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The List

I'm posting my daily expressions of gratitude here - I'll edit this post to add them as I go.

Nov. 23/24: Today, I am thankful that I was spending such a nice evening with my husband that I completely forgot about posting on Facebook yesterday, and for the sunshine streaming in the window and warming up our apartment this chilly morning!

Nov. 25: Today, I am thankful for my family - the family I was born into, the family I joined by marrying Adam and the family of believers that I've been adopted into.

Nov. 26: Today, I am thankful for the cold, wet, cloudiness - the cold reminds me that we are promised both winter and summer 'til the end of time, and the clouds remind me that the sun is still up there somewhere, even though I can't see it.

Nov. 27: Today, I am thankful for my sweet husband who makes me breakfast in bed and braves the cold to warm up my car before I need to leave.

Nov. 28: Today, I am thankful for provision - not only for needs, but for the occasional …

Give Thanks

It's the day before The Day You Get Great Bargains - but at what cost? Thankgiving is so often trampled over as that random weekday most people get off work, which we spend eating (or cooking) with family and watching (or perhaps playing) football, resting up for the upcoming Christmas franticism (made frantic mostly because of our consumeristic mindset, and a failure to focus on the original reason for the holiday).

I was able to spend the day with my sweet husband, visiting both his family and mine; eating amazing gluten-free food cooked by my Mum, with plenty of left-overs to be sent home with; driving freely from place to place in one of our two fully functional automobiles with more than enough gas to get there; dressed in clothing perfectly suited to the weather that I spent awhile choosing this morning from the many choices I have; and now, home in our own apartment which is pleasantly warm from our neighbors' heat --- all of which I often tend to take for granted, flip…

Before the Rush

Before everyone is swamped with Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas shopping, and the swarm of engagements that somehow always appear between the last few weeks of November and the beginning of January... I present a free gift pattern.

Quick, easy, a good use of left-over sock yarn (especially special sock yarn that you don't want to waste a single yard of), good to send in a card or give with a book: Weave a Tale.

That is all.


A random sprinkling of things that remind me of days past (long past, or not so long ago...)

Growing up, nearly every time my family would go on a trip, soon after we got under weigh Mum would turn around in the front seat and hand me a new (or at least, new to me) book. Adam and I joined them on a journey to visit my Dad's parents this past weekend, and she upheld the tradition with an out-of-print tome that I'd been wanting for awhile. Mums are the best. :)

Another consistent aspect of my life has been that every time Dad found a nonvenomous snake, he would catch it and show it to me. He and Mum went for a walk and found this tiny, friendly creature (even after a ride in his pocket, it was still content to let me hold it). After a consensus taken from 9 people... we still have no idea what kind of snake it is, other than not a red racer.

Two flowers: one given in return for a donation to the disabled veterans who were smilingly greeting every person who walked in or out of t…

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Not much doing - I woke up sick on Wednesday :p But the weather was so gorgeous on Saturday, I couldn't resist the Farmer's Market! Besides, it's about to close for the season. Soon we'll be walking around the Square to look at Christmas lights instead of vegetables.

I really don't think the Farmer's Market would be the same without the local talent perched on every corner. These guys were pretty good, and having a grand time to boot. I also paused to listen to a stand-up bass who was producing some pretty pleasant tunes.

It may be November, but there are still sunflowers. I love their indomitable cheeriness...

Clinging to a last whiff of summer, I foolishly sniffed The Mustache's selection of Soap & Paper Factory's solid perfumes. What's not to love about bergamot, grapefruit and black pepper? It smelled good even though my nose was stuffy, which, for me, is the ultimate test.

That's the door of our new oven, with a view of Market-bought Br…