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...A Poem Lovely as a Tree

Today I explored the Cleveland Botanical Garden. It was lovely! I spent a long time in the Costa Rican Rainforest Canopy trying to get photo of a Morphos butterfly... they were colossal and blue and now I have a weird desire to watch Alice in Wonderland. (I failed, by the way. Butterflies are fast!) There was a de-butterflying room with a mirror where you could check that none were trying to leave with you.

They had an interesting herb garden...

...that included a section of plants usable for dying, which I found fascinating.

The Inspiration Gardens were cool, too - ideas to implement in your own landscaping. The Waterfall Garden had a dear little bridge (I love bridges) that had colored panes of glass set in the railing. I took a picture through one of them...

...and spent awhile sitting and knitting on a bench in the middle of a clump of trees and bushes. :) Altogether a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Black, White, Grey

Now this is how you start a Monday. A drool-worthy specimen of my favorite car: the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. 1973 was a good year... though I prefer the '69s.

I told you there was a dinosaur head. ;) An almost life-sized one, mounted on the wall at about the right height, so when you step off the elevator it looks like it's charging toward you with its mouth open. Robb did an excellent job.

My reflection in the glass protecting some of Phyllis's cool paper art. She has a lot of it lining the hall on the way to Knitgrrl Studio, and I enjoy looking at it as I walk past.

Remember that blue polish? Here it is in action: my toes and Shannon's, under a table on the patio of the Academy Tavern on Larchmere.

There was a magnificent thunderstorm Friday night. This picture is actually what happens when you zoom in on a distant cloud, intending to take the photo through a pane of glass, and forget to turn off the flash.

I grew weary of waiting for a train to take me to Fine …

What's Becoming Normal

Let's begin the week with a picture of my doorknob. Wholly unrelated to anything that happened, but it's so pretty I just had to take a picture of it.

This is the door to Shannon's studio. After you get off the elevator, go straight to the T Rex head then turn left and go 'til you see blue. :)

We'll move on from portals to resting places. Pam Allen's new Quince yarn, in Osprey, Chickadee, Lark, and Puffin, perched on a chair in the Studio that I have a strange attachment to.

An eastbound train at the Shaker Square station. I'm waiting for a westbound one to take me home from Fine Points. I tried to get a picture of a sparrow sitting in a circle on the fence, but it flew away.

Shannon has her toenails painted this magnificent shade of blue (can't you just see it on a sportscar?) and when Abra and I admired it, she sweetly brought the polish to the Studio. So now we're twinkie toes.

Next time I have a day off, I'm staying home! Discovery is far t…

Settling In

Behold, the peril of spending an afternoon knitting at the park!

Besides battling arachnids (friendly ones that want to help you knit), we now know how to operate an industrial elevator...

Yes, it's blurry. Elevators meant for carrying inanimate crates of stuff don't ride very smoothly. I spotted this walking home from the grocery store...

I saw the hawk before I realized what it actually was. Can you see it? Then, the view from a lightrail train stop...

Trains are fun. I'd never taken one before, but once I got over the stop at Tower City (it's under a tall building and gave me weird mental images conjured from Fringe, Knowing, and Batman Begins) I enjoyed it. Which is good because I'll be taking one twice a week. Here's 56 West...

Located on Detroit Ave on the West side, they have great burgers and the best French fries ever. They had some sort of seasoning on them... and I'm pretty picky about my fries. The following because I have this thing for…

Hello, Cleveland!

But first, Oin. He loves blackberries. This it our "private" bush (that is, it's way away from the other ones and no one bothers to weed it) So we had goodbye blackberries.

This is a map of Saint Louis Missouri. Had we paid attention to this map, our trip would have been considerably shorter. As it was, we spent some time trying not to go to Memphis. We finally succeeded.

A cup of cold water at a Panera just outside Cleveland. It may not look like much, but it sure helped at the end of a long and tiring day.

What is the first thing two knitters locate? The yarn store! How did we know where it was? Knit graffiti! Fine Points is delightful and well stocked - and we get to work there some this summer, since Shannon graciously offered to share.

Not so good as the chai at Arsaga's but still quite drinkable. The Vine and Bean Cafe on Larchmere is next to Fine Points and across from Loganberry Books. I recommend all three if you're in the area.

The Larchmere Festival. …

Bazaar Bizarre, Cleveland Edition

Today was so full of win that it needs its own special post. :) The Larchmere Festival was today, and Bazaar Bizarre was the Clothesline Fair section of it. Shannon had a booth, which was surrounded by other booths. Being there for 8 hours was hard on me:

Jukebox Art was nearby so it lured me in first. Art inspired by songs - how cool is that? She had a whole collection of the Beatles and I succumbed to this notepad. Inspiration: Oh Darling, art title: Please Believe Me. Which I now have stuck in my head. If you like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joni Mitchell, Elvis Presley, Dave Matthews Band, U2, and any number of other amazing groups, or just awesome art, check it out! She had prints, notecards, notepads... yeah.

Just across the way was Saturday Afternoon Housewife.

What drew me in was the Scrabble pendants, but there was more. What's not to love about a necklace with a cute picture on side and a random letter on the back? I got several, for me and for gifts.…