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A Million Little Ways, Ten Thousand Reasons, and One Thousand Gifts

The (in)courage Bloom book study of A Million Little Ways just concluded. It was a spectacular book that I need to reread - later. For now, I'm taking to heart the "job description" of an image bearer, as given by Emily P Freeman:
Desire... [take courage, and dream]
Rescue... [reawaken lost dreams]
Sink... [into God, admitting that you can do nothing on your own]
See... [the critics as signposts, pointing to our life and death in Christ's death and Life]
Listen... [God speaks in moments of heartbreak, through questions, in storms and through the stillness]
Show up... [with your limits, and your potential]
Wait... [have faith]
Offer... [what you have, you've been given - so give it!]
Wonder... [embrace the moments of beauty, the strokes of His brush in even the ordinary]
and finally,
Create... [for the glory of Him who created you]

That's a lot to think about, but I feel like it's a lot coming at a good time. The holiday season will descend tomorrow (or tonight, at…

Destruction, Creation, Organization

Brooklyn thoroughly disapproved of me pausing while getting her breakfast ready to take a picture - but she was too cute not to capture. It was a rare moment of still peacefulness.

She's been getting into things (as much as she can, with somewhat limited mobility). That said, she's more mobile than she lets on - turn your back, and she can get pretty far in a very short amount of time. She's particularly drawn to stacks of things - unstacking them, and stuffing them into her mouth is highly entertaining. I have no doubt she'll have a grand time "helping" with laundry in a few months...

While she's been having fun destroying things, I've been on a creative kick. I picked up the latest issue of GreenCraft magazine last week at Ozark Natural Foods, and it was full of fun ideas. I have a small stash of interesting corks (long saved, from Hand Held knit nights) so I sliced up a couple to make charms - I was pleased with how the acrylic paint and rubber st…


Cold dank days make me want to curl up in front of a space heater with a cup of hot vanilla and pretend that nothing exists outside of the warm little cave that I've created.

So, that's what we did. (It's such a blessing to have an opportunity to spend a day doing whatever we'd like!) Brooklyn had her breakfast of rice, and I had the last slice of gluten free/dairy free banana bread that Carolyn sweetly baked - and then she and I spent the rest of the day holed up in Brooklyn's room (where the space heater is).

Progress was made on the Christmas knitting - just a few more inches to go, and this project goes oddly fast (for being 140 stitches around). Then I have a couple of smaller projects, which should go even more quickly!

And since I had knitting on the brain, I did a little sketching for a possible design. Think "frost-touched fallen leaves." I'm still trying to decide if that concept would look better in a leafy golden-brown, or in an icy blue-g…


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I think of two different things when I hear that word:

First, I think of soaring, high above this world and its troubles and emotions and pettiness, like an eagle or some other great creature.

But then I think of a different sort of flight. The running away kind. And that's the kind I've been doing lately. You see, I'm afraid, and I didn't even realize it. I don't mind tackling difficult tasks - but I only tackle manageable difficult tasks. I won't set myself up for failure or disappointment, or anything that looks like it might lead to it. And the path lovingly set before me led into a dark valley, filled with the possibility of both of those - but I chose to climb a nearby mountain, instead. Better a day-lit toil to a peak with a view than a blind trek of faith into a darkness fr…


After trying to take the picture herself, I managed to distract Brooklyn this morning with her Taggie-bear. She's getting more interested in Things, and more capable of grabbing them - sometimes it's a bad combination. Especially around hair... and jewelry... and noses... and bags of Doritos in the grocery store...

She enjoys helping hold the book while we read, especially. Even if I give her a toy to hold, it usually gets flung across the room within a few minutes in favor of her helping keep the book from escaping. If imaginations can run wild, why not the books themselves? Perhaps a "page of prancing poetry" is more literal than Emily Dickinson thought...

But she's interested in the words, too - not just in gripping the pages. She'll sit for quite awhile and let you read to her - her books, with few words and many pictures, or whatever grown-up book we're reading (even if it's all words and no pictures). In any book, she's more interested in t…

Local Christmas: Loving the City, Your Friends and Family, and Knitters, too!

In doing a local Christmas, I've come across a lot of things that knitters, and anyone else, for that matter, would probably love to receive. With that in mind, I've compiled a list of Things That Are Not Yarn, in order by location, so you can start at one and work your way up the street.

Beginning with Nightbird Books at the corner of Dickson and Church Streets, Extra Yarn is an engaging tale about a little girl with extra yarn and all of the people (and things!) that she knits for, with to-die-for Jon Klassen watercolor illustrations. So, I enjoy reading it as much as Brooklyn does! They also have some wonderful pattern books to actually knit from - most notably at present, Knitting Scarves from Around the World, which has wonderful photographs (and patterns. Good patterns, too :)

If you head up Dickson Street and turn on Block, you'll find IM Spa a few blocks up on your right. When they first opened a few years ago, they did a collaboration with Hand Held with a "k…


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"I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree..." [Joyce Kilmer]

I've always loved trees. When I was 6, I wrote my first report, of my own volition, on trees. They're beautiful and peaceful, and I'm an allegory-minded person, understanding things best through an oblique approach, reveling in the poetry that lines the ordinary and everyday. To me, trees speak of so many things...

---of the value of patience, as an acorn slowly becomes a mighty oak. But not only is it a testament to the waiting, it also speaks of root-growth, happening unseen underground, and of the strength of a hardwood to weather a storm, when a faster-growing shoot will split under pressure.

---of healing, as I see towering pillars struck by lightning th…

Mostly Baby

Five months old yesterday! We've reinstated cereal as a part of breakfast - she initially wasn't really sure what to do with it, so I decided to wait awhile. We tried it again this week, with much more success. She's still a little uncertain about the cereal, but the spoon is very exciting and she leans forward with her mouth open and reaches for it.

She's much more interested in books now, too. She'll sit contentedly in your lap and look on while you read, sometimes trying to help with the page turning (she can grab a board book page, but still struggles to get it flipped one way or the other). We've been focusing on sounds this week, so we've read Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You? many, many times.

With her motor skills improving, everything goes straight into her mouth (except the drum sticks. We got a set of drum sticks, since we're doing sounds and all, and we each have one while we listen to music - and she knows that it's for hitting things with). …