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Just Like Home

So, I've been here a week, and I must say - I love New York City! It's awesome. :) This is Mica, one of my roommate's cats. It was predicted that she would hide under the bed for a few days - but she was rolled over on my bed letting me rub her tummy the night I got here. I really do love animals. :) A string of lights at Soda. One problem with walking or taking the train everywhere is that if it storms, you're stuck where ever you are. Good thing I always have a camera on me. ;) I'm using another editor's desk temporarily. It's a mess already - there's a lot involved in being a yarn editor, and since Renee's still here and I'm sometimes superfluous I also get random tasks like photocopying and bookshelf organizing. :) Dad happened to be in New Jersey last week for work, so he came by for a brief visit. It was great seeing him, and getting to show him where I worked and lived and which train I took. Since I had them and all (I've been studying th…

WWKIP Day 2011

World Wide Knit in Public Day in Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, in front of their public library. There were two learn-to-knit tables (many converts were made this day)... ...two learn to crochet tables (which were fairly popular, both among knitters who wanted to learn a new art and among absolute muggles)... ...and a learn to spin table. The Brooklyn guild is multi-crafty and does knitting, crochet, spinning and sewing. It's great to find a group of people who don't think their craft is the One Craft to Rule Them All. I got to discuss (with a muggle) the varied applications of knitting, crochet and tatting, and how all were equally valid and important. There was a table for Vogue Knitting, also, which I helped out at. Two of my coworkers, Michelle and Erin, also manned the table, and another Michelle, from SOHO, who lives a block up from me, stopped by to say hi. A few of the designers with styles in Knit Local (a book about American yarns that Sixth and Spring has coming out in Oc…

Leaving On a Jet Plane

My last week in Fayetteville for awhile... There was a stunning rainbow on my bedroom wall - I'm amazed at how well it photographed. If you show Oin a treat and then don't give it to him, he'll go through all the tricks he knows in an attempt to figure out what he has to do to earn it. A view from the Library window - I'm going to miss the Library, but I'll hopefully go back there once I'm finished in New York. In my car, bored, with a camera. :) It took several tries to get a pic in which all the blinking lights were on at the same time. This is Eva, she is 2. She asked for my cookie --- and I gave it to her. On Saturday, I helped my D-group leader from church's friend move into a new home. 5 of us volunteered, and got it finished in a hot and sweaty hour. :) This shot is part of my next year-long photography project: a weekly self portrait, thereby creating a time-lapse. My XNA and Atlanta flights went fine, but I sat on the runway in Charlotte for 2 hours becau…

Project Adam

I carried my camera in my pocket while I was shelving at the Library, and this is the result. 'Tis kind of a spin on the project I did awhile ago where I spelled my name - except this is much more interesting: to me, at least, because he's the only person I ever cried over when I had to say goodbye (I haven't left yet, but he had 2 weeks of National Guard training so I won't see him again before I go). Sometime, I'd like to write a story using photographs of book titles... But I like the montage of my favorite person's name. :)


A general collection of randomness. I haven't really felt like taking pictures much of late - the concept of being gone for three and half months is slowly sinking in, along with the concept of missing someone (which is a new feeling, for me). I love green - and blossoms - and light - and music. Pay especial attention to the chair. The frame is bike rims and the seat and back are interwoven inner tubes - the sign is pretty darn cool, too. :) Tulips are so pretty... especially the worked-with kind. Even the leaves are streaked in shades of green. If I'm gonna be sitting cross-legged on the floor meticulously organizing books, I might as well take pictures of my viewpoint. :) A magnificent werewolf moon (that is, a full moon strategically concealed with tendrils of cloud and craggy dead branches), poorly captured with my feeble photography skilz. Adam said he was babysitting for a family that I very much like, and I asked if he needed another kid to watch (aka, me. He is so much bette…


This post is wildly overdue - but I at least have News. :)

I've been working on a photography project at the Library for awhile. This is a sneak peek.
While I'm all for artistic expression, my appreciation for the kind that could lead to legal repercussions doesn't extend to actual emulative inspiration.
Vogue Knitting International magazine - for whom I will be a temporary Yarn Editor this summer. That means 3 and half months in New York City, working at Soho Publishing... I love adventures. :)
The wide aperture setting on one's camera is a fabulous thing.
Amy and I had a knitting/Veggie Tales sleepover - she didn't know how to knit and I'd never seen Veggie Tales. Both needs were satisfied. :)
A big truck with a National Guard plate, and a teeny hippie-kayaker car with a Colorado "KNITTER" frontplate, parked nose to nose --- can't tell who those belong to, oh, no.
Sweatering a tree does is guerrilla art, not graffiti, even if it's technicall…