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Feet that Wandering Have Gone

A well-filled week - but one spent back in my territory. :)

Crossing the Mississippi River on 55N, heading back into Arkansas. There's an old set of bridges and a new set of bridges - this is the old set, that I loved as a kid when we'd travel from North Carolina to Arkansas to visit my grandparents.
I love traveling. I like to go new places and do new things and see new sights - but the more I travel, the more I like Fayetteville. Beyond the concept of "home is where the heart is," it's also a great place to live. :)
It was a relatively slow day at the Library, so I tucked my camera in my pocket and snapped some pix. I find the concept of a building full of shared books incredibly cool.
Green lamps on a sustainable wooden table with a view of Spring-green trees as viewed through LEED certified windows - ah, equivocation!
Adam and I day-tripped to Tulsa Oklahoma (2 hours away) cuz he needed to go to the Apple Store --- and was sweet enough to let us go to both Lo…

The Mustache - Goods and Wears

On grey days when I've nothing to do, I find something pretty to take pictures of - and if it's a friendly local business that I can promote, all the better. :) Meet The Mustache, an adorable new shop located on the Fayetteville Square. Brian and Ashley have a drool-worthy selection of shoes (or at least I found it drool worthy - it is entirely possible that I have a shoe fetish, though) and some cool local artwork. There was also a treasure-trove of what I generally refer to as "fun stuff" --- jewelry, bacon-scented soap, photo paddles (I may need some of those at some point - oh, to be able to superimpose a magnificent handlebar 'stache onto any photographable object!) and the like. T-shirts, too - super soft, super comfy and super cute. The whole shop exuded eclectic fun. I had a grand time snapping pictures - it's a great little shop. I wish them luck, and hope that they go over well. Hunt them up on Facebook, @shopthestache on Twitter or explore their website

Of Knitting, Here and There

Last week was extremely busy, but in a good way :) The inaugural meeting of an informal monthly Sock Club convened at Nightbird Books/BHK Cafe on Monday evening. We plan to meet from 5ish to 7ish on the second Monday of every month. Currently our only rule is that you knit socks at sock club. In the future, we may try to organize a swap or other activities. Tuesday I set out for Stitches South. I spent the night at my grandparents' house, just northeast of Memphis. It was really nice - I hadn't seen them in over a year, and the last time I was at their place was for my cousin's graduation 3 years ago. My primary booth set-up task upon arriving in Atlanta was assembling two spiral racks and stocking them neatly with Claudia's yarn. I laid it all out on the floor the better to sort it (or maybe so I could pet and admire it all - that's a possibility ;) I had a very official-looking badge :) In the background is the team with whom I worked: Susan and Liz of Fine Points, a…

Stitches South

As a result of my internship at Fine Points in Cleveland last summer, I got to work at their booth at Stitches South in Atlanta Georgia. On Tuesday, I drove as far as Tennessee and stayed with my grandparents just past Memphis. Wednesday I finished my drive to Atlanta and helped with set up. We had 3 booth spaces for our store (yarn, clothing and jewelry) and it was Liz (the owner), Susan, Claudia (who owns Claudia Handpainted Yarns) and me. We worked til 6, then stopped for the night. Thursday we had until 5pm to finish setting up before the floor was open for 3 hours. It was a good trial run. Friday and Saturday were both 8 hours of extreme busyness, working with customers. We wore clothes from the booth to help sell patterns --- it worked. Sunday I wandered and analyzed booths. Kitchen Sink Dyeworks did (in my opinion) the best with a single booth space - and it was eye catching, to boot. Hiya Hiya let people sit and knit to see if they liked their knitting needles, and bribed them wit…

Calm Before the Storm

'Twas a (relatively) relaxing week preceding a very busy one. The Jimmy John's delivery guy was waiting for an opening in traffic that would allow him to swoosh smoothly onto the trail (it worked - spectacularly). Also - he has drink pockets on the back of his shirt. That is completely awesome. The UofA Students in Free Enterprise raised money for a good cause by doing our work for us. All we had to do was run the register and tell them (repeatedly) not to touch food with their bare hands. And laugh. We did that a lot too. I understand why there are Army boots slung over the power lines just outside military bases. On the same logic, might these running shoes at the end of a trail be so placed because their wearer had just won (or at least completed, which is a feat in itself) a marathon? I choose to believe so. Adam stretching canvas over a frame he built for Kara. Stephen commissioned her to do a painting for his new office at UBC --- I had no idea that carpentry/manual labour w…