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Shop Girl

I love my job. How could I not? To be surrounded by knitting and knitters... I don't say, "I have to go to work," I say, "I get to go to Handheld." I get to knit, to help people with their knitting, to pet all the pretty new yarn that comes in...

Today we got in several large boxes for Spring. I spent about 3 hours rearranging to make room for the new yarn, and putting it neatly into place. At one point I stopped in my tracks and thanked Cynthia for letting me do it - and I meant it. I had a deeply enjoyable afternoon, playing with string.

People ask me what I do; I tell them I knit. But I doubt anyone realizes the full scope of what that means. I don't just knit - I teach it, speak it, read about it, write about it (prose and poetry), take pictures of it, fill pages with drawings and mathematical calculations on it --- between the time I spend thinking about it and the time I spend actually knitting, it literally occupies most of my time.

Knitting is more…