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Keeping Fayetteville Funky

Which is a clever slogan intended (cryptically) to promote local businesses. And I'm all for that :)

I stopped in to see lovely Molly at Grey Dog Boutique yesterday. I met her 8 years ago when we took the same learn-to-knit class at Hand Held, then again 3 years later when she came back to Hand Held for a refresher course and I, as a shop employee, retaught her. Her forte is vintage --- the boutique is in an adorable Silver Stream trailer, perched in a lot on College Ave while she works on her permanent store front, and it's stuffed full of a rotating selection of awesome vintage styles. I couldn't resist a pair of leather earrings - they're enigmatically neither leaf nor feather, and I loved that. She plans to also stock local talent once she moves into her larger space, and kindly agreed to offer some felt clutches that I made (local I am, talent is debatable). If you've never stopped in, you definitely should!

At the end of a long and slightly difficult day, I f…

For My Love

Today is my Adam's birthday. He's had such a positive impact on my life - and every day, I find a new reason to be glad that God brought us together.

Through him, the group of people I know as family has expanded, in the best of ways and to include people I am delighted to know and love.

Because of his example of service and sacrifice, I've been inspired to serve in ways that I wouldn't have before, both in giving up time and in doing things that are way outside my comfort zone.

His perspective has altered mine, changing what I see as good and beautiful, and as worth doing and caring about.

We've had a lot of fun, living life together. The past year has flown by - it amazes me to ponder the fact that in a little over a week, we'll have been married for a year.

So, Happy Birthday, Bear! I'm so glad that I get to spend this day - and every day - with you!

The End of the Summer

This has been a busy and amazing Summer - but I'm ready for Fall. Before welcoming my favorite season, though, I thought I should bid the passing one farewell.

On September 21st, 1937, my favorite work of fiction was published. I love that, as always with Tolkien, every detail was in place, and the book was actually released on the day that the story begins. "By some curious chance one morning long ago in the quiet of the world, when there was less noise and more green..."

As I was leaving work, I couldn't resist a shot of someone's clever guerrilla art - the addition of a long tentacle, creeping out the door of an electrical box. I appreciate when people actually put some thought into it - working with their environment, drawing attention to a preexisting natural or architectural detail, bringing a smile to what would ordinarily be an uninspiring alleyway.

I've seen leaf prints that were a permanent part of a concrete walkway, but this one was merely printed…

A Pearl in My Heart

If you've known me for long, or brought up the subject of jewelry or the beach in my presence, you probably know that I love pearls, and am capable of going on about them for quite awhile. The gems photographed above are stitch markers, made by a lovely artist I know. She knits, and quilts, and weaves baskets, and does beadwork (and probably some other things that I'm forgetting) - and everything she does, she does for a reason and gives it a name. She named these "a pearl in my heart" and made them to sell at a craft show, but when I admired them she kindly gave them to me.

Their name struck me. I've seen pearls as a metaphor on inner beauty (the miss-shapenness of the oyster contrasted with the perfection of the gem within) but a new thought came to my mind today; this concept of a pearl in one's heart.

We've all been hurt, somehow, at some point, by someone or some thing. Emotional scars cut deep, and often fester, refusing to heal - in the same way a…

Love Letters

Before I can post about anything interesting or relevant, I must first gush about Apple Cinnamon Chex. Gluten-free cereal options are incredibly limited (corn and rice Chex. Aaand that's about it, that I've been able to find), and not at all suited to my taste in cereal (which is the same as that of a 5 year old. Marshmallow Fruit Loops were the best.) Their newest GF flavor is apple cinnamon, which is comparable to Apple Jacks (if you haven't had them in awhile). And they are amazing.

(Yes, I always eat my cereal in a cup. I drink a cup of milk along with it - because that way, my cereal doesn't get soggy.) Ennyhoo, I feel almost compelled to write Chex a thank-you letter for making a cereal that I can eat and enjoy eating.

