For five rounds, Kaitlyn Bouchillon faithfully and generously organised a growing group of ladies who still believe in the power of the written word - who love to send encouragement across the miles, invading mailboxes normally filled with bills and faceless advertisements - and who wouldn't know what to do if this stopped being a thing (or maybe that's just me).

She tells the story best - how the Five Minute Friday link-up birthed the Thursday night #fmfparty on Twitter, bloggers gathering in community to share their lives before all sharing their take on that week's prompt... how there was a longing to connect in more than 140 character nibbles... and how #fmfpartysnailmail came to be.

Kaitlyn has moved on to a new point on the circle, and entrusted #fmfpartysnailmail to us (Jen, Rebekah, Andrea, and myself), and after organizing round 6 together, we're delighted to announce Round 7! Sign up begins today {June 29} and we'll keep the form open through Friday, July 17. Then by July 26 you'll receive a list of which seven ladies you'll be writing to this round. We'll write one letter each week for seven weeks (rotating through the names on our lists, so that everyone gets a letter every week), beginning Monday, July 27 and ending Friday, September 11.

The form is here, if you'd like to join us - we'd love to have you, though we do ask that you commit to writing a letter each week (it doesn't have to be long or fancy - a few words of encouragement, maybe a quote or Bible verse that's stood out to you). There's always grace, so if you get behind because life then you can catch up, but please do try to catch up! We want everyone to be encouraged by this - it is, after all, community in your mailbox. You don't have to be a blogger to participate, and we welcome women from anywhere in the world (but, this is ladies only). This round will last for 7 weeks, ending in mid-September --- won't you join us?


Tracy said...

I'm so excited! :)

Loralee said...

It's amazing how God uses the internet to connect people! Such love.

Jenna said...

I would love to sign up for the next round! I absolutely adore this idea. Is there a way I can be notified when the sign-up is available for round 8??? Yay, thanks!

Mary Hill said...

Sarah, I tried to get an entry on this week's giveaway but the link to your blog did not work. :) Thanks for all that you guys are doing for the snailmail project. ;)