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My World

The week in review :) I tried to take pix of "what I do" since this week begins "what I've never done before"

I confess. I've been planning this one for weeks. It just seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up, y'know?

This is the meter outside Hand Held. It's the last remnant of our knit graffiti. The Animal Shelter picked the rest of 'em up like we'd hoped.

Oin was slightly distressed that I delayed his walk because there was a butterfly in my shoe.

A guy came by Hand Held with some seriously cool buttons. We're getting them, so check 'em out!

Knitting linen stitch in a movie works better than one might expect, but I did notice later there was a spot that I switched to seed stitch. As near as I can tell from where it is, Nottingham was burning, Marion was in trouble, and Robin wasn't there.

The Droste Effect. Rae and I have a habit of taking pix of ourselves wearing funky sunglasses. This time I bought 'em and made th…

Thank You and a Big Hug!

To all the lovely ladies at Hand Held: I will have fun, I will be careful, I will learn a lot, I will be sure to write and Thank you!!

21 and 365

As today is my 21st birthday, it struck me as a good time for a resolution. I'm attempting Project 365 (take a photo every day for year. I got the idea from Photojojo.) for several reasons: hopefully it will help my somewhat wobbly photography skilz, and I plan to post them weekly on here, so that will keep me accountable in blogging. So, picture one is this:

There will probably be a lot of indistinguishable close-ups. I have an over-fondness for the micro setting. This is one of those cool textured plastic cups they have at pizza places. It's full of Coke, and it belongs to Tim's Pizza East (who has the best pizza in town. I would say that even if I wasn't friends with the owners. ;) That was my birthday-choice. So, until next week! I need to do something interesting so I can take pictures of it...


I just got back from Yarn Market in Columbus, Ohio. I rode with Anne Bean, who's a rep for Tahki Stacy Charles. We drove up Wednesday and Thursday and the fun began on Friday! There was a fashion show in the evening. The neatest thing (I thought) was a really amazing sweater - it'll be in the fall issue of Vogue Knitting, so look for it. Think "feather". Actual Market was Saturday, Sunday and Monday til 3. No pix are allowed inside, so here's the outside of the Convention Center (this is not an accurate representation. The building stretched for blocks) and a manhole cover to verify my location. :)

The show floor was colossal. There were rows and rows of booths filled with yarn and books and all kinds of fun stuff. I found Shannon Okey (well, she found me. But I was trying to find her) which was cool to see in person the person I'll be working for this summer. She's a delight and any nervous I had is officially squelched. Saturday I wandered. There was s…

Yarn Bombing

Dear City of Fayetteville - You have been yarn bombed. When you decide to remove this installation, please upcycle the panels to the Animal Shelter as cage mats. Until then, enjoy this knit graffiti! - the Knitters

Catching Up

Right. I have been remiss of late, in blogging. So what have I been doing that I've been soo busy? Well, I got an internship with Shannon Okey this summer. I'll be spending 8 weeks, beginning July 1st, in Cleveland Ohio doing whatever she tells me to. It should be fun, as she's a knitter/designer/spinner/dyer/felter. 
Trish, Oin and I went to the Dogwood Walk and had a grand time...

I've been to movies...

Theatre and drive-in.

And I've been knitting graffiti. But more on that later. :)