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It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers, joining together to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For posts, for info, and/or to join in, head here!

Reach. It can be the attainment of a goal or destination. It can be an extended invitation of community, by word or by touch. And it's always a bridge, spanning the point of where you are to where you want to be.
We often apply it tangibly - accomplishing goals, meeting deadlines, exceeding expectations - whenever it has an obvious result (a project completed, a raise earned). Building a visible bridge in the form of a bigger house, a newer car, a published manuscript, a finished masterpiece - something that speaks for itself.
But what of the intangible? How often do we reach for the stars - not from a desire to take their brightness to embellish our own glory, but as an act of worship to a glorious Creator? Why do we…

A Deep Breath

This week's gifts...
794. "Cloudy" yarn for Knit the Sky
795. and time to catch up (from being 52 days behind)
796. Happy orange gerbera daisies
797. An actually uplifting hair appointment
798. Extremely messy, but delicious, ice cream from Loblolly with Mum
799. who drove down from Fayetteville for the day, so I could get a haircut and to help move furniture
800! One more day 'til Adam's home
801. The apple fritter Mum got me at Dempsey Bakery yesterday - a perfect Sunday breakfast
802. Naps for Brooklyn and I - someone thought we should get up early, and it wasn't me
803. Unbroken piecrust (not that last week's shortcake wasn't great, but two quiches are nice, too)
804. Walking to the mailbox with Brooklyn. She carried the keys!
805. The way she sits down and applauds her own attempts at walking (I clap too, of course!)
806. Adam finally home, and off through the end of the month (plus the holiday weekend - that's almost a whole week!)
807. Dair…

The End It Project: a TED Talk

It's End It Day! On the 27th of every month, I try to write a post highlighting modern slavery, along with practical application for companies that we can support that aren't supporting slave-made products. This month, a TED talk from four years ago, with some still-relevant information on modern slavery.

Are we willing to live in a world with slavery? And if we cannot use our intellectual, political, and economic power to end slavery, are we truly free? [Join the conversation on Facebook!]

Identity and Community

It's the last link-up of #fmfpartysnailmail round three! This week we're joining Kaitlyn Bouchillon to write about community. For more posts, head here.

I've written (and talked) before about my love of the knitting community. The way that a group of people with only that one thing in common can come together and enjoy each others' company is a beautiful thing. In part, I think that it works so well because they're able to lay aside their differences and focus on commonality through their craft - but at the same time, knitting isn't most of these people's identity. They remain a student, an engineer, a mom, a nurse, a counselor,  a lawyer, a mailcarrier, a school teacher... whatever they are outside of knitting is still a part of them, and that's how they're able to accept advice, help, and even constructive criticism without becoming upset, defensive, or frustrated. They have not become their knitting.
Unfortunately, this is not a quality that I…

The Last Minute

The waiting is almost over --- Adam is coming home tomorrow! >Insert happy-happy-joy-joy dance here < As badly as the last week dragged, the past few days have been fairly busy, trying to get everything finished so I won't have projects distracting me once he gets home (because, sweet guy that he is, he took leave through the end of the month).

I had a haircut appointment on Saturday, and rather than having to reschedule, Mum obligingly came up for the day. (A side note: I view haircuts as a necessary evil, but this time was different. The stylist was excited about how well it had grown out - if I knew what I was eating that makes my hair grow half an inch in 8 weeks, I would stop - and with what I'd done with it, and even honored my desire to not use product or blowdry it. Jamie at Swank. She's awesome.) While Mum was here, we ate lunch at Dempsey Bakery (so that she could have a delicious meal out without worrying about gluten) - Brooklyn thoroughly enjoyed every …


It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers, joining together to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. Head here for more info, more posts, and/or to join in!

