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It's Five Minute Friday! Each week, a flashmob of bloggers internet-wide gathers to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then links up and shares a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!
"Wait. Don't move. I think I heard something..."
Some kinds of waiting I like - the delightful anticipation of a letter or package's arrival, the excitement preceding a special occasion, that sort of thing. Every nerve alight and straining toward the hoped-for point.
And then there's the other kind of waiting... the tortuous sluggishness of Time as I trudge through a darkened valley (as contrasted with the flight of a sunny and joyous afternoon) and the numbing fog that blurs the memory of hope (can you tell we're in the "sleepless newborn stage" at the moment?)
But they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall ru…

All That I Have Seen

This week's gifts...
1255. Maintaining a healthy weight for three consecutive weeks
1256. Adam's new job allowing him to come home at a consistent time
1257. Taste testing a reformulation of a gf/df creamer that I already use and love
1258. Finishing a commission knit, and getting to who it needed to be gotten to
1259. A non-dairy solution to my milkshake craving
1260. Journaling through a few chapters of my current nonfiction read
1261. Whole Foods by myself, and finding a few needed items on sale as they prepare for their move
1262. Brooklyn yelling "Ah wuv you!" as Adam was putting her to bed, after I told her I loved her from the other room
1263. Getting the intro packet for our new Compassion kid
1264. Tobin being hungry during the singing part of church, so I was able to stay for the sermon
1265. Slowly talking through a thought, and Adam listening while I did
1266. Brooklyn saying "Panda kiss!" and giving my old teddy a big muah
1267. Tobin sleeping …

Productive or Present

This is part of my on-going series on Practicing Pauses - finding the little moments of rest that are scattered throughout our busy days, and making the most of them. Last week I wrote about redefining prayer - this week, let's examine the advantages and disadvantages of multi-tasking.

Whenever he can, Adam offers me the chance to have some alone-time to recharge - whether that's by taking Brooklyn on an adventure and letting me stay home, or by staying with Brooklyn and Tobin while I go savor a coffee shop or the opportunity to run errands quickly and efficiently.
I usually only go somewhere when I have something that needs to be done - a post I'd like to write undistracted, yarn to pick up for a commissioned project, grocery items that it's easier for me to get myself (rather than fill half a list trying to explain where or what it is).
But when I stay home, I'm faced with a difficult dilemma - the list of Things That Need To Be Done competing with the list of Thing…

Just for Kicks

Tiny T is getting less tiny by the day. He's in the process of deciding whether or not he likes the playmat - as long as I face him so that he can watch Brooklyn play, he's pretty ok with it for a little while, at least. (The trick is getting Brooklyn not to try to mess with his feet or poke his tummy, since he's within easy reach.)

We all got out for a few adventures together last week - one day it was warm enough for us to walk at park in the afternoon, Brooklyn in the stroller and Tobin in the Moby wrap. Every single person that we encountered felt it necessary to comment that I had my hands full, but we had a grand time. Hopefully we can repeat our outing this week. He got a good nap, Brooklyn happily pointed out every dog we saw, and I feel like the fresh air was good for all of us.

When he's not sleeping, Tobin has been practicing his faces and making vague motions with his hands while studiously not looking at them. We had been keeping him swaddled, but he'…


It's Five Minute Friday! Each week, a flashmob of bloggers internet-wide gathers to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then links up and shares a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

One thing I love about knitting is that because of its simple complexity it appeals to a wide variety of people. Some who are in it for the process, relishing the stitches and often giving away the finished piece - some who are in it for the product, tackling new or difficult techniques for the sake of that beautiful sweater.
Many knitters churn out hats and blankets and other item for charity... and then there are the Selfish Knitters. Contrary to how it might sound, this is not a derogatory term. A Selfish Knitter is someone who calculates the cost (in materials and time) of their talent, and then chooses carefully who they will spend it on. It's not a terribly unreasonable mindset - knitting can be an ex…

