend reminded me that sharing what I love with others is an act of love in itself.

Rest is most restful, and pauses are most productive, when they're not complete…


Tiny T had his 2 month check up (a month late) on Thursday, and weighed in at 11 pounds 5 ounces - not so tiny anymore!

He can roll from his tummy to his back, and he's starting to hold things - a finger, a blanket, his knees - but hasn't reached the grabbing stage yet. Not that he really has a need to reach for anything - Brooklyn is more than delighted to shove toys into his little hands.

Brooklyn is growing more helpful and participative by the day (ok, she wasn't much help with assembling a new double stroller, but at least she would bring the instructions back when asked). Putting the papers in the tin whenever I make muffins is now her especial task, and she's very sweet to bring diapers and burp cloths when I've got my hands full with Tobin, and to put his toe-blanket back on when he kicks it off in his carseat while I'm getting ready to go.

We went on a spontaneous adventure to Dallas on Friday - Adam had a long weekend, so we went for a drive that end…


I've been talking about Practicing Pauses on Tuesdays - last week I wrote about Sabbath, and today I'd like revisit prioritizing the things that bring us the most rest.

I went on an elimination diet of sorts last week... for a week, I only did things that were absolutely necessary. Diapers were changed. Everyone was fed at appropriate intervals. Laundry was done and put away. The dishwasher was emptied and reloaded before we reached a point of having to handwash dishes in order to use them. Baths were given and showers taken. My Lenten devotional was read every morning while feeding Tobin and before getting Brooklyn up.

When I get a little uninterrupted time, I always have so many things that I want to do with it that I waste half of it trying to decide what to do (this is why my mother never told me I was being timed for standardized testing...) By not doing any of it for awhile, I hoped that the deepest desires would rise to the top.

So at the end of that week, the very firs…

Our Spot in the Sun

Such a big little guy! While he still can't do much more than look on, he enjoys being a part of our adventures.

It poured rain most of the week, so the bulk of our adventures happened indoors. Brooklyn and I sorted all of her clothes (I've kept all of them) into Keep, Donate, and Stained (her part was mixing up the piles while my back was turned). Now I need to get the 4 brown paper bags of outgrown things to a fostering agency here in Little Rock, so that someone who really needs them can have them.

There's so much need here - but there are also quite a few organizations that want to help. Adam and I did Walk for the Waiting last year (Brooklyn snoozed in her stroller the whole time) and we're planning on walking again this May. It's so great to see how many people turn out to raise money and awareness, hoping to find a forever home for every kid.

We've been getting in a little practice by walking at the park (once the rain stopped and the sun came out). It&…

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends

The weekly reckoning...
1382. Adam having two days of leave before working through the weekend
1383. and his superior cancelling one of those days, because it was snowy and everyone stayed home anyway
1384. Brooklyn's continuing interest in lunch
1385. The Museum of Discovery - we all needed to get out and do something together
1386. Going for a drive - we got some uninterrupted conversation, Tobin got a nap, and Brooklyn happily pointed out all the cars and everything yellow
1387. A date night in with PF Chang's carry out and a Redbox movie on the projector
1388. An encouraging reminder from She Reads Truth
1389. Surprise tea from Rebekah
1390. Tobin happily chilling with Adam while I had a Google Hangout meeting
1391. A little more sleep than I've had the past couple of nights
1392. Adam home safe and early from Drill (he started his day at 3am and was up late the night before)
1393. A discount code for a gift
1394. An early nap for all of us - I wouldn't have made i…

Seek and You Shall Find

I've been looking at rest and Sabbath on Tuesdays - last week I told you about my concepts and misconceptions about Sabbath. Today I'd like to encourage you to seek it, even if it doesn't look like you think it will.

Kaitlyn Bouchillon wrote an excellent post recently about choosing a day of rest - making the effort necessary to clear your schedule and set aside a day as sacred.
Our lives are so filled with Busyness and Stuff, that Sabbath is something that we have to put on our calendars - at least at first, until it becomes a habit, becomes something that we seek and desire and long for.
Personally, I don't have a whole lot control over my schedule - things just happen when they have to happen. My days are a series of feedings and snacks and diaper changes, reciting picture books and doing unexpected loads of laundry, tidying and taking care of others' needs and realizing entirely too late in the day that I haven't even glanced at one of the verses posted on …

Exploring, Together

Almost 3 months old... where does the time go? Tobin is starting to be more awake and aware on our adventures, instead of sleeping through them like he was at first...

For example, he wanted to be out of the Moby wrap and looking around when we went on a family outing on Friday to the Museum of Discovery. Adam and Brooklyn had a spectacular time exploring, and Tobin practiced his eyebrows while watching them. I think we'll be spending a lot more time there in the future - Brooklyn is getting to be a good age for it (they have an area especially for younger kids) and it will be a horizon-expanding place to go when home ceases to be inviting (which does happen, after being stuck there for awhile...)

We had a couple more snow days (actually snow, though, not just ice, so they were pretty - and it's all melted now) but I'm hoping that'll be the end of it for this season. I'm running out of ideas for doing things indoors - really, there are only so many receptacles to …