Thursday, August 3, 2017

Long and Short

July was... a month. It didn't feel terribly long, despite staying home all month, although that may have been because people came to visit us and broke up the time.

My mother in law came for a few days... there were a couple of gatherings with friends (including on accidental movie date, which has never before happened in all the movies I've been to alone)... lots of knitting, here and there...

...and my best friend came for week, to spend time with me because she lives out of state now, and to help with Littles. We had a glorious time knitting and watching an anime series she wanted to share with me, and also engaging in some fairly intense spiritual warfare (I didn't believe in that either, but I have quite a few witnesses to the crazy, so I've been forced to admit that it's a thing). Overall it was a lovely week and the time flew by.

So now it's August. My Bear comes home next month (hallelujah!) so I've only got one more month to finish up all of my unfinished projects, clean the closet, and cover the walls (literally) in prayer before he gets back.

So, cleaning, knitting, and praying... that this month will pass as quickly as July did, because we're all ready for him to be home!

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