If I did write them a letter, it would give me a chance to use the adorable address stamp Mum got Adam and me from Shindig Paperie. She had the sweet idea to get us a new one every time we move, so that we'll have a collection of stamps for eve…

Sticks and Strings

New pattern! I started these Welted Washcloths awhile ago, but hadn't gotten around to publishing the pattern yet.  I had planned to photoshoot on the weather-worn stairs, but then the sun set so I was forced to plan b: Instagram. I don't like Instagram - to me, it's cheating. But I am forced to admit that it made the grainy iPhone 3GS photo (taken in our cloudy stainless steel kitchen sink) look pretty cool.

Even though it's not official, it's starting to feel like Fall. Amy and I went to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, and actually chose hot coffee instead of iced to sip as we listened to this gentleman play his guitar and sing John Denver songs.

I couldn't resist a shot of Cynthia - she was exceptionally adorable, and her knitting matched her outfit. She was getting started on a turban style headband from Rowan, using Rowan Frost (I love that yarn - I'd like to design a chemo cap with it.)

Pairing up all the donated needles made me feel selfish, so…

To Knit the Ravel'd Sleave of Care

I took my knitting to a Lifegroup meeting last night. One of the ladies there came over to see what I was doing. I had helped teach her how to knit last November at a Mom-to-Mom meeting at our church (she was an amazingly quick learner), and she showed me pictures of what she had since made. We talked about knitting for a bit, and she asked if I would teach her how to make a hat. I said yes, of course, and then she got a slightly sad look on her face. "I'll have to get some new needles, somehow. I was working on a pink scarf, and it was in my car..." Following a series of other heartbreaking events, her car was taken a few weeks ago. Another church member has graciously lent her own vehicle for weekday use - and yet, two weeks later, after all she's been through, it was the loss of her only pair of knitting needles that caused her voice to shake slightly.

That's the way it is, often. A house will burn down, and a woman will mourn the loss of a favorite pair of s…

Time Capsule

Found this, and had to share it:

What really got me knitting was inheriting leadership of a Library teen knitting group (that forced me to stay motivated, and to learn so that I would be able to teach). It ultimately turned out to be a very good thing, and I led it for about 4 years. This sign, and box of supplies, are from the first meeting I led. I had just turned 18, and it was a trial run (although, she didn't tell me that. The librarian who founded the group was out of town that day and asked me to lead - to find out if it was something I'd be able to do permanently). That happened to be the day that the newspaper came to interview us (that was fun) and several people learned to knit (including one who I unexpectedly rediscovered also attending UBC last fall).

When I went to retrieve some of the supplies that were taking up space in a Library closet, Hotspur and I found the original box - with the original sign. For 5 years it had stayed there, and it was finally clinging…

Of Sea and Sun

First design of the month complete! Meet Ishmael, a pillow designed to be read with (I don't know about anyone else, but I like to have something soft to hold, hug and/or mangle while reading). Two of my favorite books happened to coordinate, and lent themselves as props.

Hopefully, this will be the next design up. It's called Kaona (Hawai'ian for "hidden meaning"). It's a fun knit so far - the yarn, Colinette Jitterbug in color Ithaca, is gorgeous!

There have been some extraordinary sunsets of late. I think the sunsets that follow hurricanes are the most beautiful - like a blaze of encouragement and hope to follow a disaster, a reminder that there is still an almighty God.

Setting suns also cast lovely shadows. When I picked Adam up at work last night, I parked in front of this (image is filtered through Kaona, which I was working on while I waited).

That was a good evening - once Adam got off, we sat on the deck and drank some awesome sodas (thanks to sweet…


Ah, September! That begins to sound like Autumn, to me. I love fall... boots and jackets and layers and hats, the days become crisper and perfect for hiking and the nights become brisker and make you want to cuddle up with a blanket, a book and a mug of tea. Or maybe that's just me...

It's the month of Adam's birthday (and Bilbo Baggins, main character of my favorite book ;) They're both on the 22nd - although Adam's is, of course, more memorable and more important. Our anniversary is also (sort of) on the 30th. That's when the marriage license is dated, although our actual ceremony wasn't until October 1st.

I met all of my August knitting goals (in fact, I exceeded them, because I found an unpublished design buried deep within my computer) which was exciting.

I finished the Windward shawl for work. I was quite a bit short of yarn to finish it, but I bound off with what I had left and, personally, think the rolled edge it created rather pretty.

For this mon…