Sunday, December 31, 2017


The minutes are ticking down to the new year, in my timezone, at least, and 2017 has been quite a year. Adam gone for most of it, returning from his deployment, a new Burch baby on the way, sundry adventures, and (of course) lots of knitting...

Brooklyn enjoying the leaves in our little back yard

Can't complain about a southern winter - hiking in February!

Tiny drummer

I got to visit Adam in April

Volunteering at the Little Craft Show's spring show

Establishing new traditions, with Loblolly's expansion of their vegan flavors

Finding significance in all things oaken

Knitting and knitting along

Tobin's feet with Daddy's feet - back together again, finally

Little man adding some chill to our daily venturing

Brave and beautiful

I've done my yearly tradition of hanging a new calendar (Sherlock!), catching up on missed things that will bother me if left undone, and making an effort to get something cleaned and reset (in this case, the kids' laundry and my knitting area). A word for 2018 presented itself, and I'm at peace with the lessons that pacific taught me - so now I'm signing off on this year and looking forward to whatever surprises await in the next one!

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