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Fingers and Toes, Hands and Feet

Two weeks old! It's been a busy few weeks - we've tried to spend as much time as possible at home (I like home - there's no time, no appearances, and no unsolicited advice) but we've ventured forth a few times, and as a result she has now met all of her great-grandparents (a grandma and a grandpa on Adam's side, two grandmas and two grandpas on mine). But she's starting to get a little more consistent in eating and sleeping times, and I'm (finally!) allowed to drive again, so we'll probably plan an adventure soon. I suspect it will involve knitting.

Not that I've gotten a whole lot of knitting done lately - she likes to have a hand to hold while she sleeps, and it's so darned cute that I let her. It just means that my activities are restricted to what I can do one handed while sitting still.

Reading, thankfully, is one of those. I've been working through this summer's Table Talk books, trying to keep up even though I haven't been to…

S'posed to Be

Maybe it's up with the stars, maybe it's under the sea, maybe it's not very far; maybe this is how it's s'posed to be.
--from Supposed to Be by Jack Johnson

Born June 12 at 2:52am, 7lbs 6oz and 20.5" long --- Brooklyn Elisabeth Burch. She obligingly arrived before having to be induced (still a week late, but on her own terms, which is what I wanted) and with minimal fuss, all things considered.

She's spent the first week of her life being spontaneously adorable (which makes her rather hard to put down)...

...and so she isn't put down very often. :) The best place for naps is in Daddy's arms - and he's delighted to let his tiny princess sleep there whenever she wants to.

She's also modeled, and was very sweet about it (it was a little exciting, the picture-taking thing, but there's nothing wrong with slightly blurry hands when they're happy blurry hands).

Dash of Spice was designed just for her, and though it's a little big right…