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Knit on with confidence through all crises

The title of this post is an Elizabeth Zimmerman quote. She was an amazing knitter, one who inspires me in design - but she also had some great insights into life in general, through knitting.

In times of trauma or stress, sometimes having a simple, creative task can calm and relax you. An attainable goal - cover this 3/4 by 12 inch space with an even layer of metallic paint - can make whatever seemingly insurmountable thing lies before you seem a little less daunting.

A sense of community is a comfort, as well. To build something together, even if you don't necessarily talk about your common struggle, strengthens your bond. You can share emotion through seemingly unrelated discussion. Helping someone create order out of chaos - or a frame from a collection of uncut boards - can calm inner turmoil.

So many things leave a mark on us, and every mark is a memory. Physical scars can remind us of injury, but they can also remind us of the service someone performed for us when we were …


So much knitting, there's barely time to blog about it!

The Stitch-a-Day project is coming along. Here's Seafoam,

At an Angle (I used my entire hank of Koigu, so I switched to a hank of Cherry Tree Hill that I had in my stash),

A Different Slant,

Petticoats (that one exasperated me for a bit, but I finally got it),

Gingerbread Crumbs,

and Twisted Trellis. Whew! Two weeks into it, I'm still glad I'm doing it. But it's definitely growing me. Part of what made me want to design is an aversion to knitting what I'm told (I'm a chronic pattern-changer).

I've also finished up a couple of designs that I started awhile ago. This is Arachne (there are eight repeats around of the fern lace). Adam and I had fun photo-shooting at the park,

and the Pageturner Mitts. My grand plan was to shoot that one at the Library - not thinking that it was Martin Luther King, Jr Day, for which holiday they are closed. So I dug through my own bookshelves to find a prop. "Paget…

Ordinary Days - Day Seven

Adam was in Little Rock for Drill, so Mum and I spent the day together.

We went to Mocking Bird Moon in Bentonville. It's an adorable shop, well stocked and neatly arranged. They used their space well and it was very inviting.

Then on to Crystal Bridges. We ended up in a parking lot a ways off, but there was a pretty trail leading to the museum and it was a nice day so it worked out.

I never could resist a lens - especially a colored one!

To end our day, we saw The Adventures of Tintin. The animation was spectacular and (having read and loved the graphic novel series) I was delighted that they perfectly followed the plot of one of the books.

Amazing what can happen in a week... it started by doubling in height, which it then proceeded to do again and then start turning red and budding. 'Tis kind of exciting :)

The weekend stitch pattern, Polka Dots. I liked it, and I'd like to make washcloths or some sort of scrubby something out of it.

After having documented the last 7 d…

Ordinary Days - Day Six

'Twas a beautiful day to be out and about. :)

In response (I assume) to the sunny weather we've been having, the flower (who I've caught myself calling "darlin'" and referring to as "she") has grown enough that she - it - had to be staked. With Jil Eaton Minnow Merino and an old metal US 5 knitting needle.

Adam and I went for a walk. He took pictures - this one's behind the Walton Arts Center.

Graffiti always amuses me, especially when it's verbal and changes the meanings of things.

My two favorite things to take pictures of: reflections and Adam.

After our nice walk, we went to a movie and dinner afterwards with Adam's parents. It was a nice way to end the day.

And, today's stitch: Stars and Stripes. It tends to curl - I'd kind of like to do it sideways on something as ribbing.

Ordinary Days - Day Five

There are more people, and more knitting, than usual for one of my days :)

Adam had never used a toaster oven before, and found it quite fascinating.

I met Zac and Katey and Oin at the park by the Springdale library for a walk. He's gonna be a fit puppy, living with them. It was nice to see Zac again, and get to meet Katey - and to see how happy Oin is. :)

When I got home, it was still a beautiful day and I wanted to share it with Adam, so we walked to Sonic. I love how many things are within easy walking distance of our apartment.

We sipped our Sonic and read after we got back (and I knitted, because that's what I do). I'm going to put this pattern on Ravelry and call it "Page Turners" since it's so simple that you don't have to pay attention to it and you can focus on something else.

Knit night at Handheld. Being around yarn and around other knitters inspires me. I think that's what got me into knitting - leading a teen knitting club, and then worki…

Ordinary Days - Day Four

Today was a collection of oddments (all days are, really, but some come together in the end to equal something greater, while others just don't).

Synesthesia is the reason why I love film scores (and own some written for movies that I have never seen, or saw once and don't plan on watching again). The music itself can be beautiful, but the mental image it conjures can be even more spectacular. I find that the score for TRON: Legacy perfectly suits the black-and-light nature of the film.

A mouthful of happiness from Bliss cupcakes, just off the Square. Whoever thought of a Neapolitan cupcake (chocolate cake, strawberry filling, vanilla frosting) was a genius. I'm kind of glad I don't work near there anymore... it was entirely too tempting.

I got used to my nails being an unnatural color while I was in New York, and this was my favorite of those colors: Merino Cool by Essie. I like grey-based colors, and anything with "merino" in it has to be good.

Never before…

Ordinary Days - Day Three

I like to get up and see things in their place - especially things that Adam and I made together :)

Chai from Arsaga's - everywhere I go, I try their chai. But I have yet to find any better.

The library Knit 'n' Noshers had a dirty Santa exchange. Everyone was stolen from at least once - I think everyone ended up at least content, and we all had petit fours afterwards (courtesy of Cynthia C). I ended up with a pretty bag and some handspun from Mellie.

Cynthia P looking on as Adam snaps...

...this picture. I finished the Alchemy skirt (which looked lovely with that shawl from Vogue Knitting a few issues back) and took it to Handheld.

Afterwards, we went to Cherry Berry for some frozen yogurt (looks like I got caught taking that picture...)

We made dinner together again (I hope this becomes a tradition - I rather like it) and played Scrabble while we ate it.

I confess - I complained about today's stitch pattern (raindrops). It has a pretty name, but I never managed to m…

Ordinary Days - Day Two

Today started slowly, then picked up speed toward the end.

It began with cereal and milk - separately, because I don't like how the milk sogs up the cereal.

I got some reading (Out of Oz) and some knitting done. And I was able to answer a random knitting-related question. I love when those float out of the ether from people I haven't heard from in awhile...

After announcing to Adam that I was driving to the grocery store (a few blocks away), he suggested that we walk, instead. Then decided we needed something from Wal*Mart - two and a half miles away. We found out after we got there that it was 35 degrees (it felt colder).

Thankfully, just as the sun was going down, Mum and Papa drove by as we were walking home and gave us a lift back home.

We got things to make dinner together for the first time - it was both fun and delicious. :)

After dinner we played games, and I finished today's stitch: Snowballs.