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Meant to Be

In December of 2010, I was invited to a Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I went, reluctantly, since I wasn't social at the time. The first person who caught my eye was a tall, attractive man and I acted on my attraction by insulting the pink sweater he was wearing at the end of the night. Rather than being offended, he chose instead to listen to me enthuse about knitting for nearly an hour. Even fellow knitters won't let me do that. I'm a little... obsessed. But I was struck by his interest.

He promptly friended me on Facebook and a few nights later we stayed up til 5am sending progressively longer messages to each other. We decided that we should meet after church the next Wednesday to talk further over coffee. He (evidently) couldn't wait to see me again and came by my work in the interim - I was surprised, but pleased. When we went to Arsaga's we stayed until they closed, then went to IHOP til 1am because we weren't finished talking.

A few days later I went hi…