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After I graduated high school and before I became truly passionate about knitting, I considered getting a degree in journalism. I've always enjoyed writing - I wrote stacks of reports that I was never assigned because I liked doing the research and setting down my findings on paper in a way that would (hopefully) make the reader as excited about the topic as I was. And I have a genetic drive to photographically document my life (my Dad snuck what amounted to a spy camera through his Army training, and captured an array of fascinating stills, including a time-lapse series of him in the act of parachuting out of an airplane). My homepage is the Boston Globe's "Big Picture" section, which features a series of news stories told in photographs.

I peruse the images - sometimes they document the small details of daily life, sometimes the sweeping horror of natural disasters - but no matter the subject, there are always some that capture emotional moments (either good or ba…


I've been frantically trying to get a long list of Things accomplished in a rather short amount of time, and a few days ago I had the sudden realization that the list was almost complete, and that somehow I had time left over at the end.

One advantage to designing most of what you knit is that I can not only make a wholly unique gift, but I can also publish the pattern. This is Stashed - a harmonious rendition of yarns that had nothing in common but color.

This one was a commission - I was unsure of the color, so I chose two and made it reversible, without the bother of double knitting or any other tricksy techniques. Hence, Chameleon - changing with your mood or preference.

To celebrate the anniversary of our first "date," Adam and I went to the Mellow Mushroom on Saturday, making that the first time either of us has had pizza "out" since we went gluten-free in July. It was very good - partly because we hadn't had real pizza for 6 months, and partly becaus…

Jingle Bell Rock

My holiday season has started with a bang - music, Christmas gatherings, and of course, Christmas knitting.

Shane & Shane and Phil Wickham (and Kyle Sherman - he opened. And we discussed knitting afterwards, and I told him about Ravelry because his wife wants to learn to knit. Ennyhoo...) came to UBC as part of their Christmas tour. 'Twas almost 3 hours of alternately Christmas and worship music, and it was lovely.

Christmas time means potlucks and parties. I (well, Mum made them, and packaged them adorably, so really I had nothing to do with it) took these tiny cornbread muffins to a Lifegroup gathering. I brought what I was asked to bring - otherwise it probably would have been something sweet. I'm better at making sweet things than real food.

In between the knitting I've been doing, I got to teach someone else how to knit. She picked it up quickly - another convert made. Not in time to make gifts this year, I think, but perhaps by next year...

My giant red project i…

The Gift

As a kid, I was a mass-productionist. Once I learned how to make something (eg: beaded geckos), I would make a whole lot of them. I would shower my mother with a large percent of what I made (and then dig through the trash later to make sure that she hadn't discarded my offering) but to be honest, a lot of what I made was without use or worth, and served no purpose other than the delight that making it gave to me, personally. I don't feel like my craftiness was necessarily a bad thing, but I wasn't approaching it with a mindset of "It's great that I can make something - now, how can I enrich someone else's life with it?"

As I got older, I shifted toward making things that others would value enough to be willing to pay me for them. I participated in a small craft fair or two, and one year I made a lot of scarves and sold them for Christmas. I had an Artfire account, and an Etsy page. Again, not necessarily bad, but still self focused.

I still knit for com…