Be the change you wish to see in the world. I've heard it mocked (because of its source) and I've heard it held up as profound --- and, especially after the events, here in the US as well as globally, over the past week or so, I'm settling more on the side of it being profound.
Imagine with me, if we would take the "golden rule" and instead of reversing it into a karmic warning about not behaving badly toward others, we would apply it literally. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That's a little different. That takes me from being a generally polite person who uses her turn signal, doesn't cut in lines, and has a reasonable idea of what she wants when it's her turn to o…

Fly and Crawl

The weekly reckoning...
773. Gluten free instant oatmeal - Brooklyn loves it!
774. Sitting and knitting and watching a movie - not something I do often
775. Getting Sprout's room as organized as it can get for this phase
776. That Brooklyn slept through the night
777. Happening to have the ingredients for a single serving of alfredo penne
778. The batteries I needed, on sale (almost half off!)
779. Brooklyn waking up with the firm belief that life is a magical adventure
780. Making it home from church (via the grocery store) before the storm hit
781. Spending the afternoon reading - and finishing my book in a bath after Brooklyn was asleep
782. Praying because I was out of meal ideas - and being given one, for which all necessary ingredients turned out to be on sale
783. Two handwritten letters to reply to
784. That Brooklyn's favorite part of pasta is the tomato chunks in the sauce
785. Talking to Adam in the middle of the day - he had a break between classes and used it to c…

Independent Rhythm

We have one more full week of Adam being gone, and then he'll be home. As much as I miss him (and I do miss him, very much) I've never been one to let emotions keep me from functioning, so I settled into a pattern of independence pretty quickly. The show must go on, as there's a Small Person depending on me, and tasks have been piling up.

Weekdays (and Drill weekends) are pretty much the same all the time, whether he's here or not - breakfast for Brooklyn and I, then either running errands or staying home to clean/do laundry/play (that's her contribution), depending on the day's needs. Although, with only needing to feed two people instead of three, we've been able to stay home every other day and only had to make a couple of trips to the grocery store.

Brooklyn takes a nap about 4 hours after she gets up, and I've been using that time to reset all of the things she's gotten out, eat lunch, and write (letters, notes, or blog posts). Since her naps …

August 16th: an ordinary day

If we had a Burch Family Motto, it would be "No ordinary days." Because there aren't any ordinary days - it's all in how you look at it. So when I flipped the page on my perpetual calendar this morning and saw this, I immediately took it as a yearly one-day photography challenge. Because I will seize any excuse for a photography project, and I haven't done one in awhile, anyway.

Because this August 16th happened to be a Saturday, and I have strong feelings about Saturdays, after a sensible breakfast of oatmeal (for Brooklyn) and quiche (for me), we went to Dempsey Bakery to see if we could beat the mad rush for cinnamon rolls. We did - they also still had apple fritters, so that's breakfast tomorrow (for me. Brooklyn does not have a sweet tooth, except for fruit).

While we were in that part of town, we ventured into Argenta Bead Company for a pink silk ribbon. I am not a huge Keeper of Mementos (if it's something that can still be used, it seems wasteful…


It's Five Minute Friday! A weekly flashmob of bloggers, all joining together to write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For more posts, more details, and/or to join in, head here!

1. God made you on purpose and unique. 2. God has called you to be brave. 3. God will equip you to do it. [from Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs]
Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come. [2 Corinthians 5:17]
I want to add to the beauty
To tell a better story
I want to shine with the light
That's burning up inside
[from Add to the Beauty by Sara Groves]
A few Sundays ago, I was sitting behind someone who intrigued me. He looked to be a little older than me, broad-shouldered and muscular and wearing a sailor-striped shirt that accented that fact, one earlobe was pieced, he was wearing hipster-esque glasses, and his blonde hair was buzzed back and …


