Saturday, October 21, 2017

Unraveling Waiting Room

I love washcloths - they're the perfect portable project, and you can never have too many (or if you do get overcropped, they make excellent gifts). But as much as I love the texture and ease of plain old garter stitch, it can get old after awhile.

In the depths of a washcloth-knitting season (small bits of time and no energy, mental or otherwise) I finally reached a point where there was no multicolored yarn pretty enough to motivate me to make yet another garter stitch washcloth, I created Waiting Room.

A two row repeat with only one pattern row - looks slightly more svelte than all knit - and two good scrubbing textures, depending on what you're cleaning. I made a bunch and gave them as Christmas gifts with fancy soap, but generally use mine for dishes. Find the free pattern here, and check back tomorrow for the story behind Twinkling.

This is day twenty one of my series 31 Days of Unraveling Designs - check here for intro and post list!

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