Thursday, May 25, 2017

Blue and Orange

Brooklyn has been asking me to knit her a cowl for awhile, so I let her choose some yarn out of my stash (she selected a single ball of Mango Moon Cotton Ribbon that's been languishing in a box for awhile) and I designed Fabulous for her (find the pattern free on Ravelry here). She was ecstatic, and honestly carries it around lovingly more than she actually wears it, but it makes her happy and that was the goal. She also had fun photo shooting - I agreed to the pink lipstick (I'm comfortable putting Lush on her delicate little face, but not really anything else) but nixed the blue eyeshadow, and she kept checking her reflection for the rest of the day talking about how "fancy" she was.

So destashing is coming along apace! I found three partial balls of Kidsilk Haze that looked like they would play nicely together, so I used them all up in a Fauna. It was a fun knit and went more quickly than I anticipated - and, someone commented on it while I was making it, so it promptly became a gift. Perfect! Yarn out of my boxes and into someone else entirely's drawers.

Unplanned Schatzi Socks - Shannon Okey aka Knitgrrl is releasing a pattern every week this year as part of her #knitgrrl52 project (I've made several of the patterns so far, see here and here), and there is a knit along going right now. Thanks to a couple of nice days that allowed for knitting at the park, I've finished the first sock. And although socks weren't on my original list, I did use yarn that I already had, so it still counts.

Slowing me down, though in a good way, is Quill. I love Jared Flood/Brooklyn Tweed's patterns, and I deeply respect him as a designer, and I think that our minds work in a similar way - but this project is literally a mile of garter stitch (knit... knit... knit...) with very few breaks. I've been to two movies this month and really made good progress - but now I've made it to the edging. It's clever and pretty, but also a supremely inefficient way to bind off. I still have a semi ludicrous goal of finishing it by the end of the month (along with the second sock) so that I can get back to the linen tank I'd just started when this came along... but, if I want that to happen, I'd better stop writing and get back to knitting!

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