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Merry and Bright

Twenty-eight weeks old on Christmas Day! My family draws names (and then fudges, on names and costs and quantities), but my cousin Brooke drew Brooklyn and found her the perfect thing - a toy shopping bag filled with chewie produce. It struck me as being a good toy for car trips...

...which we had one of on Monday, to go apartment scouting. We found a complex that we like, where some friends of ours already live, and they're a bit more "grown up" than the college-oriented (but wonderful! we've had a great experience at Woodway) complex we live in now.

Alarmingly, this is what the storage unit looked like that day, (hopefully) a week before we move. O_o There are a few things in there now, but not as much I'd like. Adam has started packing a bit, as well, now that he's in the space between finishing one job and starting another, so it should start to move (haha! ha... the exhaustion is affecting my sense of humor...) more quickly now.

Brooklyn has been highly…

Counting Down

Brooklyn's still counting up (in age and height, anyway, if not in weight --- at her appointment yesterday, she had only gained about a pound in two months but had grown over 2 inches!) but everything else is counting down (in my head, in an impending-nuclear-strike sort of way...)

At Drill last weekend, some things got sorted out, so Adam should (theoretically) actually have orders sometime today. We did find out that his start date is December 26th - so, in a week. O_o I'm pretending that "a week" is actually a much longer expanse of time than it really is, which is why I'm calmly spending my morning blogging and sipping a warm drink instead of frantically packing.
Brooklyn has been enjoying the packing process that has happened so far (we have a storage unit, that is currently empty, and I'm building a small pyramid in the living room of things that need to be put in it) - boxes, especially small, empty ones, are extraordinary things!

That said, since box…

Progress in the Interim

Half a year! It really doesn't seem like it's been that long - but, it also doesn't seem like it's been 3 years (as of last Saturday) since I met Adam, either.

Iffy-ly, and only when she thinks we're not looking, Brooklyn has been making tentative attempts at sitting up. She usually only succeeds when that action will put her within reach of something that she shouldn't have. It may end up being helpful that we move just before she becomes mobile - that way, we can set up our new apartment in a baby-safe way, instead of trying to rearrange a preexisting system.

There hasn't been any more news from Little Rock, but hopefully Adam will find out something concrete at Drill this weekend (which is when last week's Drill got postponed to). We at least have a storage unit now, so whenever I get around to it I can start packing, and we'll be able to move out of Woodway at the end of the year whether or not we have a place set up to live in there.

So, in th…

The Reason I Write

"If you want to change the world, pick up your pen." [Martin Luther]

I've always been a Taker of Notes and a Recorder of Thoughts and Ideas, but I didn't really have a system until I met Adam three years ago. Then I began to keep a lined black Moleskine journal with me, where ever I went. Random thoughts and lines of poetry, sermon and pattern notes, directions and phone numbers written in others' handwriting, notes on any adventures had while purchasing the notebook itself (I try to get them from local bookshops, when possible), odd maps that only I can read... I've almost filled my fifth notebook in 3 years.
There are markings in the corners of pages that I may need to refer back to - empty circles for designs-in-progress, filled in once the pattern is published; arrows for prayer requests; a set of three rays to mark additional notes on a topic that I plan to speak on or write about later - and some of the pages are thick with sticky notes, questions overla…

I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

Snow - beautiful snow! My favorite thing about snow is the tradition-making possibilities that it holds (like how Mum and I played balloon volleyball when I was a kid :)

It was really fun introducing Brooklyn to the Strange White Stuff That Falls From the Sky. She is not a fan of cold, and once she found out that the snow itself didn't taste good, she didn't really care about it any more. But, as always, she was all for reading about it. :)

Since Adam was here and finds a boyish delight in conquering the snowy roads, we ventured out to The Little Craft Show this afternoon. We picked up Theo on the way and all had a grand time. [I said there was going to be a photobooth - didn't I? and it was awesome. I'm all for any chance to be photographed with a woolly white beard. And Adam. That, too!] It was a fabulous event, and I'm glad we got the chance to go.

In honor of National Letter-writing Day (who am I kidding? I would have veered toward the paper goods, anyway!) sw…


It's Five Minute Friday - and the last FMF of 2013. If you'd like to join in with 5 minutes of nonstop, unedited writing (or read other posts on today's prompt), visit Lisa-Jo here.

I did Project 365 the year I was 21. In my quest to find something interesting to photograph every day, I discovered something: if you are trying to take a picture of a reflection (because that is something that I do - a lot), you must set your focus for twice the distance between the object and the mirror. So, if you're standing 3 feet away from a mirror and you set your focus for 3 feet away, the image will be blurry, because you'll have taken a picture of the mirror itself. But a further 3 feet into the mirror is where a clearly focused reflection stands.

Sometimes I would use that wonderful trick to get a clear detail shot of something closer-up than my camera could actually handle, since it perceived it be twice as far away as it actually was. I also noticed that a dirty mirror cou…

A Pebble in My Shoe

The past few days have been somewhat frustrating - no, I'll take that back. I've been somewhat frustrated - but that was a decision on my part, and not necessarily the days' fault (although, not having had an uninterrupted night's sleep for over a month has been rather detrimental to my outlook). At any rate, I've been getting up on the wrong side of the bed with a whiny "why?!" attitude and I continued the trend today.
With freezing rain (and sleet... and wintery mix... and snow... and below-freezing temperatures) threatening my fun weekend plans, and Adam packing to go to Drill (he didn't need to be in Little Rock until tomorrow morning, but left around 11 today to make sure he could take his time and drive carefully), it looked like I was going to be spending a lonely weekend stuck in the apartment with an upset Small Person who is easily bored and doesn't understand why we can't Go Do Something. [cue pity party and a Within Temptation alb…

Season of Waiting

It's been a big week, all around. Brooklyn is getting very close to being able to sit up - except that she decided that a better skill to spend her energy on at the moment would be perfecting How To Blow Raspberries (for best effect, done with a mouthful of cereal). Apparently, my inability to properly prioritize is genetic. Adam brought her a Bumbo seat and I've been encouraging that, so hopefully she'll be sitting up soon. :)

She really enjoyed the holiday weekend - four days with the three of us all together. She feels very strongly about us being a family. Just one of us alone with her doesn't count (I'm acceptable for a little while longer than just Adam, but I'm also the food source, so she's biased). It's wonderful that she feels that strongly about it this little - except that Adam has a full time job, and Drill weekends, and Army training, and other obligations that require him to be gone for hours or days at a time.

She gotten very interested in…