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Last Week in Cleveland

Last week at the Studio! Here's a window open to let the cool breeze in. I've gotten used to the weather here - Arkansas's heat and humidity aren't gonna be fun. At least fall is coming soon.

Peering into the industrial elevator. It looks like a barrier one would watch nuclear experiments from behind...

A fallen relic of the first day of school. Unsharpened pencils are awesome, but I think my favorite was always new erasers.

Leave me alone on a train platform with a camera during a sunset and I'll play with lens flare.

We spent our last day at Shannon's dying yarn and socks blanks. Only knitters think it's a party to dye. ;)

Mum and Dad got here Saturday, so we drove around Cleveland and ended up at Lake Erie. I love large bodies of water - so peaceful.

Driving home. There was a lovely sunset over Illinois. (or maybe it was lovely because Illinois is before Missouri which touches Arkansas...)

Now I'm home, home, home! I had a fantastic summer - but it&…

A Collection of Arbitrary

Lovely week, this. :) It began with a visit to Magical Farms (the largest alpaca farm in the US). I'd guess it's probably also the only one anywhere with an office that overlooks frolicking crias, but I haven't researched that.

The shopping center near our house. Hardware store, Baskin Robbins, Papa John's, CVS, Blockbuster, Heinen's - what more do you need?

Kitchen Sink Dyeworks' custom colorway for the Dragon Knit Along's reading of The Girl Who Played With Fire. Abra's working on the pattern and having a lovely time playing with the yarn.

A sock complete! I'm really enjoying Jenn's pattern - and I feel so productive. I'd like to keep feeling that way so I won't look at my sock yarn stash - and I do still have to make the second sock...

Spotted at the Studio. If you need that many air fresheners, you might ought to start looking for the source of the smell that you're trying to mask.

I met Peggy while working at Fine Points and we…

Magical Farms the US's largest alpaca farm. We went on a field trip with Shannon. There was a room full of fleeces (and we bravely resisted the urge to dump them all on the floor and roll in them), fields and fields of alpacas, and the birthing barn. That was the best. Mamas and crias (baby 'pacas) all over the place. Sometimes the several-day-old ones would get frisky and start running and kicking like calves. There was also a teeny tiny just-born one.

She was adorabibble once she got rubbed on with a towel (although, they still look a little alien). It took her about 20 minutes of kicking cutely, but she finally managed to stand:

Altogether a lovely field trip. :)


Right. So, I do actually do stuff at the Studio besides take pictures of wholly unrelated things. :) I also admire, pet and sniff yarn (what? Bluefaced Leicester smells different than Merino)...

This is from Sanguine Gryphon. I also go on postal runs. There was apparently a knitter at the post office, but she (or he) wasn't knitting in the prodigious line.

I also knit swatches for Shannon's fall collection. There's a knitting cooperative in South America that's going to do the samples to be photographed - but they need swatches to work off of.

Does any of this look "pale beige" to you? Yeah, me neither. But the customer was insistent that there was some, and the customer is always right, right? (Taken with a camera phone)

All those trips to the post office? This is what's getting mailed - Shannon's new book. Stamp the envelope, sticker the envelope, stuff the book in the envelope, put the envelope in a box with 20 others like it and tote them to the …

I've Been Considering Words That Begin With The Letter "M"...

Mmmm: pizza from Angelo's, near the Studio. Half price on Mondays :)

Mind Freak: why I didn't finish this sock the day I'd planned. It's hard to knit lace and watch an illusionist.

Mirror: the instigator of this picture. I can't be trusted around reflective objects when I've got a camera in my pocket.

Make tracks: what a squirrel does when he comes nose to nose with a skunk. It was an adorable skunk, but the squirrel didn't wait to see if his temperament matched his looks.

Mother-love: a koala hugging her baby in her sleep. Shannon, Abra and I spent a delightful afternoon at the Metroparks Zoo.

Muse: the perfect activity for a day such as this. Clear blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and the slightest hint of a cool breeze.

Monopod: Ingenious device, invention of Photojojo. Screw the eye into your camera's tripod mount, step on the string - and no more wobbly pix. Tada! Now to try it out...

It's A Jungle Out There

A day at the Metroparks Zoo! After a meeting with a photographer, Shannon and Abra and I headed to the zoo. I love zoos, and it's been far too long since I've been to one.

It's the baby animal time of year. Mama and baby Koala were taking a nap in their tree. The tree kangaroo in the next enclosure was, however, unimpressed.

There were real tortoises, but statues of tortoises are easier to photograph. ;)

While Mama Sloth was just plain weird, Baby Sloth was adorable.

These ducks seemed to take delight in pestering the turtle with whom they shared a habitat. The turtle didn't find it as enjoyable.

There were lots of amazing animals; big kitties, funny monkeys, bright frogs, cute babies... the list goes on. Now I have a renewed desire to go into cryptozoology...


It occurred to me that I call this blog "Sarah Jo Knits" and rarely talk about knitting. Let's fix that! So here's a scarf I've been working on for a month and finally finished. Linen stitch is lovely but slow, as are scarves knit longways. Four... hundred... fifty... stitches... every... single... row.

An as-yet unidentified project I'm working on for Shannon:

Shibui Sock yarn in Wasabi, on a chair at the Shaker Public Library. It started pouring rain as soon as we got there, so we were stuck. (How tragic! Trapped in a House of Books with knitting)

While I always knit on the train, I was delighted to find someone else did, too! I hoped she'd come in Fine Points so I could thank her, but she never did.

Yarn and book for the Dragon Knit A Long/Read A Long. Yay!

To me, a day spent at the Botanical Garden means a day spent chasing butterflies and sitting under a tree knitting. The difference between that and doing the same thing at a park is that the butter…