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It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers gathering internet-wide to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

Give. Humanity lives in a cycle of give and take - usually more taking then giving, and the giving that we do on our own is motivated by a desire to get something in return. Since everyone else is engaged in the same quest, it doesn't really work out very well. But it doesn't have to be that way.
Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him, rooted and built up in Him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving. {Colossians 2:6-7}
No more taking. Everything we need is given to us - He knows what we need before we ask for it (and He knows when not to give us what we're asking for, because it's not best), and He invites to trust Him instead of…

The End It Project: Shop Small

On the 27th of each month, I try to post about my End It Project, inspired by the End It Movement (which raises awareness about the 27 million people enslaved in our world today). This month, I'm combining it with my weekly thankfulness post. Let's talk about gratitude and consumerism!
First, the weekly reckoning... 1069. Brooklyn excitedly "pop pop pop"ing with the Bubbles Bubbles book
1070. Adam shooing me out of the apartment for some alone time
1071. while he took care of dinner and bedtime for Brooklyn
1072. Three more new knitters, and five panels turned in for Warm Up America!
1073. An assortment of Christmas cards made by/supporting the card ministry
1074. Adam setting up Sprout's room and the new carseat, and making lunch, while I was gone
1075. Both waking up before the alarm went off
1076. Reading in bed while Adam did his morning routine
1077. New thoughts on familiar Scriptures
1078. My Tuesday appointment getting moved to Monday, with the appointmen…


My grandmother is a Seeker of Bargains and of the Fun, Cute, and Slightly Unusual. Born in a time when most of today’s chains were still mom ‘n’ pop establishments, she shops where she’s always shopped and the occasional craft fair is as local as she gets. My mum inherited the quest, adding a willingness to venture outside of her own culture and into brick-and-mortar shops owned by people who looked nothing like us but always had interesting stories to tell.
I joined them on their journey but boldly took off down a side path...
I'm honored to be guest posting over at Renown and Crowned today! Click here to continue reading. [Join the conversation on Facebook!]

Checking it Twice

It's a listy time of year - grocery lists, Christmas lists, packing lists, lists of things-to-be-thankful-for... even the list of lists is long.

But things are beginning to be checked off. My knitting class at church is over (and was a smash hit - there's another tentative class set for February) and that just leaves one at STEP next week, and a hat I'm making as a Christmas gift, before my knitting-related obligations are fulfilled.

I was able to get my Christmas cards from one of the ladies in the class - our church's prayer team has a card-making ministry, and they were selling sets of handmade Christmas cards to raise money for postage stamps. So that's locally made, loving-the-city, and they're all different which gives me the fun of deciding which card to give who.

I got out a box to start collecting Christmas gifts in, so that they'll be all in one place as I begin packaging them. Due to no preplanning on my part, I was able to find felted bowls tha…


It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers, internet-wide, gathering to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

Brooklyn notices everything. From tiny snippets of things on the floor (which she picks up and either puts in the trash or brings to one of us to put in the trash) to things on tables and shelves that I was certain were out of her reach (but weren't), she walks around with wide eyes that pick up on the minutest of details.

Besides watching her surroundings, she also watches us. If she finds an unattended hat or shoe, she tries to wear them (with varying levels of success). She tiptoes to try to put a key into the door knob. She climbs onto the couch to page through a book. If one of us laughs, she laughs, without having to know the reason. She knows that "hi" can have two meanings (a friendly g…

For All Your Goodness

This week's gifts...
1048. Resetting from yesterday's off-scheduledness
1049. Warming the apartment while accomplishing necessary tasks
1050. Finishing the last "demo panel" that I needed for my knitting class
1051. Getting up and around before Mum and Dad got here (to watch Brooklyn)
1052. A full and excited class, and knitting evangelists who can't help but help
1053. Amazing nachos at Local Lime
1054. Waking up in just enough time to get ready and go to church
1055. The way Brooklyn says "hi" to everyone that walks by
1056. Superior officers who order Adam to go home, even when there's work to be done
1057. Adam having the morning off so that he could stay home with Brooklyn while I went to a doctor's appointment
1058. Taking a nap when I got home (the appointment took longer than expected)
1059. A long hot shower before Adam got home from STEP
1060. Kroger having all of the groceries we needed, so we didn't have to make multiple stops


'Tis the season for doing cozy things. I had fun with my knitting class at church on Saturday, and I think everyone else did, as well. There was a range of skill levels and I was yet again deeply grateful for the irresistible urge that causes people who already know how to knit to jump in and help the newbies - I wouldn't have been able to manage so many people otherwise (I think there were about 18 - I never even stopped to count - ranging in age from middle schoolers to grandmas). No one did horribly (not that people do, usually, but there are people in the world that are not meant to knit), a couple of people did amazingly, and I'm looking forward to this week's follow-up class.