This week's gifts...
752. Mum taking off work after Brooklyn had a rough night, knowing that I might need the help
753. Sweet baby smiles in the grey twilight before dawn, after 8 hours of intermittent screaming
754. Grace from my mother-in-law for a cancelled meeting
755. Pedal Pops at the Farmer's Market with my Dad
756. Stopping because of construction three times on the trip home - it was pouring rain so hard that not moving was a relief
757. and arriving home safely (even if it did take an extra hour because of storms) and finding Happy Handwritten Mail in the mailbox
758. Getting to attend the singing part of church - Brooklyn was delicate and we had to leave after that
759. Internet and sermon podcasts for when things like that ^ happen
760. Sharing a bowl of rice with Brooklyn for dinner - she shares quite well, and occasionally offers me a bite instead of taking one herself
761. Sleeping in
762. Errands successfully accomplished - the rest of Little Rock seemed to be ha…

Joy Comes in the Morning

Linking up with Kaitlyn Bouchillon and other #fmfpartysnailmail ladies over at Kaitlyn's new space today - head here for more details, and more posts on encouragement!

Last Monday, Adam left for a three week long military school in Louisiana. After seeing him safely off, Brooklyn and I headed to Fayetteville - stopping to check the mail on our way. In it was an #fmfpartysnailmail letter (from Alaska!) that included a sweet note and a little card with a photo of a bird's nest and Zephaniah 3:17 on it, which was a very nice way to begin our trip.
The week started well - a good drive to my parents' house, getting to talk to Adam every night, accomplishing the tasks that I needed to while I was there. Then Brooklyn and I started getting progressively less sleep each night (once because she wanted to snuggle, once because she was having tummy trouble, and finally because she woke up at 2am feeling better and wanting to play). By Saturday we were both exhausted and just needed t…

A Space to Write

After I got home on Saturday evening, following a week in Fayetteville that was intended to be relaxing but ended up being somewhat stressful, I was overwrought and slightly frustrated (at nothing and no one in particular) and relieved my tightly-wound feelings by moving what furniture I could (thankfully, my single-girl furniture is all break-down-able and easy to move piecemeal and reassemble, and that's what I was moving) and I learned something about myself in the process: I work better when I have a dedicated space in which to work.

I got it all set up how I wanted, and was rather pleased with the result. The Nester should be thanked for the idea to "shop your home" and find things you already have - Adam made a couple of cubes that we used on our kitchen counter for plates and cookbooks at our last apartment, and Brooklyn had been using as bookshelves here, and I requisitioned one of them as a stand for the printer (which in turn became a stand for the little (in)…


It's Five Minute Friday! Founded by Lisa-Jo, it's a weekly flashmob of bloggers, all writing for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) on a prompt provided by sweet Kate, then linking up and sharing a little comment love. For more details, more posts, and/or to join in, head here!

I don't remember when I first got a planner. I do know that it was a dark pink one with a little ruler and some stickers in the back and a slightly padded cover that snapped closed, and I was very excited about it because we had to order it from American Girl and then I impatiently stalked the mailman until it came.
As soon as it arrived, and with every subsequent planner, I promptly sat down and filled in the information from the days past (I don't think I've ever managed to get one before it started) and then went in and wrote down the things that happened in a regular and predictable manner (like, church or weekly knitting meetings). If there wasn't something written on every day…

Internet Connexions

The weekly reckoning...
731. Sitting on the balcony after Brooklyn went to bed and writing a letter
732. The sore throat I went to bed with only lasting for 24 hours
733. and the splitting sinus headache that followed (and that I whined about like a tired four year old) only lasting for six
734. The Argenta Saturday morning Farmer's Market being across the street from the bead shop I wanted to visit and having parking, so I didn't have to parallel park or walk a long way in the hot with Brooklyn
735. Having a coupon for a frozen pizza - that's a treat that Adam was pleasantly surprised by when he got home late
736. A long soak in the tub with a book and the cookie I got with lunch but forgot about until after dinner
737. Investing part of Brooklyn's birthday Toys R Us gift card in a new toy that she can play with now, and she and Sprout can play with later (as an apology for not letting her eat any of the pretty beads)
738. Church in an unconventional space while they …