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Works in Progress

When the Stitch-a-Day calendars were handed out at SOHO, I announced (aloud, because things like that should, of course, not be mentally processed before they're blurted out) that I would knit my way through it. I'm going to use Koigu (because it's fairly low yardage for sock yarn, and there are a lot of beautiful colors - I'm hoping it will provide a year's worth of colorful motivation) and knit small squares, that way when I'm finished I can sew them into a blanket.

On the topic of knits, the skirt for Handheld is coming along nicely. I like how the Luna stripes are coming out against the Madeleinetosh background. I thought of a name for it: Alchemy. Since many different yarns can be used, with the same end result (I'm designing this with versatility in mind).

Adam has all of his things in their proper places, but I'm still sluggishly finding homes for my collection of oddments. I requested "cubes" for the kitchen counter to put cookbooks a…

Mele Kalikimaka

I love the melding of two people's Christmas traditions :) Stuff from my family, and stuff from his... shopping and planning and parties - fun times!

Knitting gifts for people who actually appreciate the time and effort that goes into them is an absolute delight, and makes the hours put into them seem shorter.

Family pix, of course. Adam is deeply enjoying his new camera, and taking magnificent photos with it. Such as this one...

Christmas is nearly over, and I'm winding down with a cup of homemade hot chocolate and trying to get my knitting room organized (a somewhat daunting task at the moment, since when we moved I just dumped everything in the nearest container). But I raise my mug to change for the better, and to new traditions!

Granny-Hex Afghan Tutorial

Because the double-crochet-cluster is kind of an odd stitch, here's a photo explanation.

1. Yarn over hook, insert hook into next stitch, yarn over hook and draw up a loop: three loops on hook.
2. Yarn over hook and a draw through one loop on hook: this creates a "chain" at the base of your stitch, and this is what you'll work the rest of your cluster stitches into.
3. [Yarn over hook and draw through two loops] twice.
4. Work two double crochets into the "chain" at the base of your first stitch. The two loops closest to the hook end are your "chain", the two nearest your thumb are part of your stitch.
First loop of double crochet drawn up through "chain"
Finished cluster.
Photos by Adam Burch
Hook from Laurel Hill

Untitled (wait... is that a title?)

The past month has been a busy one, but things are beginning to settle into place (and are, if not less busy, at least less stressful).
Oin found a new home, with an old friend of mine and his fiancee, where I'm sure he'll be very happy. Adam and I are moving into the Woodway apartments (we'll be right next door to the apartment he lived in when I met him) and Oin's not a really apartment-friendly dog. I'm working on a new skirt design for a workshop at Handheld, and I had two designs published in the winter issue of Knit Simple - my name in print is extremely exciting. :) On the topic of knitting, I got to attend the Arkansas Fiber Arts Extravaganza in Hot Springs over the weekend. They tried out a new venue this year, since every year before it's been at Mt Magazine, but the Hot Springs Convention Center was an awesome location. Annie Modesitt and Brooke Nico taught classes, and Sarah (aka onestitchshort) from Ravelry was there. I got to coordinate the fashio…