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Seven Letters

I find that setting myself a weekly goal helps me stay on track with this photography project. So, this week's attempt? An S, an A, an R, an A, an H, a J and an O. :)

South (and south east and south west). The compass in my car was a gift after I had trouble finding someone I was supposed to be meeting. For the record, there is a difference between not knowing where someplace is and in being lost yourself.

Arsaga's in the Fayetteville Public Library. After purchasing our necessary caffeine, we retired to the Walker Room to watch Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (and knit, somewhat. Also, a photographer from we don't know where turned up and took pictures).

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (Exodus 20:8). I'm in charge of changing the sign in front of my church every month and that's the current one.

Arkansas, as seen on my license plate. Hey, it was a busy day and I needed to take a picture of something.

Um, yeah. There's not much ar…

Up Close and Arbitrary

The result of an over-fondness for the micro setting. :)

Behold my uneven stitches. I haven't done much hand sewing - but I like it.

Eyes interest me. So much can be expressed with them, and they're so infinitely useful. That said, it is exceedingly hard to keep your eye open with a camera 2 inches away.

I disrupted Oin's repose to snap this shot. He has an amazing sense for when someone gets close to him with a camera.

Teeny tiny mushrooms in our back yard. The cap of the largest was smaller than a dime. Fairy umbrellas!

I tagged along with my grandparents to visit my uncle, aunt and cousins in Texas over the weekend. Lauren (who's 9) taught us how to play Bananagrams.

Fun way to start a Saturday: sittin' on the couch with Lauren and Brooke, knitting (that would be Lauren and I - Brooke was bouncing on a mini trampoline) and watching Project Runway.

The last 6 were up close, now here's arbitrary. Grandpa sitting in the front seat, reflected in the back window,…


A week of whatever-happened-to-wander-into-camera-range. :)

This is my first attempt at two-at-time socks, and I must say that while it's not as difficult as I thought it might be, Melissa Morgan-Oakes' book 2-at-a-time Socks has been an invaluable aide. I'm using Ariel Altaras' Garnish pattern (again. Cuz it's awesome)

Fayetteville Public Library has their children's section divided into 4 elements. The chairs in Fire have little dragons cut out of the backs. This, therefore, is the view out the library window as seen through a dragon.

I'm sure I thoroughly weirded out the owner of this car, because as he was walking up I know he saw me leaning on the trunk taking a picture of the back tail light. From the driver's side he couldn't see the walking stick bug.

While I'm not any good at it and am frequently frustrated by it, I still attempt sewing on occasion. Very rare occasion, as evinced by the grungy condition of my machine.

A large window, a …


Right. So, I've been a bit busy (combined with procrastination and a desire to do nothing but sleep) so this is kinda late. *sheepish grin*

One thing long road trips are good for is finishing projects. ;)

I hit the ground running. The Tuesday morning Knit 'n' Noshers had a field trip to the fair to check out the exhibits and ooh over the fuzzy. Baby bunnies are so cute!

Oin was glad to see me when I got home, but just then he was really interested in what the neighbors were grilling.

Knit along for Ariel Altaras' sock pattern Garnish. I love the geometric nature of the lace pattern.

September is the perfect time to gather around a small fire and toast marshmallows (or torch them, if you're my Dad)

A tractor at the Clothes Line Fair.

A tradition reinstated: a Sunday afternoon drive with Dad, ending at Arsaga's. :)