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Singin' in the Rain

While I feel toward rain as a cat does (that is, it's great for taking naps during but I have no interest whatever in being out in it), sometimes I find an inspiration on rainy days that I don't have otherwise.

For one thing, sunlight filtered through cloud cover is perfect for taking pictures. Bright, but not harsh. The last time my beloved Fossil messenger bag got this wet, I was in Manhattan (worst place in the world to be when it rains), but through everything it's always kept my knitting and my camera dry. And Bob (official mascot of Ravelry) doesn't seem to mind getting damp occasionally. :)

A side note on dogs, this one turned up in my parents' yard a few days ago. Dad went outside to run her off (lest she try to eat the chickens) - and ended up rubbing her tummy instead (she was very persuasive). She followed him back to the house, and when I went to see if she was afraid of cameras, she posed nicely then asked to be let in. Where ever she's from, I thi…


The Latin word from which we get "inspire" (to animate) is from the same root as spirit (to breathe). Inspiration isn't just an idea - it's life and beauty, breathed into raw materials to turn them into something greater.

I noticed while knitting at work the other day that everything in my vicinity coordinated, and couldn't resist capturing it. Between working on other things and stopping to take pictures of stuff, I've (finally) finished the first leg of Pensive, and plan to finish the second one this next week while Adam's gone. I hoped that trying on the first one would motivate me to finish the second one, so I can wear them - it's looking like that tactic will actually work.

More gratuitous pretty. It's hard not to tip a waitress who provides great service, has gorgeous handwriting, and is an artist to boot. Or maybe I have my own unique system for determining how much of a tip someone deserves...

This was on my windshield a few mornings ago.…

A Fire Inside

Adam and I spent our weekend organizing, mostly. We live in a 3-bedroom apartment, but originally designated one room as ours, and then each had our own office space. In light of the Small Person who is going to need their own room (tangent: I hereby request the invention of a gender-neutral pronoun that implies that the noun in question has a gender but that said gender is unknown. "It" seems appropriate only for objects...) we've been undergoing a grand rearranging in order to move all of the things out of his space and into mine.

That presented a quandary for me, since in the 13 months we've lived at Woodway, I hadn't actually gotten around to organizing my space. Part of it was the non-motivating sense of transience that I've been feeling. I like apartments, personally, and have never really felt the need for an American Dream Home. But that instinct is a strong one, and it makes putting holes in walls and doing improvement-type projects that will ultimat…


I attended a meeting the other day. It was a gathering of about 20 women, ranging in age from upper teens to senior citizens. This group represented a wide array of occupations, interests, ethnic backgrounds, and levels of education and income, yet all had come together with a common purpose. The meeting happens on a weekly basis, and while it's scheduled to last about 2 hours, people start arriving up to 3 hours early.
One woman had experienced life-changing trauma since the meeting the week before. She came in in tears and was immediately hugged and comforted by everyone present, and before the meeting was over there was a smile on her face and peace in her heart.
Another girl had exciting news, which she shared with the group. All shared her joy, and exclaimed encouragingly on how she deserved it. She was a little more animated than usual, and left a little more confident.
There was also a newcomer, venturing in shyly to see what this was all about. She left a convert, fully embra…

New Year, New Projects

After two weeks off from knitting, I'm re-inspired and have two new designs started, both using yarn that I acquired during my summer in New York.

First up is Pensive, destined to be over-the-knee legwarmers. I love boots, and I like skirts, but find that wearing both at the same time in the winter requires pairing them with tights or leggings, neither of which I really like. This is my proposed solution - hopefully, it will succeed!

Delighted is a break from the uninterrupted length of knitting that is required for over-the-knee legwarmers. I'm using Noro Taiyo - and even though these aren't colors that I would normally lean toward, it's a rather addictive knit.

While I was Not Knitting, I spent a lot of time reading, and thinking. Something that came of that was to start working in the Etsy page I set up a long time ago and never maintained. It seems like a great place to list those of my designs that I make for the fun of it and not for the need of it - that way, th…

The Adventures of Rawr, the Ordinary Everyday Dinosaur

When you place an order with Photojojo (awesome photography website), they send a tiny plastic dinosaur with your order. Utterly pointless yet very fun, and a perfect subject for testing out whatever photo goodie you happened to order. Rawr came with Adam's birthday present (a leather hand strap for his camera) and was such a happy shade of green that I thought it would be fun if I did a photography series of him having a normal day, beginning with breakfast and going through going to bed, and then put it together as a book for Little Bee once it's finished. I'll post the photos here and on Facebook as I take them, and then reorganize them into day-sequence order after I have them all. After this, I may also do a seek-and-find version, with him hidden in pictures. We'll see.
The name was a joint effort on our part - I had gotten a lot of good name suggestions, all male, and Adam mentioned that a stegasaurus was a relatively feminine dinosaur, as dinosaurs go. "Som…

Wrapping Up

Just a few loose ends left over from 2012.

The Big Red Commission was finished in time, despite the fact that I realized halfway through that I'm mildly allergic to mohair (I already knew that, but had managed to forget because it doesn't usually affect me). It was still worth the knitting.

The mink gloves, complete. They were super-soft and exceedingly warm, and became a Christmas gift for my mother-in-love, who deserves to have warm, soft, mink gloves.

The first snow of the season was lovely - a perfect snowball snow. Not that I made any snowballs, since I was sick the day it snowed (and still am, for that matter... I really think that one's health should reset with the calendar), but it was beautiful.

There was just enough of the snow to be picturesque, but not enough to make the roads impassible. Adam and I had a date night dinner at Outback, since that's one of the few restaurants that we can still eat at. Thankfully, they have an awesome gf menu, and the servers…