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Some Things Old, Some Things New

Seven weeks old - almost two whole months! It doesn't seem like it should be almost August - it feels like summer just started yesterday, but all weekend there was a parade of students, parents, siblings and friends (accompanied by trailers and SUVs) marching up and down the steps of our building. In a college town, it's the new neighbors time of year --- and I'm hoping we don't get another 5am Blender User. :)

Brooklyn has gotten exponentially more aware. She likes to lay on her play mat and deliberately kick things (without looking at them), and she's begun to watch what I'm doing. We were at my parents' house one day last week and I was eating fresh kale chips; she reached for them, then emphatically spat out her pacifier, clasped her hands under her chin (that's how she indicates that she wants to eat), and opened her mouth expectantly. It was so cute and hopeful that I felt bad telling her she couldn't have kale chips until she has teeth. She&…


Six weeks old! It's been a fairly eventful week - she's getting increasingly alert and interested, and she positively giggled in her sleep the other day. And when I weighed her this morning, she had gained a pound, putting her at almost 10 (!!!)

So the tummy troubles she's been having don't seem to be affecting her growth, at least. We did discover that the source is an allergy to dairy, so I've cut that out of my diet and she's already doing better (and I don't mind an excuse to drink more coconut milk ;)

Milk is, unfortunately, just as much of a hidden ingredient as gluten is, but I'm already used to reading labels and doing research so that's not a colossal challenge. It does put a damper on eating out (a pox upon it - why is everything in America made with bread or cheese or both?) but I can pack food if I'm going to be away from home during meal time (the gluten free Udi's bread we get is also dairy free, and peanut butter and roast be…

A Seated Task

Five weeks old! This has been an ...interesting... week. Brooklyn has refused to be laid down to sleep (she'll sleep for 20 minutes, then wake up and make it known that she is deeply offended at her abandonment) so she hasn't been put down for over a week (she'll lay next to me if I'm sitting somewhere, but she has this weird ability to sense when I leave the room).

She's sleeping well that way, at least, which is good, but it's created a quandary for me --- because there is only so much that I can get done one handed or while sitting on the couch. I enjoy watching her sleep, but I also sort of need to eat a few times a day, showers are kind of nice, and if the dishwasher is never emptied of clean dishes then the mountain of dirty dishes that is collecting on the counter and on the stove and in the sink can never be washed.

One of the things that I can still do is knit (which adds to my guilt - at the end of the day, when the apartment is a wreck and the only …

Adventure is Out There

Four weeks old! It's been a month full of discoveries - the most recent of which is that I'm boring and it's much more fun, in Brooklyn's opinion, to spend afternoons out 'n' about (rather than at home). That works for me - I'm a wanderer by nature, so we can wander together.

See? Boooring.
So this morning we went to the Farmer's Market, where there were many interesting things to see and hear, and also a very large dog who barked very loudly, which was slightly traumatic so we had to go in Handheld to look at the pretty colors and recover. (Being generally admired greatly speeds the recovery process - and she's adorable and she knows it ;)

As long as there is something interesting to look at, she'll let me knit. This is the beginning of a linen tank - I've just started the stripes and they're as subtle as I was hoping they would be. I'm doing 3 rounds of the solid and 2 rounds of the multi, and skewing the fabric down the center so…

Life Squared

Three weeks old! Brooklyn's gotten exponentially more awake and alert and interactive over the past week, which makes adventures much more fun and much more adventuresome.

She's also gotten bigger (mostly length, not weight), which means that we can use the Moby Wrap (best baby-related invention ever). She likes looking around at the wide world - for the first five minutes, and then she falls asleep. It means that, in order to avoid the carseat as much as possible, I have to plan my errands around "where can I park that I will be able to walk everywhere I want to go?" but I've always done that, anyway.

a not-baby picture! O_o
Yesterday we ventured forth for the first time just-us (before, we've had Adam or my Mum as back up), parked at the Library and then hiked up Mountain St (aptly named) to Handheld. I got to visit and knit on Artosphere (which is very close to being finished, and then I get to felt it and see what happens!) and Brooklyn got kissed, pette…