Along with putting Pentatonix' new Christmas album on repeat (I highly recommend it, if you're in need of new Christmas music - their take on Mary Did You Know is stunning. Also, who knew an a capella version of the Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies was possible?) I've been drinkin…


It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers who gather, internet-wide, to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then link up and share a little comment love. For more posts, more info, and/or to join in, head here!

I like to keep myself busy. Note that I keep myself busy, meaning that I maintain executive control over what I do (as much as possible). I'm more likely to overload myself with personal projects than to overcommit to things that others ask of me (not necessarily a good quality). If I'm not actively Doing Something (knitting, reading, writing, posting, taking pictures, suggesting walks and outings, etc), then my husband starts to get concerned and asks if I'm ok.
I'm almost threatened by stillness. It's seductively quiet - but I suspect that at any moment, something may spring from the silence, so I hold it at arm's length and examine it suspiciously. If I turned off my music, what might …

Average, Ordinary, Everyday

The weekly reckoning...
1024. Brooklyn bringing me a tub of coconut oil that she had gotten hold of, when verbally prompted
1025. and then handing it over without a fuss
1026. A freezer with an ice machine
1027. Brooklyn's deafening squeals of delight when she discovered that Adam was home in the morning
1028. Her new favorite activity - Leaning, with a Book
1029. Gourds, in all of their unique and knobbly beauty
1030. Adam and Brooklyn getting to spend some time visiting his parents
1031. while I spent five glorious hours Seeing People and Doing Things and Not Being Constantly Needed
1032. All getting the giggles together on the drive home
1033. The dresses an out-of-state friend made Brooklyn for her birthday finally fitting
1034. Her delight at dressing up, and the way any unattended clothing becomes a scarf
1035. A renewing evening with my Bear to end our three-day weekend
1036. Brooklyn (finally) adjusting to the time change
1037. Grace to make it through a long afternoon

A Handful of Pixie Dust

As joyous as the upcoming family-centric holiday season should be, at this particular life-stage it can be more of a cause of stress than a blessing (especially for this introverted introvert). Trying to uphold traditions and necessary schedules, and finding the balance between others' expectations and what's best for our own little family... 'tis the season for grace. Lots and lots of grace.

I got some practice this past weekend, when we went to Fayetteville for part of two days. It could have been horrible - we drove up one morning and returned the next afternoon, stayed with my parents, visited Adam's, and had a long to-do list of tasks that needed to be accomplished while we were there. But it was lovely.

Brooklyn slept extremely well the one night we stayed, and awoke delighted (if a little earlier than usual). She was patient and contented for the drive both ways, and spent a grand Saturday with Adam and his parents as we divided-and-conquered and I met a friend…


It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers internet-wide, gathering to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For more info, more posts, and/or to join, head here!
My mother-in-law left a silk leaf tucked into one of Brooklyn's books - she was delighted when it fell out at the perfect moment as we were reading it before bed!
Retrospection and introspection are favorite pastimes of mine. Turning around to see where I've come from, and turning inward to see how the adventures along my path have affected me, is how I gauge progress. I think that's part of why I love Autumn so much - it's an invitation to slow down from the rush of Summer and revel in the natural glory of changing leaves and changing seasons, with a cozy hoodie and a mug of something hot to keep your hands warm. You can't rush about when you're carrying a cup of cocoa - if you try, you&#…

More Than Enough

This week's gifts...
1003. A lovely day to spend at home, practicing peace, before a busy weekend 1004. Completion of the commissioned knit (I love knitting baby things - so tiny and quick!) 1005. Almost twice my goal saved this month to donate to Mercy House 1006. Dad coming by on his way out of town and reading to Brooklyn while I cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom 1007. Discovering that the stroller we have will fit in my trunk - one less big baby item to buy! 1008. Adam's parents coming to visit, and bringing eggs and winter footie jammies for Sprout 1009. and spending the morning with Brooklyn so that Adam and I could have a coffee date 1010. Brooklyn's bravery in going quietly back to bed with a teething ring after some late snuggles for teething pain 1011. Watching a movie with Adam while she took an extra long afternoon nap 1012. Fourteen signups for my learn-to-knit class at church! 1013. That the cough I've had for a month is finally going away 1014. A box …


After a good but busy weekend (and a good but busy month doing 31 Days), Brooklyn and I are taking the day off from lists and errands and staying home. There will be plenty to do tomorrow, and the day after, and the day after that, to prepare for a roadtrip the day after that, but today there is nothing that has to be done (except my laundry, as I'm on the verge of a Situation in terms of underwear supply and my only clean pants are a pair of orange plaid flannel PJs).

After everything that I learned from doing 7 for 31, I didn't want to just go back to being how I was before --- so I chose a one-word focus that I'm going to apply to at least the next few months (possibly more): simplify. "Simplify what?" (I do better with vague verbs than detailed lists, myself). Everything. We make things so much more complicated, more involved, and just plain more than they need to be. And as a result, we're exhausted, distracted, and stressed - completely unnecessarily.