Monday, January 8, 2018


As part of preparing to welcome another baby Burch sometime in June, I've been trying to make our home a place that I won't mind being at a lot for awhile - I already told Adam that for the duration of his paternity leave, I'm planning on staying in the bedroom with the baby, where I will be willing to occasionally receive visitors and will expect to be fed regularly and well, not to mention wanting to avoid taking three tiny people anywhere for as long as possible.

So as part of those preparations, I've been organizing, cleaning, and redecorating a little. I did pretty well not staring at my phone while nursing Tobin, but failed catastrophically with Brooklyn. I'd like to lay some of the blame on postpartum depression, but I also didn't have any sort of plan in place for not doing that. So, preemptively this time, I'm putting up lots of pretty art to look at, and also trying to collect easy knitting projects and good books with soft covers (thank goodness Agatha Christie was such a prolific writer!)

We're also going ahead and incorporating "baby time" into our schedule, to keep it from being such a shock for Brooklyn and Tobin later. So, in addition to practicing peace every afternoon, we've added "morning peace," which is everyone going to their own rooms for an hour (or two - depending on how early certain persons who shall remain nameless got up that morning). Right now we're still in the practice stages - Brooklyn loves having a little time to herself and can be trusted to set reasonable timers to let her know when to come out, I've managed to take a few naps (growing a baby while taking care of babies is hard work, okay), but Tobin is still learning. The poor little extrovert considers solitude to be a punishment.

I've still got a little way to go - I'd like to get a fluffy footstool to go with my knitting chair, and we'll need to find something for the baby sleep in (I've fallen hard for Moses baskets with dear little wooden stands), and figure out where we're going to put them (somewhere in our room for the first while, since we're at capacity on bedrooms - but Brooklyn has assured me that she'd love to share her room once the baby learns to sleep through the night), things like that. But I should have about 6 more months to work on that - for now, I'm practicing "unforced rhythms of grace" and learning how to rest well.

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