Captioned and Captured

The weekly reckoning... 1237. An Icee, left in the freezer and forgotten, then discovered and eaten with a spoon 1238. Getting the kitchen cleaned and the dishes washed 1239. Walking at the park all-four-together after he got off 1240. A haircut - I was long overdue 1241. The Boba hoodie 1242. Finishing last Sunday's podcast before the next Sunday 1243. Going to bed early two night in a row, while Adam took first shift with Tobin 1244. Carry-out and a microwave, for when Needs arise and I don't get to finish my meal out 1245. TED talk podcasts from NPR 1246. Warmer weather over the weekend, and predicted for the week to come 1247. Brooklyn blowing a goodbye kiss to her grandma Sandy (I've been trying to teach her that for awhile) 1248. Whoever first thought to put a camera on a cell phone 1249. Carefully curated shelves of books, for when the library isn't feasible 1250. An encouragingly productive day 1251. Walking at the park just-us-three (it took the stroller and …

Living on a Prayer

This is part of my on-going series on Practicing Pauses - finding the little moments of rest that are scattered throughout our busy days, and making the most of them. Last week I wrote about tools that help me (at least) to get the most good possible out of even the smallest moment - this week, I'd like to spend a little time more deeply examining one of those tools.

I mentioned prayers of gratitude last week, counting blessings instead of accumulating worries. I also like praying Scripture (Don Whitney has some good info on that), because that's a good way to go deeper into a short passage, like a Psalm, and alleviates the guilt I feel over only having time to read 5 verses.

It also covers another struggle - not having the words to pray. Because sometimes I am so exhausted, so distracted, so hopeless, so something that I can't think of anything to say that doesn't seem sacrilegious. A few months ago, Emily mentioned "breath prayers" in a Hope*ologie post, an…

Wonder and Wander

Four weeks - one day shy of being a whole month old! He's developed and grown so much - he's gained over two pounds (sorry I can't be more precise - stepping onto the scale with him, then stepping on without him and finding the difference isn't very precise), and we've not only loosened but also moved his carseat straps up a notch.

One delightful thing that's come of him gaining weight is that he's big enough to be worn safely. I ventured to our church's moms group on Friday, wearing him and letting Brooklyn walk (she also carried her own snack and diapers/wipes in a little backpack, and it was adorable). He loves being worn (she was not a fan) so we've also tried a walk at the park, the grocery store, and church in the Moby wrap. I got a Boba baby-wearing hoodie from Terra Tots on Plaid Friday that has been awesome - it has extra fabric to go over the carrier and a slot for Baby's head, so we both stay warm. It seems like less people wear babi…


It's Five Minute Friday! Each week, a flashmob of bloggers internet-wide gathers to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then we link up and share a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

I love to go, to do, to be on a mission. Love the city, knitting meetings, Bible studies with friends over coffee in local cafes, planning trips that cover more than one page-spread of an atlas... with a fire inside and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, being sent is definitely something I embrace.
Lately, though, I've been brewing my own coffee, participating in an online Bible study, getting my knitting a few solitary rows at a time just before bed, loving the city by promoting the small businesses I love through social media and word-of-mouth, and the idea of a trip down the stairs with two Tinies in tow is a little overwhelming.
But I'm grateful that even if I can't really be sent at the mom…

Done and Undone

This week's gifts... 1213. Adam recognizing that I was frazzled and shooing me out of the apartment when he got home from work
1214. Nothing catastrophic happening while I was gone
1215. Finding the perfect picture book for Adam for Valentine's Day
1216. Tobin waiting until after his laundry was dry to spit up all over the last clean blanket
1217. A solitary potato to mash with Brooklyn's dinner, while Adam was fighting traffic to get to the grocery store
1218. Dairyfree hot cocoa
1219. My Mum and grandparents coming for a visit
1220. Brooklyn practicing putting straws into a bottle with her left hand, because it was harder that way
1221. Adam taking first shift with Tobin
1222. Listening to last Sunday's podcast since I had missed most of the sermon (in lieu of going to church - I'm not brave enough to go without Adam yet)
1223. Brooklyn accepting an early nap, thereby enabling me to take one also
1224. Adam home by 6pm two nights in a row - unusual for a Drill w…

Simple Tools

Last week Kayla introduced us to the concept of practicing pauses - seizing those little easily-overlooked moments of rest that are sprinkled throughout our busy days. This week I'd like to discuss a few tools that help me (at least) to pause more efficiently, and maybe help you build your own "toolbox" of sorts.
Pausing is not something that I'm naturally inclined to do. Oh, I'll stop and smell the roses - and talk about them, and take a few pictures of them, and bask in their beauty, and consider plucking one but decide against it, and pull out my notebook to write a poem about them... ahem. But that's not really "pausing" - more like "loitering" or "lingering," or some other something that denotes a longer stay. I'm great at lingering. I'm a slow eater (I've improved my childhood average of 2 hours per meal to something considered more reasonable by those around me, but I'm still usually the last one finished).…

Shifting and Sorting

Another week... rhythms are beginning to emerge, though I'm sure they'll be replaced by new ones after another week or two has passed. I guess it's hard to stick with anything for very long when you're so tiny.

