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Going, Growing, Giving, Gratitude

Brooklyn is becoming a determined explorer, and I've finally given up on keeping her out of things. I moved things that are fragile or emotionally important, and now her favorite game is to deconstruct every shelf she can reach, then run-crawl laps in the kitchen with a box of playing cards (taped closed) while I reset everything (that way, she just gets into the same stuff again, instead of finding something new to get into).

Did I say the box of playing cards was taped closed? Yeah... they weren't like that originally. Until I got to play 52 Card Pickup while also trying to keep her from choking on a tiny plastic person (since I took the cards, she had to have something to play with. I am so unreasonable). After that I devised a baby-proofing system that wouldn't keep us from being to open the boxes when we want to, and it's worked great so far.

I've also been having to keep the bathroom doors closed, because she likes to go visit her little bathtub (we keep it …

It's Alright

Mommy fashion! Ok, this one is more about feeling pretty than about practicality - but after all of the changes a woman's body goes through in order to have a baby, I feel like that can be just as important. So this look actually combines that concept three ways...
1: Sparkle. A pair of pearls that Adam brought me from Sri Lanka, a sequined cardi, and a metallic belt all make me feel a little more like a girl and a little less like a mobile feeding and diapering service.
2: Open front cardis. This is one that I got while I was pregnant and none of my clothes fit anymore - but because it doesn't button, it doesn't matter, making it perfect both during and after pregnancy.
3: Belts. Same concept - as you're getting figured out where your weight is going to settle (that's both where on your body, and where on the scale) belts can help if your current jeans are sagging but you have hopes of eventually fitting into a smaller size.

I signed up for Hope*ologie a few week…


It's been a busy weekend for raising awareness and helping others - and the need isn't going to end soon. Everyone can do something, and we all need to do whatever we can.

On Saturday, we three Walk[ed] for the Waiting. It was the first time either of us had done anything like that (not being runners, and most things involve running - why?) and it was a wonderful experience, to join with a crowd of like-minded, who all want to see every forsaken child happily in a forever home.

Then Adam drove to Fort Smith yesterday afternoon on Army business, and is currently trying to get back to Little Rock (on Army business), but the going's slow with the damage to Interstate 40. He's needed to help document last night's destruction, and the efforts of those who are helping.
If you're local to the Little Rock area and would like to help, here are some practical and genuinely helpful opportunities - and if you're in Fayetteville, here's an easy way to get a donatio…

The End It Project: stepping out

Inspired by the End It Movement to live a life free of slave-made goods, the End It Project is my journey toward that goal. Each month I post an update on the 27th to commemorate the 27 million slaves in our world today - won't you join me in taking steps to make that number smaller? _______________
Spring has sprung, and it's time to get out those summer shoes! The top pick for most versatile (and adorable!) is Nisolo - a company that employs South American shoe artisans (yes artisans - these shoes are amazing) at a fair wage. They have a nice variety of well-made leather shoes at a reasonable price point, including flats, loafers, and sandals. (UBCers! If you know Taryn Blocker, then you've probably seen her adorable blue Nisolo flats and heard her talk about them :)

If you'd like to try something fun, Sseko sandals are the way to go. The soles are made from recycled tires and leather, and then you can choose from a wide variety of ribbons and add-ons. Since they'…


It's Five Minute Friday! Each week, the lovely Lisa-Jo posts a prompt and bloggers internet-wide write for five minutes (no stopping, no editing!) and after hitting post and linking up, go forth to share a little comment love. Head here for more details and to join in!

