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Indian Summer

Crocus. I know they're early bloomers, but these are liable to get their little buds nipped. In a way I hope that their hope is founded - that it will stay warm until they've finished blooming, but then the practical Southern girl in me thinks what an awful, buggy summer we'll have if it doesn't get cold and stay cold for awhile.

Granted, it hasn't all been sunshine and butterflies; the UBC Back-to-School college ministry bonfire was pretty chilly (once the rain stopped, the wind picked up). But there was a gargantuan fire, so that wasn't really a problem. And it would have been fun, cold or no.

I've been doing a lot of commission knitting lately. I did a couple pairs of my boot toppers for a lady at church, and I've got a couple more projects on the needles right now.

This pen was given to me for doing a commission. I absolutely love it - Leo did an amazing job, and he did it without input from me (yeah... I'm easy to define).

Another amazing thin…