Tuesday, May 30, 2017

52 Lists: your quirks

For me, the best place for a fresh start or to begin a new project is on my birthday - the beginning of my year. So the year I was 21, I did a photo a day project (that ended up including an internship in Cleveland, meeting/dating my now-husband Adam, and going to New York to work for Vogue Knitting - so I'm retrospectively glad that I committed to documenting that particular year!), and the year I was 24, I knitted the sky (one row on a scarf each day in the color of the sky). So for 27, I'm doing lists. I'm going to roughly follow along with the book The 52 Lists Project.

A list of my quirks

Another hard one. I'm pretty much one big quirk...

1. Near-obsessive photo documentation of coffee, tea, flowers, local/fair trade finds, and sundry adventures
2. Knitting everywhere
3. A tendency to retain odd details of nerd lore
4. and random information in general
5. A highly organized mind, that results in an apparently disorganized workspace

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