So, there's this online conference happening this weekend called (in)RealLife. The idea is that everyone watches some keynote speakers today on their own, then tomorrow people gather in real life and share community and more conference material. I found a local meet-up, and Adam was going to watch Brooklyn so that I could go... and it got cancelled. Slightly bitter about my wet-blanketed attempt at community, when I saw today's word prompt I decided not to write.
But then I watched the material for today. This year's theme is "We need your story" and that struck me. I love stories - as a child, I jealously guarded the right to tell about adventures I was a part of, reveling in the telling, and…


The weekly reckoning...
419. Getting to knit in the car
420. Coconut oil - extraordinary useful stuff!
421. Going to bed early and knowing that it wouldn't offend our hosts (aka, my parents)
422. An afternoon movie date with Adam - just us two!
423. Brooklyn obediently leaving the fireplace alone when I told her to...
424. ...and adorably going to play her xylophone, instead
425. Walking around the Farmer's Market with Adam and Brooklyn and my parents, getting coffee and flowers and reveling in a beautiful morning
426. Tulips and all of the gorgeous colors they come in (like orange with pink streaks, like a sunset)
427. Brooklyn smiling and laughing as she walked all over my in-love's house, holding Grandma Sandy's fingers
428. Getting to enjoy a 4-generation Easter lunch
429. Silly sideview mirror selfies with Brooklyn
430. A peaceful trip home with good conversation
431. Grocery shopping with Brooklyn, who spreads joy wherever she goes
432. Napping myself during her …

Plotting Plots

Brooklyn's been working on mastering the art of adorable plotting lately. Because, you know, if you're cute enough, you might get away with something (at least, that's the theory. It hasn't really worked yet.)

She knows what "no" means, and is amazingly responsive to it (that being dependent on me catching her before she gets into something, instead of after). Yesterday it occurred to her that if she has to stop what she's doing when I say no, then surely it must work the other way around. So she said, "Nah! Nah!" firmly as I put her down for a nap. I explained why naps are necessary, and she had one anyway. It was worth a shot.

While she still won't wave at people, she will clap - because the world is in need of a little more positive affirmation. Between clapping and smiling and sticking out her tongue, going shopping with her is a slow process - we continually have to stop so that people can talk to her. But they walk away happy, so her …


This past weekend was a rare treat: Adam took a couple of days off, and we spent 4 days in Fayetteville, visiting family (and the pediatrician - any tips for upping a mama's calorie intake, when she's gluten free and dairy free?)

While I enjoy trips and don't mind driving myself on them, after a point driving becomes a colossal waste of time. You can't do anything - can't read, can't knit, can't remember that you needed to write a thank you note and just go do it... all you can do is sit. And possibly listen to the radio, or an audio book. So after so many trips to Fayetteville with just Brooklyn and I, it was refreshing to get a little knitting done on the drive. I actually got the front half of a little linen tunic that I'm designing for Brooklyn finished (amazing how quickly things go when you have dedicated time to work on them!) and it promises to be darling.

With so many loving grandparents and great-grandparents anxious to play with her and read…

Walk It Out

This week's list...
398. A new book and time to sit in the car while Brooklyn napped and read it
399. Ebooks and audiobooks to check out through the Fayetteville Public Library's website since I don't have a library card here yet
400! Adam having sick days and it being a slow day at work so that he could come home and rest (The Bug lingers on...)
401. Fresh strawberries
402. Playing drums on the bookshelf - one drumstick for Brooklyn, and one for me :)
403. Watching Brooklyn slowly and carefully sit back down after pulling herself up on something
404. French toast and bacon for breakfast - it's been awhile!
405. A whole weekend with Adam off - that also hasn't happened in awhile
406. Naps for all (if not all at the same time)
407. Finally finding a good local coffee shop

I love the concept of running a marathon (or a half) in order to raise funds and awareness about a worthy cause. A couple of years ago, I set out to train for one (anyone who knows me well knows wh…

Hello, Spring

Brooklyn's been experimenting with social interactions this week - saying "hi!" to herself in the mirror, giving kisses (complete with "mwah!"), waving a palm branch in (sort of) time with the music during worship on Sunday (to the utter delight of a family sitting behind us), perfecting the crinkled nose to accompany the stuck-out tongue in order to achieve optimal cuteness...

She's also been airing her opinions more - more frequently, and more loudly. "What's in this drawer? I'm going to pull everything out and look at it. Mummy, will you put these shoes on me? What do you mean, They're too small?"

"Daddy, you may touch the shapes, but you cannot stack the shapes or knock them together. If you stack them, I will come from across the room as fast as I can to topple them, and if you knock them together, I'll just have to take them away from you."

She also confirmed that she knows what no means, by dissolving into dramati…