Thursday, June 1, 2017

Chasing Beauty

May was an interesting month. Lots of it was cold and rainy, which very reflected my emotional dreariness and mental fog, but there were patches of sunshine. One of those was deciding that just because our old favorite park is no longer the closest park, does not mean that we can't still go there. So we did. Several times. And it was glorious.

We've also gone to the library lots, joined their summer reading club, and started doing more art (after lunch is now Art Time - it delays naps, which delays the witching hour. Sanity Rules). Because Fancy Nancy has good ideas, we're also planning to paint a mural of sorts on our old, boring, soon-to-be-replaced privacy fence. Because a full rainbow of partial gallons and quarts of house paint isn't doing anyone any good stacked in a locker in the garage.

I finally got to volunteer at The Little Craft Show (which I've wanted to do since they began), and had a grand time announcing giveaway winners and helping with tear down afterwards - in addition to spending some time before my shift shopping (right this moment I'm trying to finish off a candle so I can start on the one I bought there - it has a wooden wick, so it crackles charmingly while it's burning).

There was coffee (isn't there always?) and lots and lots of knitting (more on that later). Really, listing things off and looking back, I can't really quantify why it felt like a rough month. But I also can't deny that it certainly felt like one.

But now it's June, which is one month closer to my Bear being home, and I've decided to ascribe to the Birthday Month system, doubling up for me and Brooklyn. Making art a daily thing made me realize how much intentionally chasing beauty makes life better. So I've got beautiful plans for this month - starting with a trip to the library and coffee after, this morning.

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