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It's Five Minute Friday! Each week, a flashmob of bloggers internet-wide gather to write on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then link up and share a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God, the Father, is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world. [James 1:27]

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty those who are oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favor. [Luke 4:18-19]

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The End It Project: Refuse to Click

February 27, 2015 - today is Shine a Light on Slavery Day. Head here for more info, and to join in!

Each month on the 27th, I address the 27 million slaves in our world today and tangible ways that we can make that number smaller. While I usually address labor slavery, there is another aspect to human trafficking, as well...

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{For the Love} of Knitting

Oh, knitting. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
Well, to begin, knitting is portable (depending on the project) and photogenic, making it doubly entertaining. I love having a simple project going at all times, so that I can stuff it my bag for unexpected pauses that would otherwise pass by unredeemed.

Knitting is also versatile - you can have crazy complicated projects that require solitude and silence, or something that you can nod off while working on without losing your place. Sleep Deprived was born of the latter state - I made Brooklyn's mostly while waiting on doctor's appointments, and then a coordinating pair for myself (the first pic is of mine, in progress) in the car, before church, and while sitting up with Tobin when he decided that 2am would be a wonderful time to be awake.

Which brings me to another thing I love about knitting: you can make clothes, and then wear them. It's a wonderful confidence booster to be able to answer "where did you g…

Ins and Outs

Tobin's accomplishments this week, besides his ongoing experimentation with facial expressions and lifting of the eyebrows, include increasing steadiness in holding his head up...

...and smiling adorably at random and unexpected moments (sometimes I think he even surprises himself).

It's been cold and mucky most of the week, so we've done a lot of staying in and staying warm - eating soup, drinking tea, and snuggling on the couch reading books.

Besides managing to keep everything tolerably tidy, I also did some reorganizing - now I have a much better idea of what my tea choices are, and our corkboard is arranged chronologically (which I like better than the last arrangement).

This week I'm planning on getting Tobin's room prettified. I've got all of the supplies and tools I'll need, and an idea of what I'm going to do - now all I need is the time to work on it.

We did get out in order to check out the new Whole Foods. All of west Little Rock also decid…


Last week's gifts...
1318. Commendation from my doctor on Tobin's growth and development
1319. A sunset that lasted gorgeously for most of our drive to Fayetteville
1320. Tobin sleeping and Brooklyn contentedly talking to herself the entire trip
1321. Spending a restful morning quietly at home
1322. A dinner date with Adam (hurrah for local crepes!)
1323. and a London Fog made with honey
1324. Brooklyn and Tobin both cooperating for a visit to Adam's parents'
1325. Trying on bridesmaid dresses for a friend's wedding
1326. A coffee date with my Dad
1327. Catching up with a few friends after a morning service at UBC
1328. Remembering forgotten items before we were completely out of town
1329. Making it home before the ice/sleet descended
1330. An extra day off, all-four-together at home
1331. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast/lunch
1332. Staying up together with a wide-awake Tobin
1333. Getting all caught up on thank-you notes (they had rather accumulated)
1334. A hap…

{For the Love} of Photography

As much as I love writing, a huge part of how I process and preserve what goes on around me is by taking pictures of it. My first camera was an odd round little thing that took small cartridges of film that had to be sent somewhere special to be developed... it was always so exciting to get prints back, to leaf through them and see what I had thought worth saving over the past few months, then to pushpin the best ones onto my crowded bulletin board.

But digital photography is slowly winning me over - I can take as many pictures as I want and just delete the bad or blurry ones without consequence, and it's possible to share the photos I've taken without forcing someone to sit down with a photo album.

It's a wonderful way to capture a fleeting moment - a patch of remembrance that can be looked back at later, when memory fails. We tend to remember the Big, Special, and Important - but it's the little things, easily missed and quickly forgotten, that fill in most of the p…

Sharing the Love

Almost two months! I had my postpartum check up last week, and the doctor was amazed at how big he is (given how small he was when he was born). He wore a rather snug newborn-sized onesie to Fayetteville, and we got him some new ones in the next size up (and they aren't any too loose).

Right, Fayetteville. We ventured out for Tobin's first road trip, and he did amazingly (slept the whole way, both ways). Brooklyn was delighted to visit grandmas and grandpas, and to take different things off of different shelves (her shelves at home get boring after awhile) and Tobin was obligingly awake for longish chunks, looking around and making that cute noise he makes after he sneezes.

Tobin didn't mind sleeping in the same room as Adam and me, and Brooklyn was very happy with my Mum's cooking. I gave her her breakfast this morning and she looked at it unenthusiastically, then asked, "Mimi pancakes?"

Since there are only about three restaurants in Little Rock that have …

Speak Love

The weekly reckoning...
1297. Brooklyn insisting on kissing Tobin when he cries. "Tobin, kiss? Muah!"
1298. That he's consistently gaining almost half a pound a week - his newborn sized onesies are getting tight!
1299. Finishing a couple of Valentine's Day gifts
1300. Two #fmfpartysnailmail letters at once - a delightful surprise :)
1301. The online phoneography class that Adam got me from Photojojo - I'm learning lots of useful things!
1302. Making my quota for the day on the second legwarmer
1303. Nice people who saw my need and chose to get up out of their seats to help me with a door. since I had the stroller
1304. An unexpected note with a verse I needed to hear
1305. Talented and generous friends
1306. Making muffins for breakfast with Brooklyn
1307. Our downstairs neighbor carrying Tobin-in-the-carseat upstairs for me - I don't believe I could have gotten both of them at once
1308. A beautiful day for a walk and some errrands while we were at it
1309. …

{For the Love} of the City

For Spring Break my senior year of high school, my Mum and I pretended to be tourists visiting our own town. We went to the visitor's center for a map and talked to the extremely enthusiastic guy who was working there (he owns a local business now, a few doors down from the visitor's center, actually), then spent a week trying restaurants we'd always heard of and going places we'd never been. It was a spectacular experience, and when that week was over, I tried to keep that tourist mindset.
It's too easy to settle into paths and patterns, viewing our familiar surroundings with jaded eyes, but where's the fun in that? I still love Fayetteville, but exploring and discovering here in Little Rock has made it feel more like home.

One wonderful aspect of "loving the city" is that the city will love you back. Taking the time to invest in local businesses is a wonderful way to make new friends. This past Saturday I was determined to have a weekend even thoug…