Thursday, April 6, 2017

Marching Along

It's my second favorite time of year - that fleeting season where I can walk to the mailbox "as is," without having to put on a coat and scarf, but also without breaking a sweat. We've been relishing it while we can, with walks (to the library and on trails) and just general time outside.

Not that Winter didn't make a solid last-minute effort, but it's really hard to get too worked up (positively or negatively) over snow that melts the next day. That's just a good chance to spend a farewell day with my favorite knits, and enjoy a hot coffee before switching over to iced.

March was mostly just a surviving month. Waiting for it to warm up, trying to get out of a meal planning rut (I would enjoy cooking a lot more if it wasn't for three people with totally different tastes, two of whom actively oppose the dinner making process), and lots of knitting.

Two "art" projects, one Perun cowl (in the photo), and now I'm working on a linen tunic (Liesl) - the last two are for a trip at the end of this month to see Adam (squee). I really love having the ability to hand make specific garments as I need them - a cowl-y shirt-y thing that I think will work well for the fluctuating temperatures of airplane travel, and a tunic that can be a swimsuit coverup or add interest (without adding unwanted warmth) to street clothes.

So this will be a month of travel prep and knitting, trying new schedules and adjusting to a new season - and trying to figure out how to keep a house clean with two small persons following behind and messing it up as I go.

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