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Teach Me to Know

About 6 weeks into my time in New York, I told Mum (in a moment of stress) that I just needed a hug. The next day, I was standing in the foyer after church talking to one of the shyer girls in my Lifegroup when the worship team walked through. Zach, the lead, stopped and announced, "Group hug!" I was swarmed by about 8 people, and that got me through until Adam came. I was immediately struck by the action because I hadn't prayed about it or really taken my stress to God in any way, but He unexpectedly provided the encouragement that I needed.

I've been feeling a bit discouraged lately, but when I went in The Mustache yesterday afternoon on my way to work I started humming along with the refrain "and you get carried away, carried away" and it took me a moment to realize that it was a song from Zach's band - The Lone Bellow's - latest album. Teach Me to Know reminded me of the much-needed group hug, and I was "carried away" by the way that …

A Spring Break

The trees are starting to wake up, and so am I! I deliberately took a walk down Dickson Street so I could capture this blooming beauty - I was struck by the contrast of twisted limbs and fragile flowers.

Over the weekend, Adam and I got to spend some time outside. I'm looking forward to more days like that (this being Arkansas, it may snow later this week, but we're ultimately on a Springward path!) As much as I love walks and parks and being out of doors in the nice weather, it's always better done with my Bear than it is alone.

We did some photoshooting, too. This is the Maple Street Messenger Bag - every few years I make a new messenger bag, with some improvement that I've thought of from using the last one.

This time, I made it shallower (to keep me from overloading it too badly), striped (I've never made a multi-colored one before), knitted a pocket and seamed it in before felting (since my fabric sewing skilz are... iffy), used a belt from Flying Possum as t…

Intentionally Instagrammed

February made a valiant effort to make up for all the wintery weather that we haven't had all winter by being exceptionally cold and snowy. It was beautiful and allowed me to get some knitting done, and probably helped put an end to the rampant virus that has been plaguing Fayetteville, and will hopefully ensure a decrease in the grasshopper population --- but, I'm ready for Spring now.

Our apartment complex under a blanket of snow - amazing what a square frame and a pretty filter will do for an otherwise low-quality picture! I have often knocked Instagram in the past as not being "real photography" (but it's possible that I'm also a smidge anti-Photoshop, as well...) While I still hold with that statement, I'm beginning to see that it does have some uses.

It allows me to brag on my sweet husband, enabling me to put up pretty shots of all the ways he treats me like a princess for public viewing on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter...

...and to further gush…