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Happily Ever After

Ah, October! It's always been my favorite month, and now I have one more reason to support my preference.
August, now. That was dreadful. I'd go through it again, given the opportunity, but not because it was fun. I worked a lot (by "a lot" I mean that the only thing that differentiated night from day was that I had to turn on a light, and my only breaks were Wednesday night Life Group and Sunday morning service.) There was also an earthquake, and a hurricane. Don't get me wrong - good things happened, too. I just have a knack for remembering most clearly the thing that most recently happened to me, and most recently had a high statistical likelihood of being less than pleasant.
I don't mind hard work. I thrive on it, to some extent. And sleep? That's for sissies. But the worst part of August was that I didn't see Adam. He was a tantalizing 3.5 hours away, and a couple of weekends I thought I was going to, but then his school would get busy or the Ci…