Thursday, May 4, 2017


It was cold and rainy today, and I was delighted to find a newly opened coffee shop next door to the discovery museum where we spent our morning, and it didn't feel particularly May-ish, especially in contrast to where I was a week ago.

Which was on a beach near the Bahamas. All of this year has been a long leading-up-to last week - passports and background checks and tickets and paperwork and arranging for Small Persons to be cared for and pouring four months of effort into four days spent with my Bear, who I hadn't seen for half a year.

But now I'm back and he isn't, and that's rough. Even though we're over halfway, there's still a lot of life left to live alone, except not really alone, because Small Persons. So we're back to Sanity Rules and getting along one week at a time.

So I'm focusing on finishing up all of the things that are easiest done with empty evenings - cleaning out closets and spreadsheeting my summer knitting plans with the intention of using as much of my stash as possible (it is unconscionable that I have unused yarn which I acquired ten years ago), with daytime adventures of librarying and museuming and craft fairing and such like.

We have a fun-filled month planned, but I have to admit that everything at this point is just a marker in the countdown until we-three becomes we-four again. Until then, I'm living in the in-between, using the time I have as wisely as I can, while also looking forward to his return.

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