I finished Tobin's hat last week, and he was very cooperative about modeling it. A Patch of Blue Sky(let us chase it!) worked up quickly and adorably, using a very small amount of Knit the Sky leftovers. I still have enough to make him a matching pair of dark blue legwarmers, which is my next planned project after I finish mine.

Speaking of Knit the Sky... it finally dried, and I got the ends seamed. I tried it on and because of the silk in the "clouds" it's heavy enough that it hangs nicely as a straight scarf (instead of a loop) so I just closed each end off flat. It was a really fun project, and one that I'd like to repeat at some future point (just not for awhile).

Brooklyn is gaining interest in Tobin, and tries valiantly to help me w…


It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers gathering internet-wide to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

When Adam got home from work yesterday evening, he asked how my day had been. "If you complain about being woken up every hour and a half one night," I replied, "you may be woken up every hour the next night." He gave me a sympathetic hug then looked at me penetratingly. "Why don't you go get coffee or something? I think you need it..."
A lot of reasons why that was a really bad idea flashed through my mind. It was almost time for Brooklyn's dinner. Tobin is extremely unpredictable as far as when he will want to be fed. What if he woke up right when Brooklyn needed to eat and be put to bed (not really one-handed tasks)? I thought about the evening before, when Adam was at w…

A Beautiful Mess

Life is a beautiful mess - it's both beautiful and messy. You can't separate the two, not really. We can crop and edit and post cleverly-worded statuses, but no one can keep that up forever and Littles speed the demise of that illusion - not that our homes or our lives were perfect until they got their sticky little handprints all over them, but they make it a whole lot harder to pretend. For example: since I got my hair cut short last July, I've had to get it trimmed at least every 8 weeks. (I promise this is relevant - hang with me.) I brilliantly set my last appointment for December 20th, two weeks before Tobin was due, so that by the time I needed to have it cut again he would be predictable enough to leave with Adam for a little while. Except that he ended up being born on the 20th. That was almost three weeks ago. My hair grows very quickly, and the shorter it is the more quickly that fact becomes a problem - at this point, on a good day the best I can hope for is P…

Practicing Pauses {a new series and a guest post!}

After going through Jen Hatmaker's book 7 for 31 Days last October, and then having an unexpected Advent season, I'm starting a new series (and personal focus - so I'll be talking to myself in these posts, too): Practicing Pauses. I'm hoping to explore incorporating Sabbath into my daily rhythms, even when those rhythms seem more chaotic than melodic. In keeping with that theme, an introduction written by my dear friend Kayla from Renown and Crowned...

At my house, there is one continuous action: go. From the first, "Momma, come get you!" plea to the final song sung after the light is turned out, motion ensues. The occasional respite may be indulged, but only for books to be read aloud. {Always plural, never singular.} So when you say the word rest, my initial thought is, "Impossible."
But as our household has transitioned from one to two littles, I have found that admitting defeat in the realm of rest does nothing but hinder my pursuit thereof. Sound…

Settling In

Tiny Tobin has continued his trend of being quietly adorable, lifting his head to look around with a steadiness I don't remember Brooklyn having at this age, and refusing to look directly into the camera for a picture (I guess someone told him that a 3/4 angle is the most flattering...)

We mostly stayed home last week (because I have no intention of getting both Brooklyn and Tobin down the stairs and out somewhere unless it's absolutely necessary), but Adam's parents came to visit us for a couple of days, which was nice. Brooklyn enjoyed the extra attention and interaction, and Tobin is a fan of anyone who will hold him while he sleeps.

This. This is why I'm not looking forward to going grocery shopping in the near future. Where am I going to put the groceries?
Since Adam has Drill next weekend, I approached this weekend with a ridiculously long list of things that needed to be done/acquired, so I'll hopefully be able to stay home for the next couple of weeks (I wo…