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Put a Bird On It

Adam's been out of town this week on Army business, so I've spent the nice days exploring the outdoor beauties of Fayetteville and the more recent cold ones exploring the indoor delights. This is such an awesome city...

Several of the manhole covers/storm drains in the Dickson St area have been beautifully painted, and I'd been wondering who'd done them. Monday, I found Tina Oppenheimer in the midst of one in front of the Walton Arts Center. I haven't been by since she finished it, but I'm anxious to see it. Her crocheted life-sized self-portrait serenely occupied a chair at Hand Held for several years and startled everyone who came around the corner, it looked so real. She's very talented.

Another amazing local artist is Hannah Brinson. I've known her for awhile and have always loved her work (especially the foxes!) so I was delighted to find out that she was selling stationery and wood-block prints at The Four-Legged Bird.

The shop has been open in Fa…

Green Growing Things

The flowers are starting to bloom and the lettuce selection is beginning to include varieties other than iceberg - two things that make me very happy! (photo credit goes to Adam)

It's starting to be warm enough to do the things outside that you've been doing inside all winter. I spotted this reader on the Square and couldn't resist snapping a shot - she was so studious, and color-coordinated. I also loved that she was doing the sort of thing that I would have been doing had I not been sent on a quest that morning.

I still got to have my indoor-activities-outdoors, though, since Adam and I took Blockus to the park yesterday. (It was the only game we had that we didn't think would blow away in the breeze. Scrabble isn't much fun when it resets itself every few minutes, and Uno or Skip-Bo would have quickly devolved into 52 Card Pickup.)

Nightbird Books is a lovely place to wait for the rain to stop (while finishing the socks for the photoshoot that you're planni…

Spring has Sprung

April - now that's starting to sound like Spring! (I realize that Spring technically happened a few weeks ago, but it was snowing that day so it didn't seem very real at the time.)

While it has started to warm up, it was still a bit cool to be standing sock-footed in a creek. But it was worth it - the Mud Creek socks were a successful experiment in gusset and toe decrease placement, and a chance to play with a beautiful hand painted yarn from an American company.

A photoshoot during which not only were lots of excellent pictures taken, but no people, accessories, or expensive electronic devices were dropped in the water may be considered a success (there were several close calls, though!)

The rain we've had for the past few days raised the water level in the creek nicely and made pretty rushing ripples, but it also made sliding down a muddy bank and figuring out to get shoes and socks off and back on an adventure.

Remember the ill-fated Kaona that's been in time out fo…