Thursday, July 27, 2017

Knit Together

So much glorious knitting! First off the needles this month was a Modern Nymph made from left over yarn - I'm delighted with how it turned out, glad that I no longer have three balls of linen falling apart in my stash boxes, and amazed at how much my body has changed since I knit the original. (Click through for pattern photos, if you want to compare.)

The last baby sweater! I technically could have done more, but I decided that there is such a thing as being an obnoxious overachiever and started questioning my motives in making more than the three I had, so I boxed them up and sent them on their way. While it's not apparent in the photo, this Dash of Spice is made from Dream in Color Starry, which has tiny silver sparkles in it, and it brings me all kinds of joy knowing that it will be on a baby.

My very best friend, who is also a knitter, came to visit for a week and we did a lot of knitting while she was here. She saw both of the Dotted Rays I've made, and got yarn on a field trip to Yarn Kandy (my favorite LYS, because I like to share the things I love with the people I love) to start one.

Aren't we adorable? We managed to wear a lot of knits, besides making new ones (she raided my bins of finished objects), and we took lots of pictures of each other (after almost a year of being home alone with two small children, it was truly refreshing to have my picture taken). I'm wearing Dotted Rays and the Robin Tank the green leftover linen was left over from, and she's wearing the Tiered Ruffle Skirt I knit years ago. 

I used the gradient kit she gave me for my birthday to make a lovely green triangle - I used Beorn's Bees as a starting point, but ended up upping the needle size. It's delightfully squishy, and I mournfully put it away in the drawer until it's cold enough to wear.

As the month draws to a close, I'm trying to put as much of a dent as I can in this Mokosh Shawl that I'm knitting out of a handpainted sock blank (you should check out AndreSueKnits's shop) before I tackle my last full month of solid knitting time, which looks like it will be filled with commissions, gifts, and swap projects.

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