Saturday, October 28, 2017

Unraveling Beorn's Bees

Despite living in the South, where a dusting of snow through people into a panic and closes schools, and a horrifying percent of people think that "four wheel drive" means "four wheel stop" and are surprised when they slide on ice, I like to be cozy.

Since I have minimal application for full-body woolliness in the form of sweaters (doesn't stop me from having a few, though - just have to wear short sleeves under them!), I tend to indulge that preference with giant triangular scarves.

This particular giant triangle (one of a series) was a worthwhile exercise in patience. The rows just kept getting longer, but the finished result was delightful and suited to its inspiration - the giant bees kept by Beorn the skin changer in my favorite book, The Hobbit.

Find Beorn's Bees here, and get it free through the end of month with code write31days - and check back tomorrow for the story behind Dash of Spice.

This is day twenty eight of my series 31 Days of Unraveling Designs - check here for intro and post list!

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