Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Unraveling Faytown

About five years ago, I decided to create a series of designs inspired by the hipster college town we lived in. I worked at a local business in the historic downtown area, near campus, so I saw plenty of inspiration.

The first obvious design was a slouchy hat - I chose a self-striping yarn for maximum effect with minimum effort, and finally had an excuse to use a couple of little peace sign buttons I'd been hanging onto.

We photographed it at a fountain on the town square, a few blocks away from where I worked, and then I proceeded to wear it all winter (knitting it in my favorite colors helped - I had plenty to wear it with ;)

Find the Faytown here, and get it free through the end of the month with code write31days - and check back tomorrow for the story behind the Maple Street Messenger Bag.

This is day seventeen of my series 31 Days of Unraveling Designs - check here for intro and post list!

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