Monday, July 3, 2017

Up and Down

Summertime is in full swing. We're all very ready for Daddy to be home, but we're trying to make the most of the longer days with as much fun and adventure as possible. (This includes more regular visits to our favorite ice cream shop, since they moved recently and expanded their vegan flavor line up.)

June is a birthday month for two of us, so that was celebrated with cupcakes for her and sundry adventures for me - coffee, knitting, alone time, a "love local" scavenger hunt coordinated by a long-distance friend...

...and a delightful weekend on a mountaintop with a group of ladies from our church. The retreat was lovely, but I'm back down now, and attempting to use these last few months of solitary evenings as best I can.

We've discovered bookstore story times, so that's a thing now - fewer people than the library has for story times, and also something to do on a Saturday because I'm usually out of ideas by that point. We're still going to the library so they can sticker their little reading logs, but that's a midweek excursion, bracketed by trips to various grocery stores. (Why can't one store have all the things we need?!)

I finished a nice stack of knits last month, and I have a long queue for this month. Since it's all the sort of thing that I can carry around and work on, I'm going to try only working on one thing at a time and see if that gets me finished any faster. Despite my dislike of doing socks two at a time (I find it demoralizing and slow), I generally move back and forth between multiple projects at a time. I've got a semi ridiculous goal of completing a project every 7 days, but two of those are baby sweaters and another one is over half finished, so we shall see.

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