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Twenty weeks - wow! Brooklyn's been making this face for awhile, but this is the first time I've managed to capture it (she usually makes it looking straight at the camera, then turns her head at the last second). It's a happy silly face that's usually followed by a giggle and sometimes an I-just-don't-know-what-to-do-with-myself wave of hands.

Her motor skills are improving on a daily basis, and when Terra Tots posted a picture of this I thought she would enjoy it. The beads shift and move, and I find it entertaining, at least. ;) We are so blessed to have parents and grandparents who focus on more necessary things like diapers and clothes, which allows me to carefully curate her toy collection, researching and questing and not feeling bad when I find something I think she'll like because we already have a huge basket full.

This is also for her, in a way. I resorted to Pinterest in an attempt to find something for Brooklyn to do with her hands while she's…


It's Five Minute Friday, and it seems fitting, somehow, that my 200th post on this blog would be spent freewriting on a very difficult (for me) prompt from Lisa-Jo. Click here for FMF details, and to join in!

I am an introvert. (That may surprise some people - or it may not...) My phone lives on silent and I screen nearly every call that comes in (unexpected contact is jarring, even from someone I like), I ask for help as an absolute last resort (partly because it's just easier to do it myself, partly because I don't entirely trust someone else to do it how I'd like it done, and partly because I don't want to be an imposition), and while I enjoy spending time with people (especially Knitters!) I need time alone afterwards to recover (more time than just the 15 minute car trip between where I was and where I'm going next). Not saying whether that's good or bad, or trying to justify any of those actions - it's just how I am, and I realize that how-I-am co…


So thoughtful! Brooklyn's been deeply interested in observing things of late - and in rolling. Rolling is fun now.

Especially trying to roll off of things. We've had to move from the couch to the floor as our preferred sitting spot. She can also move, somehow - she can't crawl, but (as long as you're not looking) she can get Elsewhere pretty quickly. I secretly suspect that she's at least one developmental stage ahead of what she lets on.

Though she can't quite sit up on her own yet, she enjoyed being sat on the Woodway steps for a (rather chilly) photoshoot on Saturday. Shake is complete, and I am absolutely delighted with how it turned out! I designed the waist with ribbing and drawstring and used a superwash wool yarn, so hopefully we'll be able to enjoy it for awhile. :)

Cereal, which she just started to be able to have occasionally, is still kind of confusing - she likes the spoon (a lot) and wants to chew on it... but then pieces of something come of…

Artist and Artisan

Over the weekend, I was thinking about friends. About the people who I can't stand (there are a few, I'm ashamed to admit) and the people that I'd like to get to know better, and about how everyone is pretty much divided into two categories: consumers and creators. The people I would like to throw something at (nothing hard or sharp or dangerous - maybe a firm pillow... just something to make them look up and look outside themselves) are consumers, but the people I'm attracted to are creators.

Joining God in the renewal of all things. That was the vision of the church I attended in Brooklyn, but it's my vision as well. Adam and Eve took something they weren't meant to have - but even though we are fallen through them, we're still called to cultivate. To cultivate friendships, knowledge, joy, beauty, worship... our culture as Christians must be one of growth and renewal. Spark lights spark, and a roomful of makers burns with an energy that's awesome to b…


It's time, once again, for Five Minute Friday - 5 minutes of nonstop unedited writing, inspired by a one word prompt. Learn more and join in here!

Laundry list:a list of characteristics or items that are generally considered to be mundane or distasteful.

I love clothes. I enjoy shopping, which I approach more as curating a collection than as procuring coverings (everything I have I look at as a photo prop, so I seek the versatile and the unique). I revel in the quest for garments that will compliment and coordinate with each other, and, more especially, with my knits... and then the knits. Finding the perfect yarn for a project, or being inspired by the yarn itself --- altogether, I spend quite a bit of thought, energy, and creativity on what I wear.

Until I take it off at the end of the day. I mean, I'll neatly fold the knits and get the everyday wear in the general vicinity of a hamper - but there my interest ends. It's the same with cooking: when I still lived with my pa…


Brooklyn was a little hard to photograph this morning - she's becoming more attuned to/interested in noises, and there were Things Happening outside that were far more fascinating than the camera (I'll admit that the squeaks and screeches coming from a nearby construction site are more than a little distracting).

She's become a fan of crinkly things, also. They're mesmerizing - she'll look at it intently, with her hands folded cautiously, and then pounce. It always ends up being wadded up and stuffed into her mouth - amazingly, it still crinkles.

Another interesting thing is legwarmers. Why don't they come all the way up? That kept her entertained during our Socktober photoshoot on Saturday --- behold, Wrapped Around Her Finger, complete! The yarn is incredibly soft, and was a perfect match for the project! (and I have a little left for... something!)

Next design in progress (one word: ruffles!) is a bind off and some ends away from being complete (I love larg…


It's time, once again, for Five Minute Friday - 5 minutes of unedited text, flowing from the inspiration of the weekly prompt, provided by the lovely Lisa-Jo. Read on, then join in!

There's a photography project I do occasionally: to document everything that happens for 7 days. Not holidays or vacations or special occasions - ordinary days. The purpose of the exercise is to help you capture the small moments that make up the bigger picture of our lives, preserving and collecting them so that you can see how many there are and how they fit into the overall mosaic of our lives.

It's a project I keep returning to - a lesson that needs to be relearned from time to time. Because I forget too quickly.

   I forget the Grace that woke me up this morning, with a sunrise and a cool breeze, a smiling baby and a cup of tea.
   I forget the peace that passes understanding, that washes over me and fills me up, when I finally let go and let God.
   I forget the Mercy that keeps giving me…

Renovation, Innovation, Preparation

Several people I know have been starting new blogs or renovating their old ones - and it inspired me. Over the past week or two, I've changed up my background and header, cleaned up my sidebar, tagged/retagged every post (going back to the beginning - that was... time consuming), and added a few pages (you'll find those at the top of the page). Please check it out, and let me know what you think!

Now, on to more important topics. Brooklyn will be 4 months old on Saturday! So hard to believe... in the past week, she's rediscovered rolling over (front to back) and added rolling over back-to-front to her list of developments, along with being able to suck her thumb.

Her motor skills are improving nicely. She's fairly consistently able to see something, grab it, and at least get the hand that's holding it into her mouth (if not the thing itself). The most entertaining thing to her at the moment is a folded piece of cloth --- it unfolds! I need to recapture that sense o…

New Beginnings

Sometimes, I just have to do something. I'm faced with the brokenness around me, and I ache to make it beautiful, instead. Maybe not to erase the scars, because they hold memories and lessons in themselves, but at least to ease the pain.

I watched October Baby last night, and came away with an overwhelming sense of social injustice. I am definitely prolife, but whether you're prolife or prochoice, you have to admit that sometimes the girl herself isn't given a choice. She is pushed and pressured by parents, teachers, mentors, the father, the father's parents, her friends (directly, or through the fear of what they'll think and say)... She is told that her education/career/life will be ruined. That she's not responsible enough to be a mother. That she is Less Than. That her pregnancy is a consequence, a form of penance, or just an unfortunate chemical reaction that needs to be stopped. Judged on all sides, secular and religious, it is undeniable that the choice …